Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Review

One of the leaders in the vinyl flooring industry is Shaw. It seems to go head to head with Armstrong and Mannington in terms of reputation based on some relevant and legitimate Armstrong and Mannington vinyl plank reviews.

The brand provides a few collections of vinyl plank floorings with each one boasting of various colors and effects like simulated wood.

What is Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank

As its name suggests, Shaw luxury vinyl planks are among the most famous LVP floorings in the market today. Offered by Shank, which is a well-respected and famous flooring brand, this flooring material continues to earn the trust and interest of the public with its overall quality and luxurious style.

Shaw runs a variety of lines for their LVP collection – with each one boasting of around 4-12 colors or variations in terms of species. With this, you can surely access a wide range of upper-end floors in the company. All the LVP flooring lines of Shaw also have a thickness of at least 5 mm. Most of them are even thicker than that.

Benefits of Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Provides a Wide Range of Patterns and Colors

One amazing thing about this floor is that it offers a wide range of options in terms of patterns and colors. This means that if you are after a specific look, you surely can find it. It has plenty of choices that finding one that perfectly fits your home and room is possible.

Your choices are even wider than if you are just looking specifically into stone, wood, tile or premium laminate flooring. There are many aesthetically pleasing patterns and colors of LVP from the Shaw brand that you can pick those that look like wood, stone and tile among many others.

Your options are also somewhat limitless, especially at affordable Lifeproof vinyl plank reviewed and other brands and providers of LVP.

Extremely Durable

Shaw vinyl plank is also famous for its extreme durability. Combine that with its amazing versatility and you will surely enjoy the overall nature of this type of flooring.

It is more durable than wood that you can’t install in a place where it will most likely get wet often, and tile, which is prone to get damaged easily when installed in certain parts of your home, especially those that have heavy traffic.

With Shaw’s LVP flooring, you do not have to worry about it getting damaged by spills or other harsh elements because of its superior durability. The vinyl material used in this flooring is also easy to clean and is not prone to chipping or scratching easily.

It has a lower risk of suffering from major damages. It is also versatile that it works great in all parts of your home – the bathroom and kitchen included. All these benefits also make it a winner when doing a vinyl plank vs laminate comparison.

Comfortable and Warm

Those who decided to install Shaw into their homes have also noticed how comfortable and warm this flooring material is. It is built in a way that it can retain its room temperature.

This means that even with your central heating system turned on during the winter, it can still eliminate your worries about your body experiencing chills each time you move out of bed.

LVP is also usually built with some padding on it, which plays a major role in how comfortable it is. This gives an assurance that it will not be that hard on your joints and feet, which is usually the case with tile and real wood.

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Pros and Cons

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Pros and Cons

Aside from a couple of benefits already discussed, this flooring has other sets of rewarding benefits that continue to entice those who are searching for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing flooring materials.


Easy and Quick to Install

Unlike tile or wooden flooring materials, in which the installation process leaves little room for error, luxury vinyl planks are a lot easier to install. Most of them can easily fit together and securely lock in place.

To ensure that each plank fits your room’s shape, you can just trim it using a knife. The whole installation process is simple, provided you take your time learning about how to get it done. After getting the hang of the whole process, you will be able to complete it quickly.

Guarantees Ease of Maintenance

LVP is also one of those flooring materials that are easy to clean. It even requires the least maintenance out of all possible options. Vacuums make cleaning of shag carpets easy and this is also true for Shaw planks.

It is because all you have to do to keep it clean is to use a vacuum cleaner that removes pet hair and other traces of dirt. You can even use all types of upright vacuums today. Alternatively, you can just simply sweep the floor and wash it using water and soap. This should be enough to maintain its cleanliness.

You no longer need to do some major maintenance on it. Waxing, sealing or refinishing the material is unnecessary, making it truly different from other flooring materials and coverings. Simple laminate floor mopping routines might also work for LVP.

Highly Versatile

Luxury vinyl planks from Shaw are so versatile that they can fit all parts of your home. It is even safe to install them in damp spots because of the water-resistant nature of vinyl. This makes them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

It also works well for the basement or any other low-level areas of your home since it is not nailed down. Furthermore, it has a lower risk of rotting or discoloration if you expose it to splashes or spills.


