Strand Bamboo Review

Have you heard about Strand bamboo flooring and its benefits? If yes, then you may have already discovered that it is a popular type of bamboo flooring that currently receives great reviews.

What Is Strand Bamboo Flooring

Strand bamboo is a famous choice if you are looking for eco-friendly flooring material. It serves as a great alternative to other traditional materials, especially those that are not eco-friendly. You will instantly know that it is a Strand bamboo floor because it has fused bamboo strips and fragments.

They are fused in such a way that materials are not wasted but produce byproducts instead. One reason why it became popular is its durability. It also seems to simulate the benefits of hardwood.

Benefits of Strand Bamboo Flooring

Highly Durable

As mentioned earlier, this flooring is strong and durable. It is designed and created in a way that it will become sturdy and hard-wearing. It is more than two times as hard as the oak floor, making it suitable for busy residential and commercial spaces. The strength of this floor also makes it suitable for those who believe that it’s important to pick durable kitchen flooring.


Another benefit of this flooring is that it is truly versatile. The fact that it has dimensional stability also means you can easily install it in all the rooms of your home. You can also pick from its different styles and colors. With the many choices available, finding the one that meets your preferences is easier. You can also use this material with underfloor heating and in rooms with temperature fluctuations.


Buying this item will let you gain access to an eco-friendly, natural and hard-wearing floor covering. This makes a cost-effective investment because aside from being reasonably priced, its cost seems to be lower compared to hardwood floors, like walnut and oak. Installing it properly and providing it with the right care and maintenance can also help this material last for several decades, making it truly cost-effective.

Pros and Cons of Strand Bamboo

Pros and Cons of Strand Bamboo

Strand flooring has its set of pros and cons. It would be better for you to understand these specific areas so you will know if investing in it is indeed the best move for your construction or renovation project.


  • Rapid and easy installation process – One thing that you will surely love about the flooring is that it involves a quick and easy installation process. It will not require you to spend a lot of labor-intensive days. Whether you choose to install it by nailing it down or gluing it, you won’t experience a lot of difficulties.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly – Sustainable and eco-friendly nature is also one of its strengths. This is good and safe for the environment.
  • Easy to clean – You will not also experience difficulty in maintaining and cleaning up this type of flooring. You just need mild soap and mop to clean up a finished version of flooring properly. There are a lot of different tile mops currently available and most of them will work in cleaning up the Strand bamboo.


  • Prone to getting scratched – The floor is more prone to getting scratched compared to the others, so you have to be extra careful and give it the proper care and maintenance it needs.
  • Not that moisture-absorbent – It is because the source material is closer to grass compared to trees as far as composition is concerned. This makes it absorb more water and moisture compared to other materials.

Strand Bamboo Flooring Features


Strand bamboo is extremely durable. It is even twice as sturdy compared to red oak. It is durable in the sense that it can resist damage and endure light to medium use every day. However, note that despite its sturdy structure, it is still prone to get scratched and damaged when exposed to sharp objects so be extra careful when caring for it. Be cautious when coloring it, too, as this process might cause its structure to get weak.

Versatile Styles

The versatility also tends to shine through this floor. It is so versatile in the sense that you can find almost all shades of wood presently available. Several of its styles also emulate the colors you usually find in natural hardwoods like cherry, ash, oak and walnut.

This type of flooring also gives you the chance to choose from the laminated version or the non-laminated version. Your choice can cause changes in how shiny the surface is. If you go for the laminated floor, make sure that you make it a habit to maintain it by mopping laminate floors every time to preserve its shine and good condition.

Environmentally-Friendly and Sustainable

As mentioned earlier, this flooring is known for being environmentally-friendly and sustainable. It is safe and good for the environment since it uses 100% harvested stalk. It also has zero waste, proving how safe it is for the environment. The fact that it is based on bamboo makes it eco-friendly, too. It is also sustainable because bamboo has extremely fast growth.


Another nice feature is its low VOC content. This guarantees your safety when used in the household. It is because the low VOC content assures you that it will not release harmful chemicals that might trigger respiratory ailments and allergic reactions.

