Wicanders Cork Review

If you are thinking about remaking your old floor, this article is for you. There are numerous flooring options and most of them are well known and rather classy. However, if you don’t feel like using those traditional materials, you can, for sure, find some unique options. One of the most unusual and even strange options is cork flooring.

There are several manufacturers that offer this type of flooring, but the most well-known and popular one is for sure Wicanders.

What Is Wicanders Cork

For the first time, cork flooring appeared in the 1960s and became extremely popular in the 1970s. It was forgotten for several decades, but now it quickly returns its popularity. The reason for the trend is that this material is absolutely natural and environmentally-friendly. In fact, it is a great alternative for traditional hardwood flooring.

As we’ve mentioned before, Wicanders cork flooring is one of the most well-known cork floorings in the world. There are numerous reasons for such incredible popularity. First of all, according to the data, Wicanders uses high-quality materials that have natural thermal insulation and reduce noises better than any other type of flooring. Finally, cork is known for its great elasticity so you can enjoy the comfortable walking experience.

Due to all these features, you have an opportunity to create a comfy and cozy space. With this flooring, you can turn your home into a warm and peaceful place.

Of course, cork is a little bit more expensive than most flooring options, especially those made of synthetic materials. Nevertheless, cork is still significantly cheaper than such materials like natural wood and stone. It means that you can get natural and comfortable flooring almost for the same price as those synthetic options.

Now, when you know what the cork floor is, it’s time to learn more about the specifics of this great material.

Benefits of Wicanders Cork Flooring

Cork is an amazing material that has numerous benefits, including its incredible sustainability. There are numerous reasons why cork is very popular in the wood flooring market. When it comes to Wicanders, it has all those cool features that make cork flooring so popular.

Simple Installation

The first thing you should know about cork flooring is that it is very easy to install, so you don’t need any special tools or materials. Before, the glue was used for the installation of cork flooring, but nowadays, it has new lock technology so you can install it very fast.

Soft and Cushioned Insulation

One other great thing about cork flooring is that it can keep your house warm and comfortable as it allows keeping cold out. Moreover, it is very soft and pleasant so you can enjoy it and do not worry about temperature fluctuations. Just keep in mind that most types of cork flooring cannot be used with built-in radiant heating.

Noise Reduction

Benefits of Wicanders Cork Flooring - Noise Reduction

Most types of hardwood flooring can significantly increase noise production. It is the main reason why other alternative floorings gain popularity pretty fast. One of those types is cork flooring. While absorbing all sounds, including footsteps, Wicanders flooring can make your home more comfortable and peaceful.

High-Quality and Durability

When it comes to denting resistance, cork is one of the best options because of its pliable nature. Moreover, it can easily stand some dropped dishes and fallen objects. It means that you should not worry about damaging your flooring easily.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

First of all, cork flooring does not require any specific cleaning routine. You can easily clean it anytime you need without using numerous specific tools and substances.

If there is a damaged area, it can be replaced very fast. Moreover, it can be done rather easily. You can use a steam cleaner for deep cleaning or give preference to the best vacuum for tile floors for regular cleaning.

Short History of Wicanders Company

Wicanders is a part of Amorim Revestimentos that is a business unit of Corticeira Amorim. This company was started in 1870 by a Portuguese family. Nowadays, this Portuguese company is very successful and presented in more than 70 countries all over the world. The company is known as the biggest producer of products made of cork. The company gained its popularity due to its innovative approach and leading position on the market.

Speaking of the company’s policies, it has a self-subscribed agreement according to which Wicanders guarantees excellent design, technical performance, and comfort of all its products. Following these policies, the company was able to gain a leading position and an excellent reputation. One other reason why Wicanders is one of the best flooring manufacturers is that the company always uses superior materials. Also, they always aim to meet clients’ needs and find the best distribution channels.

