Portable dance floors reviewed

A portable dance floor is nothing more than small tiles that can be connected together to create a flat space to party, exercise, wrestle or entertain guests.

The reason these stackable and portable tiles got the name portable dance floor is because many people began using them in halls or outdoor setting to create a safe area for the wedding party and guests to be able to safely dance during the big event.

Top 4 Best Portable Dance Floors (Summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image Ideal for flat surfaceGreatmats Portable
  • Non-slip vinyl surface
  • Completely portable
  • Includes border ramps
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sample-table__image Perfect for indoor and outdoor useIncStores Loc Dance
  • Requires no tools to snap tiles together
  • Portable design available
  • Allows you to create the space you need for any size event
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sample-table__image Best for dance practiceIncStores Practice
  • Eases impact on limbs and joints
  • Comes with beveled edging ramps
  • A breeze to assemble and disassemble
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sample-table__image McCourt Ovation
  • Heavy-duty tiles
  • Premium luxury vinyl over plywood core
  • Ribbed aluminum edging
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

In the last few years, the use of these floor has grown sporadically due to the benefits they offer. They’re actually a group of tiles connected to create a flat surface for dance, exercise, party and to entertain guests.

It’s called a portable dance floor because people choose to use them in halls and outdoor setting to create a safe area for a wedding party, dance performance, shows and other theatrical performances. Portable dance floor provides a sturdy and safe area for guests to dance freely during a large event.

The tiles are easy to assemble and come with a manufacturer warranty in case of defects. One beautiful thing about these floors is that once the party is over, they can be assembled quickly and taken away in a few minutes. In addition, they are designed to withstand all kinds of weight and don’t break due to pressure. They are must-have equipment for kids gymnastics.  

Since the days these were first used, they have gone through a new resurgence in popularity and offer the user many benefits.

What is a Portable Dance Floor

To fully understand what is the floor for dancing, you only need to look at any outdoor wedding or beach reception. If the band is playing, the people want to dance.

This portable flooring allows folks to create a safe and sturdy flooring where none existed before. Even if you are setting them up inside a facility that has wall-to-wall carpeting, the tiles are a breeze to assemble, and often come backed by the manufacturer warranty against defects.

Once the party is over the floor can be taken apart in minutes and stacked away. These tiles are designed to withstand extreme weight and will not break or buckle under the pressure.

Benefits of Using the Portable Dance Floor

When it comes to understanding all the benefits of the portable flooring, we have to look at all the unique situations in which they can be utilized. These tiles are made to handle folks dancing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them for other events like a dance recital, dance practice, or even as wrestling mats.

Using the Portable Dance Floor

Here are some of the benefits to using the dancing tiles:

Wedding Reception

Many people just starting their new life together can not afford an elaborate wedding reception hall, so they entertain their family and friends at home in the yard, at a local VFW or Moose Club, or at the beach.

These facilities usually do not have a space for dancing where guests can kick off their shoes and get down to the music. The dance tiles come stacked and ready to be assembled on any surface.

Dance Recital

There are times when the local dance school needs to take the show on the road. Perhaps they are performing a holiday show at the local nursing home or on a football field for a charity event. The portable tap flooring can be installed anywhere an allows these kids to put on the show of their life safely.

Wrestling Matches

If you took a look at the reviews of wrestling mats online, you will find that they serve double-duty as dancing tiles too. This portable flooring is the perfect surface for the wrestling team to practice away from school while still being safe and simulating the surface they will hold their matches.


Whether you are entertaining guests in your yard for an event or having a party at the local reception hall, the dancing floor is an inexpensive way to let your guests dance the night away safely. The tiles provide a smooth and sturdy platform where they won’t sip or twist an ankle like they could on the grass, sand, or uneven ground.

Ease of Use

For people who want to host their wedding reception, birthday parties or other events at home, in a moose club or a beach, portable floors come stacked and ready to use. They can also be quickly installed at a football field or a nursing home during a charity event.

Dance Performance

Some times, the local dance school may want to take their performance to the roadside. It can be installed anywhere to allow these kids to put on their show safely. 

Dance Performance


These floors are versatile, they are excellent for banquets, hotels, event flooring, rental centers and portable tents among others.

Pros and Cons of Portable Dance Floors


  • Portable
  • Easy to install/uninstall
  • Lightweight
  • Tough and durable
  • Built with high-quality material 
  • Adds elegance to the atmosphere


  • Price can be limiting for large spaces
  • Installation can be tedious for large spaces

Types of Portable Dance Floors

Marley Vinyl

Marley vinyl flooring is multilayered surface floor made of sheet vinyl. They are great for all types of dances except tap and can be used for multiple purposes and more specialized for specific dance styles.


Woodstep gives you the look of real wood at an affordable cost. It is resistant to wears due to its heavy-duty construction.

This best ballet barre is excellent for professional and home use. It looks and feels like wood without the high maintenance expenses.


