Legendary American Football Quarterback – Tom Brady

American football is without a doubt the most popular sport in the United States. The game has a fanatical following with millions of fans filling the stadiums across the country whenever the regular season is on.

Just like any other sport, American football has also produced some of the finest sports personalities.

One notable player that has turned out to be a household name in recent years is Tom Brady.

Early Life

A native of San Mateo, California, Tom Brady Jr. was born on August 3, 1977, to Galynn and Tom Brady Sr. He is the only son and last born child in a family of four kids.

His parents and three sisters are not only great sports enthusiasts, but also his biggest fans.

When he was young, he would accompany his sisters to various sporting events as their only cheerleader.

He would be seen running around on the popular cheer mats, giving his sisters his unwavering support as they competed against their worthy opponents.

It is during this period that his love for sports was born.

Tom Brady in School

Tom Brady in School

Tom was attracted to football at a very young age, as the family would spend most of their Sundays attending San Francisco 49ers games whenever they were in town.

He automatically loved the San Francisco 49ers and their style of play, even stating in an interview that

“The Niners were my team,”

when asked about his childhood memories.

He started playing flag and touch football during his time at St. Gregory’s elementary school, but it was not until his time at Junipero Serra High School that Tom began playing more organized football.

His skills did not go unnoticed as he asserted himself as the starting quarterback for his high school team. Besides playing football, he was an astute baseball player.

After graduating in 1995 from high school, he turned down an offer to play pro baseball opting to take up a football scholarship from the University of Michigan.

He was Michigan’s starting quarterback and his team won the Orange Bowl under his tutelage.

Tom Brady’s Career and Trophies

Tom Brady’s Career and Trophies

Tom Brady’s career began in earnest when he was drafted by the New England Patriots in round six of the 2000 NFL draft.

Every team seemed to overlook him despite his great potential. Moments after the draft, he approached the Patriots owner Robert Kraft and told him,

“You’ll never regret you picked me.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

His first season with the Patriots was not the best in terms of game time playing only one game and completing one pass. Tom Brady served as a backup quarterback to Drew Bledsoe.

However, his time at the bench proved to be a blessing in disguise. He improved his game by watching his team’s strategies and studying the opponents’ elaborate defenses from the dugout.

He also hit the gym training on durable wrestling mats to gain the much-needed muscle and weight required to play the game effectively.

As fate would have it, the Patriots’ starting quarterback, Drew Bledsoe was injured in a week two game of the 2001 regular season.

This was a chance that Tom Brady took with both hands, and truly he did not disappoint. Although his team ended up losing in that particular match, he had announced his arrival at the big stage with his decent performance.

The New England Patriots won 11 out of 14 games that Tom started, becoming the 2001 AFC champions and eventually qualifying for the Super Bowl.


This was a quick turn of events considering the fact that the Patriots were at the bottom of the group just a season before.

With an “inexperienced” Tom Brady leading the Patriots against the St. Louis Rams Super Bowl XXXVI, his team did not stand a chance of winning, at least according to the bookies.

After all, their Super Bowl record was not the best having appeared in two finals, losing both.

Beating the St. Louise Rams was not a tall order for Tom. In fact, he was found sleeping in the locker moments before the big game.

When asked about his thoughts on the game, he was quoted saying,

“I told myself it’s a football game. It just comes down to playing football.”

Oozing with confidence, the Patriots went on to beat the Rams 20-17, winning their first-ever Super Bowl title. Tom also won the game’s MVP award for his scintillating, confident performance.

Tom Brady’s Big Moments and Achievements

Adored by many, but respected by all, Tom Brady has cut out a niche for himself as a legend of the game. He is one of only two NFL players to win five Super Bowl titles.

He has also won four Super Bowl MVP awards, three league MVP awards and 13 Pro Bowl selections to cap off his illustrious football career. Here are some of Tom Brady’s most notable achievements.

• Super Bowl XXXVI in 2001
Tom led the New England Patriots to their first-ever Super Bowl title winning the XXXVI in 2001 against St. Louis Rams 20-17.

• Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2003
After a disappointing 2002 season, the Patriots reclaimed the Super Bowl title in 2003 with Tom Brady leading the pack. He registered 354 yards and 3 touchdowns, beating the Carolina Panthers 32-29 in the finals.

• Super Bowl XXXIX in 2004
Successfully defended their Super Bowl title with Brady throwing 236 yards and two touchdowns as the Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21

• Won the Super Bowl XLIX in 2014
After a 10-year hiatus, Tom Brady led the Patriots to victory in the Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks winning 28-24.

He managed to register 37 for 328 yards, 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

• Won the Super Bowl LI in 2016
The latest taste of victory for Tom and his team came at the Super Bowl LI in 2016. The Patriots managed to beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 after coming from behind to force the first overtime in Super Bowl history.

Tom Brady’s Appearance and Style

Tom Brady’s style combines skill, intelligence and sheer determinations.

Tom Brady’s Appearance and Style

He not only has a powerful arm but also possesses great speed that complements his shrewd skills.

His game is best suited for playground flooring options that are not slippery.

His strength of mind makes him stand out and he couldn’t have summed it any better when he said,

“I think my best asset as a player is that in the fourth quarter, with the game on the line, I have the desire to win and the feeling that our team is not going to lose.”

He has managed to up his game over the years training on new outdoor mats every time he wants to improve a specific attribute or a particular aspect of his game.

From the look of things, his training methods have been quite effective, that’s why he has managed to be so successful.

Recent Years

Tom Brady’s rise to fame has not been all rosy. In 2016, he was suspended by the NFL for four games for his alleged involvement in a football tampering scandal.

However, after a successful appeal, he was reinstated and led his team to the Super Bowl LI title.

As he approaches his 41st birthday, there’s no sign of Tom Brady hanging up his boots! He is still considered one of the best players to watch in the 2018 season.

If you are seeking inspiration, then look no further than Tom Brady. His epic story is worth mentioning, especially if you have kids who have great potential in football, but lack the drive to achieve their goals.

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