How to Cut and Install Strand Bamboo

How to Cut and Install Strand Bamboo

Step 1 – Acclimatize

This is one of the most important steps in installing the flooring. You need to let it acclimate to its new environment for a minimum of 48 to 72 hours. Also, prepare the whole area where you intend to install it. Make sure that there isn’t too little nor too much humidity.

Step 2 – Choose your preferred method of installation

Note that Strand bamboo flooring lets you choose from a couple of installation methods. You can nail it down, glue it or use the tongue-and-groove method. Pick one that you think you can handle easily.

Tongue-and-Groove Method

If you choose the tongue-and-groove method, for instance, then make sure to adhere to the following steps:

  • Lay the underlay then put 10-mm spacers around the room. Expect the spaces to leave an expansion gap upon removal, letting the flooring to contract and expand naturally.
  • Lay the flooring. You can do this by gluing together the joints of the tongue-and-groove using a PVA flooring adhesive. Ensure that the PVA is waterproof. Never allow the boards to get glued into the underlay.
  • Allow the planks to stagger in your desired pattern.

Nailing Down

If you choose to install it by nailing it down, then make sure to keep in mind these steps and tips:

  • The first step involves preparing a plywood subfloor then nailing any squeaking or moving loose spots. Find high spots then sand and/or plane them. As for low areas or spots, make sure to fill them. Your goal is to keep the floor level.
  • Once you achieve that, you can sweep it to ensure that the whole surface is clean before the actual installation. Dyson vacuum can clean every floor type so you may want to use it for cleaning the surface.
  • Make sure to leave a 10-mm expansion gap around the room’s perimeter.
  • Ensure that the first row is secure. Upon ensuring that they are secure and straight, continue nailing to the groove to build up all the required rows. There should be at least 3 nails for every plank. Avoid getting too close to the plank’s end to ensure that it does not split.
  • Seal the floor completely with the aid of PVA glue. Let the planks stagger in any pattern of your desired pattern.


How to Clean and Maintain Strand Bamboo Flooring

The good thing about Strand is that once installed, you will not have a hard time cleaning it up and maintaining it. Just be regular in cleaning a buildup of dust, dirt, grit and debris that might scratch, damage or dent the flooring’s finish and its surface. You can use the best portable carpet cleaner for this purpose.

Spray mops have the amazing cleaning power to remove dirt and debris, too, so you may want to consider using one. The following steps and tips can also help you keep the flooring clean:

Step 1 – Sweep the floor every day

You can use a broom or soft brush for this. You may also want to do the sweeping more frequently if needed.

Step 2 – Use a wooden floor cleaner

Make it a weekly habit to use a wooden floor cleaner. Ensure that this cleaner is PH neutral. Hardwood floors should be steam mopped often and you might exert similar effort by using a spray mop and the mentioned wooden floor cleaner for the Strand bamboo material.

Choose a spray mop with a rotating head and washable and removable microfiber cleaning pad to clean it up without leaving behind any mess and residue. Mop bucket for home use is essential if you want to have an easier time during the daily and weekly cleaning process.

Step 3 – Use mop and water

Wring the mop entirely, though, to prevent water from soaking into the floor. It is because when excess water gets absorbed into the material, it might cause it to warp and swell.

You may also clean both wet and dry messes with a spin mop. You may also maintain and bring back the luster and elegance of the Strand bamboo flooring by sanding and refinishing it with the aid of a wooden floor lacquer. However, make sure to seek the help of a professional and trained flooring expert when planning to refinish your flooring.

Strand Bamboo Flooring Cost

Strand Bamboo Flooring Cost

Strand bamboo is available in various sizes and shapes. This also makes each variation of this material hold varying prices. On average, though, you will most likely spend around $2-$6 for every square foot. The amount you may spend will increase based on the additional expenses you might need to pay depending on how you will fabricate the material.