The timestep is a multipurpose flooring that can take a lot and still look great. It is suitable for all types of activities like ballet, modern, ballroom, jazz, flamenco and tap. These premium cheerleading mats can also handle dense scenery and props. In addition, the surface can be treated for differing degrees of non-slip.


Bravo is lightweight and super durable flooring perfect for studio, jazz, ballet, touring and stage. It makes use of fiberglass lining, which improves its stability. It is also an extra-heavy-duty version of the classic reversible vinyl floor. It is super flat and easy to maintain.


These types of floors are created for delicate styles of dance like contemporary dance step, jazz and ballet. It can muffle noise and give attention to performance. It needs to be installed over a floating wood subfloor and is also a better alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to keep wrestling on a home mat.


Dancestep is portable and perfect for all styles of dance except tap. They have a dual-layer cusion base due to its energy absorption. They can also be installed quickly and reduce noise. Additionally, they’re non-slip and economical.

Encore Hardwood

Made from maple hardwood, Encore Hardwood combines form and function and can be installed directly over a concrete slab. They can also be installed over any surface, they are made of real hardwood and require no adhesive, screw, nails or sanding during and after installation to give a seamless appearance.


Rave is a versatile and lightweight flooring which is ideal for many activities. It makes use of fiberglass lining which offers stability and excellent lie-flat on the subfloor. These tumble mats are perfect for dance and theatrical performances like ballet jazz and other contemporary dance.

What Makes a Great Portable Dance Floor

What Makes Great Portable Dance Floors

Safety and Shock Absorbency

A good dancing floor must be built to be safe when dancing during an event, performance like jazz, ballet and other contemporary dances. A good portable flooring must be built to be heavy-duty and to carry all types’ weights in order to ensure the safety of the dancers.

It must also have the ability to absorb and dissipate energy. This is because if the floor fails to absorb and return energy, the body becomes the shock absorber leading to pain and fatigue.


A portable floor is created to serve as an affordable alternative stage for people during an event, dance competition or wrestling. Therefore a good dancing flooring must fulfill these purposes.


A good portable  floor should be made of high-quality materials, which are durable and can last for a long time. There are various types of material used in making a flooring and whichever you choose, ensure it is made of high-quality material.  


A good dancing floor must also come in different styles to give the stage a unique and outstanding look.

Slip Resistance

It is quite easy for people to slip off while dancing on some types of floors. However, a good dancing space must be created to be slip-resistant. This implies that despite the type of dance, people shouldn’t fall. Safety is the number one issue with dance, especially for ballet dancers who need a non-slip surface.

Smooth Seams

The finishing of a good portable dancing floor must be smooth enough. The seam shouldn’t have any form of crack that makes the floor look cheap.


Since a good portable flooring must be made with high-quality materials, these materials must be durable enough to last for a long time.

Easy Installation

Portable Dance Floor - Easy Installation

A good portable floor for dance must be easy to install and stack away. In fact, the installation and removal process must be done in a few hours depending on the size of the stage.


A dancing floor should also add elegance and beauty to the environment. Once installed, whether indoor or outdoor, this floor must improve the look of such environment.

Easy Maintenance

A portable flooring must be easy to maintain. Use just with a mop and warm water with a little detergent, to keep the floor clean at all times.

Energy Absorption

All movement generates energy and those returned to the body may lead to back pain, fatigue and even broken bones. However, a good flooring should be energy absorbent because a non-energy absorbent floor is dangerous to the body and can result in injury.

Lateral Foot Support

The most overlooked attribute of a dancing space is lateral foot support, which helps to create balance. Any floor system that is squished together can be dangerous due to lack of lateral foot support.

Resilient Energy

Apart from absorbency, on a good portable floor for dancing energy must be distributed by resiliency.

4 Best Portable Dance Floors

1. Greatmats Portable Dance Floor Light Oak

This floor comes with 1′ x 1′ tiles that easily lock together.

The edge of the outer tiles has a ramp so there will be no tripping when using the flooring.

Light oak finish simulates a real hardwood floor.

Greatmats Portable Dance Floor Light Oak


  • Easily assembled and completely portable
  • Heavy-duty and includes border ramps
  • Vinyl surface is non-slip
  • Ideal for use on flat surface

  • Only 3′ x 3′ when assembled
  • Not ideal for use on a beach

2. IncStores Loc Dance Flooring

These 12″ x 12″ tiles allow you to create the space you need for any size event.

If you need a small area to practice tap routines, you can create it!

If you need a huge dance floor for a large wedding reception, there is no limit to the size you can create.

IncStores Loc Dance Flooring


  • Portable design available
  • Requires no tools to snap tiles together
  • Perfect of indoor or outdoor use
  • Made in the USA

  • Only one foot square tiles
  • Limited amount of colors

3. IncStores 3′ x 3′ Practice Dance Floor

Looking to get in some dance practice at home or to put on a small performance in the yard, this is the perfect portable tap dance floor.

