Portable dance floors reviewed

The portable dance floor is nothing more than small tiles that can be connected together to create a flat space to party, exercise, wrestle, or entertain guests.

The reason these stackable and portable tiles got the name portable dance floor is because many people began using them in halls or outdoor setting to create a safe area for the wedding party and guest to be able to safely dance during the big event.

Since the days these were first used, they have gone through a new resurgence in popularity and offer the user many benefits.

Top 5 Portable Dance Floors (summary)

 Greatmats Portable Dance Floor Light Oak (Check out on Amazon) – Our Pick
 IncStores Loc Dance Flooring (Check out on Amazon)
 IncStores 3′ x 3′ Practice Dance Floor (Check out on Amazon)
 Superjare Eva Foam Interlocking Tiles (Check out on Amazon)
 McCourt Ovation Indoor/Outdoor Portable Dance Floor (Check out on Amazon)

What is a Portable Dance Floor?

To fully understand what is the portable dance floor, you only need look at any outdoor wedding or beach reception.

If the band is playing, the people want to dance.

This portable flooring allows folks to create a safe and sturdy dance floor where none existed before.

Even if you are setting them up inside a facility that has wall-to-wall carpeting, the tiles are a breeze to assemble, and often come backed by the manufacturer warranty against defects.

Once the party is over the portable dance floor can be taken apart in minutes and stacked away.

These portable dance floor tiles are designed to withstand extreme weight and will not break or buckle under the pressure.

Benefits of Using the Portable Dance Floor

When it comes to understanding all the benefits of the portable dance floor, we have to look at all the unique situations in which they can be utilized.

These tiles are made to handle folks dancing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for other events like a dance recital, dance practice, or even as wrestling mats.

Using the Portable Dance Floor

Here are some of the benefits to using the portable dance floor tiles:

The Wedding Reception

Many people just starting their new life together can not afford an elaborate wedding reception hall, so they entertain their family and friends at home in the yard, at a local VFW or Moose Club, or at the beach.

These facilities usually do not have a dance floor where guests can kick off their shoes and get down to the music.

The portable dance floor tiles come stacked and ready to be assembled on any surface.

The Dance Recital

There are times when the local dance school needs to take the show on the road.

Perhaps they are performing a holiday show at the local nursing home or on a football field for a charity event.

The portable tap dance floor can be installed anywhere an allows these kids to put on the show of their life safely.

The Wrestling Matches

If you took a look at the reviews of wrestling mats online, you will find that they serve double-duty as dance floor tiles too.

This portable flooring is the perfect surface for the wrestling team to practice away from school while still being safe and simulating the surface they will hold their matches.

The Affordability

Whether you are entertaining guests in your yard for an event or having a party at the local reception hall, the portable dance floor is an inexpensive way to let your guests dance the night away safely.

The tiles provide a smooth and sturdy platform where they won’t sip or twist an ankle like they could on the grass, sand, or uneven ground.

Installing a Portable Dance Flooring

Installing the portable dance floor could not be any easier. The dance floor usually will come in square pieces that interlock on the edges to create a seamless and flat surface.

These tiles are often set up as a standalone section in the middle of a room or location, so no cutting, no measuring, simple lock them together and they are ready for use.

Once they are no longer needed, the tiles come apart easily and can be stacked for safe keeping until the next time.

5 Best Portable Dance Floor for Sale

1. Greatmats Portable Dance Floor Light Oak

This portable dance floor comes with 1′ x 1′ tiles that easily lock together.

The edge of the outer tiles has a ramp so there will be no tripping when using the flooring.

Light oak finish simulates a real hardwood dance floor.

Greatmats Portable Dance Floor Light Oak



  • Easily assembled and completely portable
  • Heavy-duty and includes border ramps
  • Vinyl surface is non-slip
  • Ideal for use on flat surface

  • Only 3′ x 3′ when assembled
  • Not ideal for use on a beach

2. IncStores Loc Dance Flooring

These 12″ x 12″ portable dance floor tiles allow you to create the space you need for any size event.

If you need a small area to practice tap routines, you can create it!

If you need a huge dance floor for a large wedding reception, there is no limit to the size you can create.

IncStores Loc Dance Flooring



  • Portable design available
  • Requires no tools to snap tiles together
  • Perfect of indoor or outdoor use
  • Made in the USA

  • Only one foot square tiles
  • Limited amount of colors

3. IncStores 3′ x 3′ Practice Dance Floor

Looking to get in some dance practice at home or to put on a small performance in the yard, this is the perfect portable tap dance floor.

IncStores 3' x 3' Practice Dance Floor



  • A breeze to assemble and disassemble
  • One full 3′ x 3′ dance floor section
  • Comes with beveled edging ramps
  • Eases impact on limbs and joints

  • Makes the bowl-less deep
  • Easy to misplace because of small size

4. Superjare Eva Foam Interlocking Tiles

This portable dance floor is perfect for allowing guests to kick off their shoes and dance on a flat surface safely.

Package comes with 16 foam tiles that interlock together, ideal to protecting a hardwood floor beneath or creating a safe area to exercise, dance, or practice wrestling.

Superjare Eva Foam Interlocking Tiles



  • End borders create nice edging
  • Heavy-duty foam is 3/8″ thick
  • Protects spine, hips, knees from hard floors
  • More tiles can be added at anytime

  • Foam very soft
  • Not ideal for high heels

5. McCourt Ovation Indoor/Outdoor Portable Dance Floor

When only the best will do, this durable and professional dance floor is able to withstand the weight of a wedding party or dance recital group.

McCourt Ovation Indoor/Outdoor Portable Dance Floor



  • Easily absorb impact
  • Heavy-duty tiles are 3′ x 3′ each
  • Premium luxury vinyl over plywood core
  • Ribbed aluminum edging

  • Tiles are heavy and large
  • Top dollar dance floor

Photo from: rihardzz / depositphotos.com