Shaw hardwood review

Installing hardwood flooring is one easy way to bring improvement to the value, durability and appearance of your home. Below are some aspects that you need to know and understand regarding these floors, specifically, Shaw hardwood flooring.

What Is Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Shaw hardwood is one of the leading brands of hardwood floorings in the country. Their site features a wide range of hardwood flooring if you are searching for traditional ones along with different styles of engineered boards.

Among these types, you will be able to come across a collection of flooring with unique styles as well as waterproof ones.

Shaw hardwood is milled from thick, single pieces of hardwood. This flooring goes through a process of expansion and contraction along with modifications in your house relative humidity. Moreover, hardwood is a great flooring for kitchen and bedrooms.

Benefits of Shaw Hardwood

Shaw hardwood has a lot of advantages and these are further explained below:


Shaw floors are strong and thick and they are also resistant through time. They are long-lasting, which means that you don’t need to worry about repair or replacement all the time.


These floors are affordable in terms of installation. This is due to the fact that you don’t need to use adhesives such as glue to keep the floors in place. It utilizes versalock technology once the floors have been installed.

Minimal Maintenance

Shaw hardwood requires only minimal maintenance. It does not need to be cleaned daily since its coating is made from aluminum oxide, a type of substance that serves as a shield to avoid abrasions. These floors are also easier to clean and polish using a premium hardwood mop.

Pros and Cons of Shaw Hardwood

Pros and Cons of Shaw Hardwood

Shaw hardwood collections cover a broad range of preferences. Here are some of the pros and cons:


Shaw hardwood has various options in terms of species, styles, shades, sizes, finishes and colors. Warranties are considered to be solid but may differ based on line or product type. This is one of the most recommended floorings due to its minimal maintenance, affordable cost of installation and durability.


Shaw hardwood is quite affordable as it can be offered at prices that can be bargained. However, its cost is quite higher compared to ordinary wood. This is due to its excellent quality and the tendency for most buyers is to go for the regular price instead.

There are some consumers who complain regarding warping or delamination on their floors due to poor installation.

Installation is not always cheap, even though these floors can be installed without using adhesives. Since it utilizes versalock technology, you may need the help of a professional to be able to install it.

Types of Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Engineered Shaw Hardwood

The engineered version of this flooring is made from numerous wood layers put together in a cross-grain configuration to reduce shrinking and expansion.

This type of hardwood can be installed in various directions – on, below grade or above. Engineered hardwood is more advantageous compared to solid one due to its ability to be installed in various areas in your home.

Solid Shaw Hardwood

Shaw solid hardwood is generally milled from 3/4” thick pieces. Due to the possible contraction and expansion, installers solve this through the placement of an expansion gap between the wall and the floor. To hide any extra spaces, quarter round or base molding is also used in a traditional manner.

Shaw Hardwood Construction

Shaw Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood has been labeled as designed from Caravan Maple aside from being made in the USA. Such planks have been milled from sturdy wood slabs to generate more character according to the type. It features ¾” thick and is sold in regular sizes together with smaller planks in the three to the four-inch range.

Shaw Composite Hardwood

Shaw Composite is suitable for your needs especially if your preference is something wider. These boards have been generated from ¾” thick solid wood strips which were fixed accordingly to produce a broader plank.

Such a method creates boards that are not just solid but more eco-friendly and less prone to structural damage compared to solid hardwood.

Shaw Veneer Core

Shaw Veneer Core is one of the most extraordinary types of engineered hardwood. In this process, wood slices are put and bonded together through pressure and heat. This enables floors to be more resistant to humidity and moisture, making them appropriate for low-grade installations.

Epic Engineered Hardwood

Epic Engineered Hardwood utilizes the high-density fiberboard of the company, the EnviroCore, which lies between a hardwood bottom layer and premium veneer. They can also be installed in different grades in your home through numerous procedures.

Shaw Hardwood Collections

Shaw Hardwood Collections

Shaw’s range of products is clearly shown on their official website. You can browse through these products according to collection, shade, texture, species, installation method, construction and color.


The EPIC Plus collection is considered the next phase of flooring from the EPIC series of the company. Boards in the series include the Stabilitek core, which has been considered as the most durable for flooring purposes.