Wicanders company is well-known not only for its great products but also for its commitment to the protection of the environment. According to the data, the company owns numerous certifications from different environmental organizations, including the Forest Stewardship Council. For many years, the company was able to keep its leading position in the flooring market and pay attention to environmental issues at the same time.

While cork flooring is one of the most well-known products of the company, Wicanders also produces wooden parquet and laminate flooring. Despite numerous high-quality flooring products, Wicanders also offers insulation and wall covering items.

Wicanders Cork Flooring Collections

Wicanders produces a whole variety of products, including an impressive range of cork flooring options. There are options that use both cork-only and a combination of wood and cork. Moreover, there’s a bunch of amazing designs that will suit any interior and will make your house stylish.

At the moment, Wicanders offers four collections of cork flooring. Each collection has its specific great features. Below you can learn more about each of these great collections.


The first collection offered by Wicanders is the Corkcomfort line. This cool collection includes 77 various designs and color options so you can find the best one. The collection includes some elegant natural options such as various shades of gray, brown, and black. Those who look for something extraordinary can choose from such colors as red, blue, orange, and others. There even models that mimic various materials such as leather, ceramic, metal, and stone. As you can see, the Corkcomfort collection includes an impressive variety of models for any taste.


The next collection is Artcomfort that includes 40 various designs. All flooring from this collection is made of cork embossing. Each design has a beautiful, natural pattern that is created with the help of optic image technology that is also known as the Realistic Surface Technology. Among the patterns presented in the Artcomfort collection, you can find those that mimic wood, textile, and stone. Each option is very realistic, stylish, and comfortable.


The Woodcomfort collection – it is an amazing combination of cork and wood. The collection offers 13 designs that combine the best features of both materials. This collection, with its amazing shades of brown, is a perfect option for people who prefer classy designs. In fact, giving preference to the Woodcomfort, you can enjoy flooring that looks like real hardwood with a cork base.


The Vinylcomfort collection – is a combination of a natural cork base and a very durable vinyl top layer. This collection contains 52 various designs, including such options as natural honey brown, natural oak, black, and ebony petals. This collection combines a diverse range of cool designs, easy maintenance, simple installation, incredible durability. Moreover, it has amazing insulation properties as well as the incredibly comfortable top layer. Finally, this flooring is great for various areas, including both residential and commercial ones.

Features of Wicanders Cork Flooring

Features of Wicanders Cork Flooring

Wicanders cork flooring is popular all over the world and there are several reasons for such incredible popularity. Below, we’ve described some of the most amazing features of this flooring.


Cork flooring is very popular and used in numerous famous buildings such as the Harvard Law Library and the Library of Congress. The reason is its incredible durability and great resistance to scratches, cracks, and scuffs. Moreover, it is a breathable material that still is airtight to gas and different liquids. It should be mentioned that cork flooring can last for more than 40 years with some proper maintenance.

Water and Dirt Resistance

This flooring is known for its excellent water resistance. Even if it is covered with water, a cork floor can resist moisture for a very long time. Considering the fact, it is the best option for spaces with high humidity levels such as bathrooms or kitchens where spills occur constantly. Cork flooring, as well as the laminate floor, doesn’t hold dirt and dust.

Easy Installation

The Wicanders flooring is equipped with an innovative 2G Corkloc system designed specifically for cork floors. Due to this system, you can install Wicanders flooring easily and pretty fast. You can simply use a step-by-step installation guide provided by the manufacturer so you can install your flooring.

Impact Resistance

Cork flooring is known for its elasticity and compressibility that guarantee a long-lasting life span of your floor. Due to these amazing characteristics, you can be sure that your floor will withstand even a very hard impact. In other words, it is almost impossible to damage cork flooring.

Variety of Styles

Everyone has some specific preferences and ideas about their perfect house. Design and style is an essential part of the unique image of your living space. In order to create that unique image, you need to use unique materials. Wicanders offers an incredible variety of classic and modern flooring designs. There are more than 20 different styles of cork flooring, so you can choose the most incredible and beautiful one. Just combine it with other materials and you will be able to get a unique interior.