Some providers of this material might design it while emulating the plant’s natural contours. Expect this style to be costlier than standard wood choices that were dyed to suit a uniform shade.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

As mentioned earlier, prices vary when it comes to shopping for Strand bamboo flooring. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should spend more in order to get the quality and style you desire. You can always find the right balance between quality, price and style provided you are resourceful enough when searching for the one you specifically need.

Do’s and Don’ts With Strand Bamboo

  • Wipe dirt and spills right after noticing them. You can use an absorbent cloth to prevent liquid from soaking into the flooring material. For other dirt and debris, the world’s best vacuum for long hair can also help in cleaning them up. You may also want to use a portable backpack vacuum, which is known to be easy to use and manage.
  • Put doormats at entryways. Put them at all your entrance doors as much as possible. The doormats can help catch dirt, moisture and debris outdoors.
  • Install felt protector pads at the bottom of your furniture items. Do the same for heavy objects. The pads serve as effective solutions for preventing unwanted scratches and marks on the floor caused by furniture and some heavy items.
  • Do not use a steam mop when cleaning the floor. It is because the steam and heat produced by this type of mop might penetrate the flooring material, causing damage that might be hard to fix.
  • Do not slide nor drag sharp and heavy items across the floor. Doing so might only dent or scratch the surface. Carry, lift and put these items down in a gentle manner.
  • Do not use products that leave slippery residues on the flooring. Some examples of these products are waxes and oils. Avoid acidic and abrasive cleaners, too, as these might also damage the floor.

FAQ About Strand Bamboo

FAQ About Strand Bamboo

Why should I choose Strand bamboo flooring?

There are many reasons why choosing this flooring for your home is a wise move. One of these is that it lets you take hold of a flooring material that is durable, hardwearing and long-lasting. The flooring material is also beneficial because it is cost-effective, easy to install and environmentally friendly.

Is Strand woven bamboo the best bamboo flooring?

What is considered the best in terms of bamboo flooring will actually be dependent on the user’s discretion. It is because this will still depend on your preferred style, level of durability, budget and other vital factors. If your goal is to find a durable, eco-friendly, sustainable, easy to maintain and cost-effective flooring material, though, then going for the Strand woven bamboo is the best move that you can take.

Can Strand bamboo flooring be refinished?

Yes, it can be refinished, although the frequency of refinishing is lesser compared to other traditional wooden floors. It is because Strand bamboo usually has a density that protects it from various forms of damages. You can refinish it but only rarely.

Is Strand bamboo flooring water-resistant?

Bamboo flooring materials are usually more water-resistant compared to hardwoods. You can expect a bamboo floor of top-notch quality to offer the kind of spill protection you need. In terms of the Strand bamboo, expect it to be waterproof by around thirty hours.

However, take note that despite the water-resistance of bamboo, it can still be considered as a natural material. This means that its organic components might cause it to warp in case of excessive moisture, which can be defined as a pool of water left into the flooring’s surface for an extremely long period.

What is carbonized Strand bamboo flooring?

Carbonized Strand bamboo flooring is a result of subjecting the bamboo material to high heat. This will caramelize the fibers of the bamboo material, causing its shade to turn to a rich brown. The process is the same as when you caramelize sugar that tends to go gooey and dark after heating it.

How is Strand bamboo flooring made?

It is constructed by compressing the fibers of bamboo beneath extreme pressure and heat. After harvesting bamboo, the manufacturers cut it and strip it down. They then shred it to bamboo fiber strands. In some cases, these strands are also woven together.

How to acclimate Strand bamboo flooring?

To acclimate this flooring, you need to let it stay in the specific spot where you intend to install it for a minimum of 48 to 72 hours. This will allow the material to get used to the new environment. You can even find certain variations that you need to acclimate for a max of 30 days.


Installing Strand bamboo flooring into your home is indeed a fantastic move, especially if you prefer to use eco-friendly material. You will love its beautiful look, high level of quality and durability, as well as its sustainability. Furthermore, it is reasonably priced while showcasing the quality most homeowners and property owners are looking for. 

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