A Bit Expensive

One downside of Shaw planks, though, is their somewhat high price. It is more expensive than other flooring materials. Still, many go for it because they feel that it is worth investing in.

Might Fade

While this is a rare case, especially if the condition and temperature inside are just right, fading might still occur. This is especially true if you put the flooring material in an area where it gets strongly exposed to the sun through the window. This might lead to fading in the long run.

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Collections

As mentioned earlier, the luxury vinyl plank is available in various lines/collections. Here are some of the product lines and collections offered by the brand as far as its luxury vinyl planks are concerned:

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Collections


This is the leading Shaw LVP collection, which is designed for homeowners who are planning to get high-quality flooring materials without having to spend a huge sum of money for hardwood or deal with the hardness usually provided by ceramic tile.

The good thing about this collection is that it offers several choices in terms of looks and styles. You can go for the plain-golden oak look. You may also want to go for the more customized versions, like a distressed and weathered barn look.

Pick from its more than twenty different styles that range in various colors. As for its wear layers, expect your choices to be around 6 to 20 mil.


This is a great LVP collection characterized by vinyl planks improved on a core board. You can often see it used mainly in light commercial and residential spaces.

One distinguishing feature of the vinyl planks in this line is the fold and tap lock. This specific locking system promotes ease in installing the plank while also making it waterproof.

The fact that this locking system is integrated even at the material’s seams makes it perfect in specific parts of a residential or business property where water accidents are most likely to happen (ex. bathroom and kitchen). It also takes pride in its fantastic color quality and clarity.

Floorte Pro

This line consists of the commercial collection of the highly enhanced options for vinyl. It is ideal for commercial spaces considering the fact that most of its available styles carry a wear layer of 20 mils.

This serves as proof of their ability to handle heavy use and beating. This line also takes pride in its 5 to 20 colors across its 11 varied styles. Each one also provides a properly selected commercial appearance.

5th and Main

The 5th and Main are suitable for those who want a more modern look at the space where they decided to install it while ingesting a lot of light-colored and gray options.

The products within this line are also ideal for those who prefer a more distinctive stone-wood fused appearance, which perfectly fits light commercial and residential settings.

In terms of aesthetics, one attractive feature showcased by this product line is the attractive styles that resemble natural stone. In this collection, you can also access contemporary styles with popular grays and old world and rustic styles that appear in shades of red natural, and brown.


Premio is one of Shaw’s top collections. It boasts of a 6.5-mm thickness in total. It is trendy and high-end but comes at an expensive price.

Among the styles featured in this collection are those that have rain-struck or battered appearance, beveled edges, and the 20-mil wear layer.


The Classico collection as almost the same quality as Premio. However, it is also different in the sense that Classic features traditional wooden looks. Many also noticed that the prices of the products in this collection are lower than Premio. In addition, they are distinctive with their micro-beveled edges and the 12-mil wear layer.


Aviator is one of the mid-line options of Shaw. This collection often boast of their 6-mm thickness as well as wear layers of around 3.2 mils.

They are different in the sense that they are equipped with squared edges. They also take advantage of Versalock technology. The products under this line have basic wooden appearances, such as scraped hickory and oak.


Another mid-line option, the Navigator also takes pride in its 3.2 mil wear layer and 6-mm thickness. The flooring in this collection is embossed while also having scraped wood styles. You will also notice its uniqueness through its squared edges.

Easy Street

Another great choice within the midline LVP flooring collection of Shaw is the Easy Street. The products under this collection differ from the ones in Aviator and Navigator in the sense that their thickness is around 4 mm and their wear layer is 20 mil.

It also features unique locking planks. Furthermore, it boasts of a large and realistic beveled edge as well as wide grain and darker wooden planks.

World’s Fair

If you want to invest in a product from Shaw’s economy collection then you should consider checking out its World’s Fair line. It is around 2-mm thick and provides options for wear layers between 6 mils and 12 mils. It is also a glue-down choice. In this collection, you will gain access to some embossed choices.