A wide range of patterns includes some traditional, abstract, and even avant-garde options. Among the most popular options, there are hardwood, slate, and so on. You can also choose the flooring that perfectly highlights the beauty of cork.

Micro-Bevel Edge Profile

A Micro-Bevel edge profile is used for Wicanders flooring in order to make it stronger and more durable.

Tiles made with this technology are 7/16 inches thick. The flooring is installed with the Floating Corkloc method that allows attaching tiles to each other without glue and other adhesives. It means that you can install flooring faster and avoid any mess. Wicanders offer tiles that are 3 or 5 ft long.


As we’ve mentioned before, Wicanders offers an amazing variety of cork flooring. It has such a rich versatility that you can easily find the one that suits exactly your interior.

Naturally Beautiful

One of the greatest things about Wicanders is that it is incredibly beautiful. There are both natural and unique patterns, as well as a variety of amazing colors.

How to Install Wicanders Cork Flooring

How to Install Wicanders Cork Flooring

As it was mentioned before, Wicanders cork flooring can be installed easily. It does not require any specific tools, materials or skills. You simply need to follow the instruction below and you will install it on your own very quickly.

Step 1 – Site inspection

The first thing you should do when installing cork flooring is to inspect each piece carefully. Make sure that tiles aren’t damaged and there are no visible faults. After it, use the manufacturer’s guidelines to learn about the requirements for the subfloor. Observe the subfloor carefully to make sure it meets all the requirements.

You need to know that depending on the collection, Wicanders cork can be installed in any residential or commercial area. If you are going to install it in a room with a high humidity level, make sure it meets your requirements.

Speaking of the types of surfaces suitable for Wicanders flooring, there are such options as ceramic tiles, resilient coverings, wooden floors, and so on. If you have a soft subfloor, including carpets and similar options, you need to remove it before installing cork flooring.

Ensure that your subflooring is clean, dry, and flat. If necessary, you can vacuum your hardwood floors with a specialized unit. Also, it should be even with level variations that aren’t more than 3 mm in 2 meters.

Before installing the cork flooring, make sure to cover your subflooring with a special PE moisture barrier film. It should be at least 0,2 mm thick. Also, cork or laminate underlayment will make walking noiseless.

Step 2 – Expansion gaps

Wicanders uses Corkloc technology and installed as a floating floor. In other words, you don’t need to use various substances or items to attach tiles to the subflooring. Polyurethane makes perfect floor protection so you can use it to create a protective layer between the subfloor and flooring.

When installing the floor, make sure that the boards aren’t pressed down hard as it can impact floor movement. Also, make sure there’s a 10mm gap between the flooring and the walls.

Step 3 – Laying

When installing Wicanders flooring, keep in mind that each plank is unique and has its own pattern and color shade. If you want to ensure that your floor looks great, mix the tiles according to your preferences. Also, it is better to lay the planks down following the direction of the main light source. If your subfloor is wooden, crossway the planks.

Step 4 – Installation of last pieces

After installing the main part of the flooring, it’s time to think about the areas along the wall, around doors and near radiators. There are no specific requirements as Wicanders flooring is easy to install. Just make sure to make good measurements.


How to Maintain Wicanders Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is easy to maintain; however, if you want to have a bedroom, living room or kitchen flooring that looks shiny, you need to follow simple routine such as weekly laminate flooring mopping.

Step 1 – Protect flooring properly

Most people use rugs and mats to protect the floor, but the truth is that they can heat your flooring and reduce its durability significantly. Most manufacturers claim that the normal temperature for cork flooring is about 20 – 22 ºC.

Like any natural material, when exposed to the sun, cork tends to fade away after some time. While wood usually darkens or mellows, cork loses its pigmentation if you leave it under the sun. Make sure to use curtains and various sun-screening things to reduce the impact on your flooring. Also, move the furniture from time to time to ensure that the flooring fades evenly.