The core has been designed from recycled wood fiber and green floors are both Cradle Silver Certified and Cradle Certified. The EPIC Plus™ is characterized by a strong groove and tongue system that guarantees supreme joint integrity and rapid, convenient installation.


Only two styles exist for the Floorte collection and these boards are ideal if you are searching for waterproof flooring. Engineered planks are normally available in Walnut or Maple yet have a waterproof core that contains additional sealants located on the surface.

The Floorte collection is ideal for areas where spills and water are major concerns such as in bathrooms and kitchens. These boards can also be installed as well as below or above grade according to your preferences.


Shaw Hardwood Repel is an ideal choice when you don’t need your floor to be waterproof yet still want it to be water-resistant. The REPEL water-resistance technology is utilized as a shield for solid hardwood.

Its polyurethane floor protection prevents water from entering the plank surface. This also means that you don’t need to rely upon engineered flooring in rooms where splashes and spills are common.

Smokey Mountain

The Smokey Mountain collection includes wood that displays the feel and charm of nature in the inner areas of the home. Species include Hickory and Oak as well as Maple. These planks exist in widths between 3 ¼” to 5” along with 12 styles that come in various colors and shades.

Royal Collection

For the Royal Collection, only one style exists. The Argonne Forest series includes boards that are around 7 1/2” wide and feature a wire-brushed finish. Royal Collection planks are coated with an ultraviolet aluminum oxide finish which can be placed on any grade. They are sold in ten various shades from Baroque to Tapestry.

How to Choose the Best Shaw Hardwood Option

Hardwood floors have become one of the most preferred alternatives among homeowners because of their easy maintenance, unique appearance, durability, resistance to wear and tear and versatility. Nevertheless, choosing the best Shaw hardwood option can be quite challenging.


Shaw hardwood constantly fabricates floors using modern color approaches and patterns. Additional richness can be gained in terms of the color you choose from Shaw’s multi-layer stain method. Other alternatives utilize a stain to permit the effective demonstration of the natural wood color, which efficiently matches your design ideas.

This flooring comes in various colors namely, black, chocolate brown, russet, gold, classic taupes, beige, tan, blue, green, natural, grey, red, white and orange. From these colors, you will be able to select a base that ideally complements your taste or preference.


Shaw’s hardwood is divided into three categories in terms of construction, namely, engineered, solid and EPIC Plus™.


Most engineered hardwood constructions are characterized by high-performance and durable features. They are designed from multi-layers of wood, wherein every layer has been placed in different directions.

This type of construction helps evade bowing and warping of the hardwood especially in wet areas. Its construction permits the installation of all grades in every area of your home, which also include below-grade aspects where a protective layer may exist.


Solid flooring is normally milled from durable wood slabs that are ¾” in terms of thickness. Expansion gaps are established between the wall and the floor during its installation.

EPIC Plus™

This type of flooring has been constructed for long-lasting durability and high-quality performance. It is made from wood fibers joined together through chemical processes in order to withstand challenges in sub-floor moisture and climate fluctuations.

This flooring can resist dents for up to 30% greater than seven-ply Asian imports.

Installation Method

Shaw Hardwood Installation Method

A wide variety of installation options exist with Shaw hardwood. Depending on the species that you will choose, the flooring can be installed through the floating installation approach, glued down or nailed down.

Most hardwoods do not need glue or any adhesives to be installed properly. The Shaw solid hardwood is the type that is frequently stapled or nailed to any approved subfloor.

The use of an underlayment is not required. Normally, the installation guides recommend the utilization of a 15-pound asphalt-saturated felt paper for solid flooring.

As for Shaw engineered flooring, the floating installation technique is normally used. In this case, the best laminate underlayment is recommended and there are numerous alternatives that can be employed for its installation.


Shaw hardwood has various types of species namely ash, birch, kupay, hickory, maple, pine, oak and walnut.


The various textures include reclaimed or distressed, heavy scraped, subtle scraped, smooth and wire-brushed. There are also planks that have been hand-sculpted or hand-scraped. You can also select between heavily scraped to lightly scraped flooring including boards that appear to be similar to reclaimed wood.