Just like the World’s Fair, Urbanality falls under the economy collection. It is similar to the World’s Fair in terms of thickness at 2 mm. You can also choose from its wear layers of 6 mils and 12 mils. The only difference is that this line does not provide embossed choices.

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Features

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Features

Elegant Look

One amazing feature of the Shaw luxury plank is its elegance. It takes pride in its elegant look, making it perfect for anyone who wishes to bring out the elegance of their home or any other property they own, including commercial or business spaces.

Most of its vital elements, like the color, patterns and styles, among many others, showcase the elegant appeal of the material.


This flooring material from Shaw also prioritizes comfort over anything else. This means that walking on the floor made up of vinyl plank will not cause you to experience any sign of discomfort. It even has slight padding to ensure that it will not be hard on both your joints and feet. It can provide a soft footfall and make you feel warm.


The LVP is also amazing because it seems to be one of the quietest flooring materials available today. It will not produce sounds each time you step on it. This makes it perfect in case you have pets and kids at home.

Easy to Install

The fact that the luxury planks from Shaw are so easy to install is one of the reasons why it continues to earn the respect of the majority of property owners today. You can even complete the installation within just a few hours. It is so simple that you do not have to worry about creating a mess out of the process.


Of course, the durability of LVP is a feature that no one can question. It is so durable and sturdy in the sense that you can eliminate your worries about it scratching easily, suffering from some form of damage too soon, chipping or getting damaged by spills. It will stay strong regardless of where you put it, even if it is in high-traffic areas.


Another nice and unique feature that Shaw takes pride in is its water-resistant structure. It can resist moisture, which makes it ideal for bathrooms, kitchen and any other place that is constantly exposed to water and moisture. This further enhances the sturdiness.

Waterproof Construction

In relation to this flooring material being water-resistant, you are also assured of its waterproof construction. Shaw made it a point to seal each plank’s edges, thereby preventing moisture from penetrating.

Most of its products do not use wood that tends to absorb moisture. With that, it is safe to use on areas that get exposed to standing water for a long period.


Shaw LVP is also amazing in the sense that it can resist stains. This means you do not have to think about it getting stained too soon, which might only damage its look. With its stain-resistant nature, it can surely preserve its great look for quite a long time.

Less Toxic

The vinyl planks from Shaw are also safe to use. It is because of their less toxic nature. The fact that it is less toxic compared to other materials can be attributed to the fiberglass filling used in each plank, which is constructed out of virgin vinyl.

Can Be Floated or Glued

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Can Be Floated or Glued

Another fantastic feature that almost everyone loves is its structure, which allows them to let the material float or glue it. You can choose to lock the planks together to create a floating floor or glue them.

If you intend to install it in small spaces, like home offices, kitchens and bedrooms then it would be best to lock it. Gluing is also a good choice for larger areas, like commercial building floors.

It is because this method can improve the stability of the floor considering the fact that you need to lock the planks before you glue them together.

Can Be Installed on Any Level and Over Most Subfloors

Another nice thing about these luxury vinyl planks is that you can install them on all levels, basements included. The fact that it can resist moisture is one reason behind this as it can help ensure that high humidity prevents the floors from swelling.

Most of the Shaw product lines also suit the majority of subfloors, provided they are clean and in excellent condition.

Attached Pad

Some of the collections of Shaw LVP are also equipped with the attached pad or underlayment. What is great about this pad is that it can lessen noise. This is one reason why you can rarely hear complaints about the LVP material being noisy to walk on in case you are wearing hard shoes or when children play blocks.

The fact that it already has a built-in pad can also help you save money since you no longer have to buy and install another pad.

Embossed in the Registry

Shaw vinyl is also unique in the sense that it falls under high definition (HD) flooring. This serves as proof that this type of floor uses the registry method to emboss it. What is great about this method is that it can deliver a more genuine appearance to the floor, which anyone who steps on it can also feel.

FloorScore Certified

Another feature that also serves as proof that it is indeed a great investment is that it is FloorScore certified. This famous industry certification proves that this type of flooring material underwent testing for VOC (volatile organic compounds).

This makes it an option for those searching for a low-VOC material. With the FloorScore label integrated into the luxury vinyl plank, you have an assurance that it is indeed low in VOC.