Step 2 – Cleaning

As it was mentioned before, Wicanders flooring does not require any specific maintenance. When it comes to cleaning, some vacuum, and cleaning with a mild detergent will be enough. Also, tile mop will make your floors look polished. In fact, a mop is a great option for daily cleaning, especially considering the fact that hardwood mop doesn’t need much water to clean the floor. The great thing about all those mops is that they are made of anti-static materials, so you clean your flooring without worrying about dust falling back.

If you want to ensure that your flooring will last longer, give preference to the cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer. On the Wicanders website, you can find detailed recommendations on cork flooring cleaning products. Finally, make sure to learn the main characteristics of your flooring to choose appropriate care products.

Step 3 – Re-varnishing

If you are going to buy Wicanders cork flooring, you need to know that all the available options are provided with a factory wear layer. In other words, you only need to install it and that’s all. You don’t need to varnish it on your own. However, after some accidents and damages, you may need to re-varnish your floor. In this case, you only need to buy a re-varnishing set provided by the manufacturer. Using this sealing system by Wicanders, you can also protect joints after installing the floor.


Wicanders Cork Flooring Prices

Cork flooring is a rather cheap option, but the prices depend on numerous aspects, such as a design and a manufacturer. Wicanders cork flooring is known for its great quality and cool design, so it can hardly be considered the cheapest option. If you are going to buy some simple flooring with almost no treatment, you can pay about several dollars per one square foot. At the same time, some stylish flooring with realistic patterns, great colors, and various features sill cost you a good amount of money.

In fact, this flooring is one of the most expensive ones because of numerous reasons. The company uses high-quality materials, modern technologies, and the latest innovations to create each type of cork flooring.

Also, it is a warranty that influences the price. Wicanders offer several warranty options depending on the collection.

While being rather expensive, Wicanders can offer absolutely great flooring, so it is worth your money for 100%. You need to know that the company constantly has some discounts, sales, and special offers so you can find great flooring for an affordable price.

Wicanders Cork Flooring Awards and Reviews

When it comes to reviews of cork flooring, they are rather mixed. This type of surface can be scratched easily and has a low water-resistance level. Nevertheless, it has recently got lots of praise among customers as well as a whole bunch of various awards. Now, it is one of the most recognized cork flooring manufacturers.

It should also be mentioned that it was the Wicanders Corkcomfort collection that was used for the main stage flooring at the 2012 Tokyo Motor Show.

Also, in 2012 Wicanders caused a huge uproar at the Domotex flooring show in Hanover, Germany, when the company presented its Artcomfort and Vinylcomfort collections as well as the Fast connect technology that guarantees easy installation.

Moreover, the Portuguese Platform for Sustainable Construction awarded the company with the Seal of Sustainability, which is one of the highest recognitions for flooring manufacturers. According to the info, the main reason for this designation was the fact that the company used cork as the main material for its flooring products.

There is a whole bunch of reviews that call Wicanders the best cork flooring manufacturer in the market. Speaking of poor and bad reviews, they usually point out such issues as low durability and lack of concern by the manufacturer. It is hard to say whether these reviews can be considered reliable as we do not know the story behind each review. Nevertheless, you need to know that the company treasures its reputation, so it is difficult to imagine they can ignore quality issues pointed out by customers.

Do’s and Don’ts With Wicanders Cork

Do’s and Don’ts With Wicanders Cork

When it comes to Wicanders flooring, you need to remember that there are several restrictions you should remember and some rules you have to follow.


  • Protect your flooring properly if you are going to paint the room or change the wallpapers.
  • Make sure to use special pads for your furniture.
  • Using roller chairs, make sure to use special protective mats for each chair.
  • Applying cork flooring in the kitchen, make sure to use rugs in such areas as near the sink to protect the floor from a lot of traffic, water spillages, dropping food, grease, and so on.
  • Control the humidity level when using room heating to avoid floor dryness.