Shaw flooring exists in various shades such as dark, medium and light shades. This means that you can look for something that is similar to light Cherry wood or choose a darker shade such as grey.


Shaw flooring has the best alternative whether you prefer smooth floors or floors that exhibit a natural character. Gloss levels range from high gloss to matte. There are also hardwood boards that are treated using Scufresist Platinum application.


Shaw hardwood floors are popular due to their durability, but it does not mean that they are fully resistant to any form of damage. This entails concerns that may occur such as scratches, dings, dents and heavy foot traffic.

The resilience of your hardwood greatly relies on the species, on whether it is engineered or solid flooring. Shaw, at present, depends on exotic wood species such as Brazilian Walnut. Through this, their premiere engineered boards possess limited warranty against any form of structural delamination and damage.

Green Factor

Shaw hardwood heavily depends on domestic species, which is beneficial if you are searching for sustainable wood flooring. Since exotic species are more popular and durable because of their unique features, they are not regarded as eco-friendly even though some species originate from areas characterized by negligent harvesting practices.

How to Install Shaw Hardwood Flooring

How to Install Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Step 1 – Flooring delivery

Flooring delivery must be properly coordinated in advance at least one or two days before the actual installation.

Step 2 – Conditioning of hardwood flooring

Before installing your flooring, your space needs to be conditioned for the new hardwood floor to last. If the material is currently in extreme cold or extreme heat in transit, you need to give it ample time for its adjustment to room temperature.

Aside from this, the hardwood material needs to undergo acclimation with the humidity level of your own home, which should be between 35% to 55% humidity. This is one of the critical steps in order to avoid callbacks when the floor is installed or subcontracted through a flooring specialist.

Step 3 – Consider the type of subfloor during installation

The type of subfloor needs to be considered before installing your hardwood flooring. Above-ground rooms having an OSB subfloor or plywood may both use EPIC Plus™ engineered, engineered or solid hardwood. Nevertheless, rooms that are below the ground may possess an engineered hardwood or concrete subfloor.

Step 4 – Use of pneumatic flooring stapler or cleat nailer

Pneumatic flooring stapler or clear nailers should be used often since this engages the upper part of the flooring profile through the proper angle. The flooring stapler should function efficiently.

It should completely place the staples and cleats against the top portion of the tongue where it coincides with the vertical corner of the flooring profile in order to avoid the surface or top edges from being damaged further.

Step 5 – Consider installation of laminate underlayment

In terms of proper installation, you need to consider the allotment of expansion spaces between cabinets and walls. Without enough expansion space, you may experience some unavoidable issues with regard to hardwood floor installation.


How to Clean and Maintain Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Specialty Hardwood Cleaning

Step 1 – Remove sticky residue

Sticky substances like chewing gums and candle wax should be removed through the application of ice to promote the hardening of the substances. A plastic scraper or credit card can be used once the substances have hardened. Avoid scratching its surface, then wipe it clean using a damp cloth.

Step 2 – Clean tough stains

Tough stains should be cleaned using Shaw Floors Hard Surface Cleaner.

Protective Hardwood Care and Maintenance

Step 1 – Use entry mats

Entry mats can be used since these will aid in collecting grit, sand, dirt and other substances like asphalt, oil and driveway sealer which can be tracked on the hardwood.

Step 2 – Install an underlayment

For the prevention of slipping, install an approved vinyl rug underlayment. Never use foam or rubber-backed plastic mats since they may cause discoloration.

Step 3 – Put a floor protector

Floor protectors and wide-load-bearing rollers or leg bases can be used for the minimization of scratches and indentations from heavy items. When the item is heavier, the floor protector should also be wider in coverage.