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Sizes, Edges and Joining Systems

The different Shaw collections or product lines seem to differ in sizes and the edges and joining systems they use.

The Premio and Classico lines, for instance, have the same joining systems and sizes, the Fold-n-Tap joining system and 5.83 x 48.03 dimensions, respectively, but differ in the edges they use. It is because while the Premio utilizes beveled edges the Classico uses micro bevel.

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Sizes, Edges and Joining Systems

The Aviator and Navigator have the same dimensions (5.9 x 48). Both also have square edges but they differ in their joining systems. While the Aviator uses Versalock, the Navigator utilizes the locking joining system.

The Easy Street and World’s Fair also have similar sizes but both differ in the edges and the joining system. Easy Street uses a locking joining system and beveled edge while the World’s Fair takes advantage of the glue down system and a square edge.

It is easy to learn the differences between various Shaw lines by checking out the mentioned three vital elements for each one before buying.

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Thickness and Wear Layer

The thickness and wear layer of various luxury vinyl planks from Shaw are among the factors you need to carefully consider before selecting which one fits your needs.

When searching for a good one, remember that how thick the luxury vinyl is does not directly affect the softness of footfall and its ability to absorb noise and sounds. With that in mind, it is safe to say that most luxury vinyl planks are similar in terms of the effects of their individual thickness and wear layer.

These two vital elements actually contribute to the depth and the level of genuineness in the embossing. Both the thickness and wear layer also contribute to how realistic and deep the beveled edges will become.

How to Install Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank

Just like what has been discussed earlier, installing Shaw flooring involves a simple process. Here are just some of the simple steps you have to undertake during the installation, especially if you intend to do it yourself:

Step 1 – Prepare the floor

Of course, the first step will always involve floor preparation. In this case, you need to check the room where you plan to install the flooring material beforehand to ensure that nothing will get in the way during the actual process.

For instance, if the room needs to be painted, it would be ideal to do the painting first before the flooring installation. This will prevent paint stains from dripping on the floor. It is also necessary to get rid of all previously installed flooring materials.

Step 2 – Create a floor layout

It is necessary to develop a proper plan and floor layout before the installation. With a good layout around, you can lessen the risk of dealing with issues after installation, including narrow widths of planks found at wall junctures as well as short pieces found at the end of certain rows.

To create a good layout, a good rule of thumb is to ensure that you install the planks parallel to the outer wall, which is considered as the longest.

Step 3 – Begin the installation

The actual installation is dependent on the specific product line or collection you have chosen to invest in. If you pick the Floorte product line, for instance, then you will have to install the planks with the Fold n Tap technique, the name of the technique used in joining or piecing the planks together.

In this procedure, an underlayment is unnecessary. The only thing that you need is a concrete base, which is clean and smooth.

You can also find several padding choices in this product line but it is unnecessary and you may use it only based on your preference. You can even choose to install the flooring directly over your concrete subfloor.

Step 4 – Do some finishing touches

The good thing about Shaw plank is that once you have installed it, it is already ready for use. The only finishing touch that you might need to do is to sweep the room.

You do not even need the best carpet cleaner or vacuum cleaner for this step since the whole installation will not create an excessive mess, like glue and tools cluttered on the floor. You do not also need to clear out any building tools, materials and hardware.

After sweeping, you can begin taking advantage of your new floor but make sure that the foot traffic is still minimal within the first 48 hours.


How to Clean and Maintain Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank

One impressive thing about Shaw luxury vinyl planks is that they do not require extensive cleaning and maintenance. Being easy to clean and maintain is even one of its major benefits.

It does not require waxing or polishing. Furthermore, it does not require you to use any chemical just to preserve its shine.

To clean and maintain it, here are some simple steps:

Step 1 – Sweep the floor regularly to get rid of loose grit and dirt

Alternatively, you can use any of the budget-friendly vacuum options today. Use it to remove all the dirt on the vinyl plank.

Step 2 – Wipe spills right away

Do not wait for the spills to dry up as this might make them more difficult to remove.

Step 3 – Use the hard surface cleaner offered by Shaw

Just spray this surface cleaner on your flooring and wipe it clean with a dry mop or white cloth. It does not require any rinsing.