  • Never drag furniture across the flooring to avoid scratches and damages
  • Don’t forget about special mats to prevent dirt and dust from spreading all over the floor.
  • Do not use latex or rubber mats as they can stain and even damage your floor.
  • Avoid cleaning products that contain abrasive ingredients and solvent-based substances such as acetone.
  • Avoid using various types of wire-brushes.
  • Try not to moisturizer your flooring and clean up the spills immediately.

FAQ About Wicanders Cork

We’ve done our best to gather all possible information about cork flooring. However, if you still have any questions, you can get answers on some of them below. There are the most frequently asked questions you may have when it comes to cork flooring.

Does cork flooring fade in sunlight?

As well as wooden floors, cork flooring tends to change its color because of the sun. While wood usually darkens or mellow, cork can fade significantly. To reduce the impact, use sun screening and curtains. Also, try to move furniture and rugs from time to time to ensure that the flooring changes evenly. With just a little effort, you can make your cork flooring last longer and look good for many years.

How do you seal a cork?

If you want to seal your cork flooring, you only need to follow several simple steps. First of all, you need to clean the floor properly. Make sure to vacuum dirt and dust from all joints carefully.

After it, it’s time to mop the floor using the world’s best hardwood steam mop and special cleaner. Just keep in mind that the cork should not be soaked wet, so ensure that the mop you are using is damp. After you are done with cleaning, let the floor dry completely.

You need to move all the furniture out of the room, so it doesn’t get on your way. Also, the room needs to be ventilated properly, so open the windows to let in enough fresh air. Use painter’s tape to cover baseboards. It will help you protect them from possible stains, spills, and splatters. Applying water-based urethane, you should use a special foam roller and start in the furthest from the entrance corner. Make sure to move in one direction when rolling the floor. Keep rolling the urethane until all the space is covered with an even layer of coating.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and let the first layer dry completely. Online after it, you can apply the second and the third coats letting each of them dry completely. Leave the room empty for at least 24 hours in order to ensure that the coverage is completely dry. Using urethane, you need to remember that it should be cured for 4-7 days, depending on its specifications. If it is possible, try not to walk on the floor or wear socks to avoid possible damages.

How do you make cork floors shine?

How do you make cork floors shine

If you want to make your cork flooring shiny, you need to use a mop and some polishing wax that is applied in a thin layer. Also, make a little test and apply wax on a small hidden area to make sure it won’t damage the flooring. If the test was successful and your wax can be used with your floor, you can apply wax with a mop on the remaining part of the floor. After waxing the whole air, wait until it is completely dry. As soon as the wax is dry, you can enjoy your shiny cork flooring that looks like new.

Is Wicanders reliable?

According to the Wicanders official website, their cork floors are extremely durable because of the material flexibility and excellent chemical makeup. While cork itself rather resilient and pliable, with some chemical treatment, this material becomes even more durable and scratches-resistant.

Is Wicanders cork flooring formaldehyde-free?

Wicanders claim that their flooring is not absolutely eco-friendly, so there are no harmful substances such as formaldehyde. It is proven by many ecological rewards awarded to the company.

What type of topcoat does the vinyl layer of Wicanders cork have?

Wicanders uses six coats of water-based polyurethane for a protective coating for its floors. Also, two coating layers also contain ceramic beads to increase flooring durability.

Does Wicanders cork flooring have an odor for a few days?

Wicanders uses rather tough material for finishing their flooring. Despite contacting some chemicals, there are no unpleasant odors, so you should not worry about bad smells.


As you can see, Wicanders offers flooring options that provide both quality and style. The company is known as a leader of the market, so you can expect high-quality cork flooring.

Due to some cool features, this type of flooring can be used in different rooms and areas. At the same time, it is pretty affordable and easy to maintain flooring.

Despite some negative reviews, the company is very popular and its flooring is widely used in numerous countries. As you can see, Wicanders flooring is absolutely great, so it’s for sure worth your attention.

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