Preventative Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance

  • A normal indoor relative humidity level of 35% to 55% should be maintained for the entire year in order to minimize wood contraction and natural expansion.
  • During the dry or summer season, it is essential to have a humidifier at home to avoid the excessive shrinkage of hardwood flooring caused by low humidity levels. A dehumidifier or air conditioner, or the periodical turning on of your heating system may promote the maintenance of humidity, especially during the summer season. Electric heat and wood-stove may have the tendency to generate excessively dry conditions.
  • During the wet or winter season, excessive exposure to water during inclement weather should be avoided.
  • Be careful when handling sharp objects to avoid dents. Shoes with damaged or spiked heels must be removed before walking on hardwood flooring since these can also leave indentations and scratches.
  • Your pets’ nails should be trimmed regularly to avoid scratches. Pet hair needs to be vacuumed regularly as well.
  • If your house is quite wide or big enough, it is highly recommended to secure a lightweight stick vacuum that can be taken anywhere you go. If you will be moving to a new house or if you will be visiting your own vacation house that has hardwood flooring as well, you can carry a vacuum in a backpack to prevent hassles in transporting it from one place to another.
  • Your rugs and furniture need to be rearranged periodically to enable the flooring to undergo even aging.
  • Long exposure to sunlight needs to be avoided since this can cause softening of the tone of the various species of hardwood to different degrees. It can also cause the acceleration of wood aging and oxidation.
  • Install laminate flooring in your home for added protection. This is also ideal especially in transporting heavy appliances or furniture using a dolly. Do not attempt to roll or slide heavy objects across hardwood flooring.

Shaw Hardwood Cost

Since Shaw is considered one of the largest global flooring manufacturers, you will not experience difficulty in looking for their flooring both online and locally. In Hope Depot, Shaw hardwood prices start at approximately $4.50 per square foot. The cost will also depend on the size and style of the flooring where it has been bought.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Spending more on Shaw hardwood does not completely mean greater quality. This is because there are cheaper options that can be chosen such as the engineered type which can be installed easily in all levels or grades in any area in the home but are considered long-lasting.

Do’s and Don’ts With Shaw Hardwood

Do’s and Don’ts With Shaw Hardwood


  • A soft cloth should be used for blotting spots and spills.
  • The floor should be swept, dusted or vacuumed often. Sweeping floors saves you more time. For scratch-free vacuuming of hardwood floors, install a hard floor attachment.
  • Use the Shaw Floors Hard Surface Cleaner to clean your floors. This is because this solution has been formulated to remove soil and dirt without causing damage to your floor’s finish.
  • Steam mopping hardwood floors is highly encouraged instead of regular mopping using any type of mop or cleaner.


  • Never let liquids stay or stand long on a hardwood floor.
  • Never use strong ammoniated, polish, wax or oil-based products since these can cause dulling of your floor’s finish.
  • Never use oil-soap detergents or other liquid cleaning substances for cleaning your floors. Do not wet-mop or wash your floor with soap and water as well. This leads to joint-line separation, delamination, warping and swelling, which eventually affects its warranty.
  • Never use any type of buffering machine.

FAQ About Shaw Hardwood

Who sells Shaw Hardwood Flooring?

The list of stores selling this flooring can be seen on their official website. Specialty stores exist in municipalities and towns in Canada and the United States of America.

Can Shaw engineered hardwood floors be refinished?

Engineered hardwood floors can be refinished only once. Floors with wear layers below two millimeters thick have the ability to tolerate light scuff-sanding using a buffer. Thicker top layers can undergo sanding similar to solid wood, enabling you to remove deeper dents and scratches.

An engineered floor featuring a three-millimeter top, for example, can deal with two forms of refinishing at the same time. You also need to ensure that your flooring professional is an expert when it comes to refinishing history and floor specifications before the start of the refinishing phase.

Where to buy Shaw hardwood flooring?

In looking for Shaw flooring on search engines, the first alternative is their website. This provides a more accurate perspective of the flooring’s appearance, since it may feature more professional videos and photos.

On the website, they also offer hardwood samples for free through their catalogs. The site is user-friendly, which allows convenience in locating smaller dealers that may have the specific type of wood or material that are you are searching for.

The solid Shaw type may be available in small specialty stores depending on your area. As for the pro-engineered hardwood and engineered hardwood types, they can usually be purchased at Home Depot.


Shaw hardwood is indeed one of the most ideal floorings for any part of your home. It is most advantageous due to its resilience, durability, minimal maintenance and affordability despite some observed drawbacks.

It exists in a wide variety of styles, colors, shades, finishes and textures. It can be cleaned and maintained easily as long as the appropriate type of mop and polish will be used. 

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