Step 4 – Use a mild cleaner and damp mop for deep cleaning

Cleaning up your flooring only takes up a few minutes. Aside from the provided steps, the only thing you have to keep in mind is to avoid using steam and harsh chemicals.


Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Prices

The prices of Shaw flooring are slightly higher than other flooring materials. Also, these prices tend to change constantly, so you need to be very considerate about the different factors that might affect the final cost.

It is also advisable to compare all providers of this flooring material. Consider vital factors that might have an impact on the price, including the following:


When it comes to the adhesive, make sure to insist on the one specifically indicated in the part where the installation instructions can be seen. Do not just buy any of the adhesives recommended by your chosen provider.

Use exactly what is suggested in the installation instructions so you will not face issues when you need to claim for warranty. Note that you can’t expect Shaw to honor your warranty claim if you did not follow the installation instructions in the first place.  

Transition Pieces

Each Shaw collection has its matching transition pieces. Ensure that you stick to what is recommended by ordering it. In case you plan to install it in one whole area, it might be unnecessary to invest in transition pieces.

However, it would still be ideal to use these pieces for the smooth transition between the vinyl plank to other floor materials and surfaces. You may want to seek the help of an installer or salesperson if you want to make sure that the transition pieces you will be buying are truly necessary.


The total cost you will most likely spend on installing the vinyl plank from Shaw will also be affected by the leveling or float. Note that before you install the floor over concrete, it is necessary to make the slab level. This is to ensure that there will be no low spots on the surface.

Make it a point to ask your contractor or installer, if you are working with one, about the leveling/float so you will know right away whether this will come out as an extra charge. In most cases, a bag of installed and supplied float costs around $40 to $90.

Private Labeling

Most retailers of luxury vinyl planks from Shaw have private labeling for their products. They do this to lessen the number of people who tend to compare prices of various retailers directly.

The private labeling will still look at identical products sold in a couple of stores as different. With that in mind, make sure to request for a cross-referencing of the product when you visit a store just to assure you that it is what you want exactly.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank Does More Spending Means More Quality

While the cost does not matter in terms of the quality of various flooring materials, the somewhat higher price tag of Shaw luxury vinyl plank compared to the others actually indicates how good it is. True, you may need to spend more than usual for this flooring material but you will definitely get your money’s worth in terms of quality.

Also, it will end up as a cost-effective option. In fact, you can save more if you look at it on a long-term basis since the durability of the luxury vinyl plank means you do not have to frequently invest in its replacement.

You might also want to check out the specific lines that are ideal for those who are on a budget but still after quality.

Do’s and Don’ts With Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank


  • Wipe any spills right away. Note that even if the luxury vinyl plank from Shaw is famous for its resilience, it is still important to clean up any spills right away to prevent untoward issues in the future.
  • Use floor protectors. These are essential in protecting the floor from the possible damage that heavy furniture might cause.
  • Dust, sweep or vacuum the floor regularly. Do this daily if necessary to prevent dirt and grit from building up.
  • Wash the floor using a floor cleaner occasionally. Just make sure that you choose a neutral and non-harsh cleaner.


  • Do not use abrasive detergent when cleaning up.
  • Do not use a beater bar each time you vacuum the floor as this might only damage the surface.
  • Avoid using a wax polish.

FAQ About Shaw LVP Flooring

Is luxury vinyl plank flooring durable?

Yes, the durability is even one of its most endearing and remarkable traits. It is so durable that it has a high chance of performing its intended function for a long time.

The fact that it is weather-resistant, water-resistant and waterproof also further enhances its durability and makes it perfect for those searching for bathroom and kitchen flooring resistant to moisture.

Is Shaw flooring made in China?

Shaw flooring is actually US-made. However, you can find dealers or providers of this product from different parts of the world.


With the amazing reputation of Shaw when it comes to providing high-quality products, including its luxury vinyl plank flooring, trusting the company for your flooring needs is the best decision you can make.

The good thing about the LVP of Shaw is that it utilizes virgin vinyl, making it less toxic compared to other flooring materials, particularly those that use recycled PVC products. You can also pick from its wide range of styles and shades as well as its different price ranges.

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