IncStores 3' x 3' Practice Dance Floor


  • A breeze to assemble and disassemble
  • One full 3′ x 3′ section
  • Comes with beveled edging ramps
  • Eases impact on limbs and joints

  • Makes the bowl-less deep
  • Easy to misplace because of small size

4. McCourt Ovation

When only the best will do, this durable and professional dancing area is able to withstand the weight of a wedding party or dance recital group.

McCourt Ovation Indoor/Outdoor Portable Dance Floor


  • Easily absorb impact
  • Heavy-duty tiles are 3′ x 3′ each
  • Premium luxury vinyl over plywood core
  • Ribbed aluminum edging

  • Tiles are heavy and large
  • Top dollar solution

Where Can You Use a Portable Dance Floor


These floors can be installed in a hotel for special events and weddings to create a different and unique look.

Banquet Halls

They can also be used in banquet halls to create a stage for guest who wants to party.

Convention Centers

The portable flooring for dance can be used in convention centers to develop a stage for workshop, training, seminars.

Event Centers

The portable flooring is used in an event center to create a dance stage for guests.

Houses of Worship

In the worship center, the floor for dance is used to create a stage for worship leaders and an altar.

Where Can You Use a Portable Dance Floor

Tented Events

They are also used to add elegance to outdoor events that are tested and create a stage for guest to dance.


The flooring for dancing is used in primary, secondary, university and performing art schools to create a stage for dance teams.


This floor is used in the museum where roadshows and other activities take place.


Portable floors for dance are used for the arena to add beauty and elegance to an outdoor event.

Recreation Centers

They are also used at recreational centers to create a space for relaxation and other events such as birthday parties.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Although a portable floor for dancing is affordable, to get some unique designs that are built with high-quality materials you should be willing to spend a little more. All in all, ensure that you are spending your money on the flooring that has all the features listed above, some of which include sound absorption, ability to take a lot of wear, safety, shock absorbency, slip-resistance, easy installation, elegance, energy absorption, lateral foot and resilient energy.

Quick Tips to Get the Most of Your Portable Dance Floor

To get the most of your portable dancing floor here are some tips to adhere to:

  • These floors must be swept daily using a clean broom to remove all dust carried by dancers shoes.
  • Ensure your broom isn’t oil treated so that it doesn’t scratch the surface of your floor for dancing.
  • Designate a single broom that can be used only for this type of floor.
  • Dry mop after daily use to increase the lifespan of your portable floor.
  • Avoid cleaners that contain alcohol, acetone and other agents which can strip the flooring of its finish.
  • Clean your floor weekly with a detergent/degreaser. 

Installing a Portable Dance Flooring

Installing a flooring for dancing could not be any easier. The dance floor usually will come in square pieces that interlock on the edges to create a seamless and flat surface.

These tiles are often set up as a standalone section in the middle of a room or location, so no cutting, no measuring, simple lock them together and they are ready for use.

Once they are no longer needed, the tiles come apart easily and can be stacked for safe keeping until the next time.

How to Clean and Maintain a Portable Dance Floor

Step 1 – Prepare the Solution in Two Buckets

Have two buckets, one containing warm water mixed with detergent and the second containing plain warm water.

Step 2 – Start Mopping

Put your mop in the detergent bucket, wring out to avoid having excess water on the floor and mop your floor.

Step 3 – Rinse the Mop

Rinse the mop in the second bucket and repeat the same process.

Step 4 – Avoid Using Plain Water

Don’t use plain water while mopping. This is because the mop may not pick up body oils or body lotion.

Do’s and Don’ts to Do With a Portable Dance Floor


  • Do store your floor at 60-80 room temperatures.
  • Protect your flooring when moving it out from the dirt.
  • If you are using the floor outdoors, be careful of sun-related issues and excess temperature which may soften and expand the floor, making it flexible.
  • Mop your floor twice a week.
  • Do use a mixture of lukewarm water and Ph neutral floor cleaner.
  • Dry up water on the floor. Even though water can’t damage a floor for dancing, it is capable of creating an environment for molds to live.


  • Do not wet mop your floor daily. This is because frequent mopping may damage the finishing and ruin its flexibility in the long run.
  • Do not leave any residue behind. Use clean water only to mop the entire surface again.
  • Never leave flooring outside without protection from elements.
  • Never transport or store floors on top of each other. Instead, store and transport them vertically.


How much does a portable dance floor cost?

Typically this floor costs $2 per square foot and stays under $9 per square foot. This doesn’t include underlayment and the cost of installation. However, their underlayment may cost more than the actual surface itself. You should expect to pay over $13 per square foot for a quality flooring system.   

How can I build a portable dance floor?

Building a portable floor for dancing for a special event or a dance party doesn’t have to cost you much money and space. With little technique, you can transform your basic materials from the hardware store to a portable dance floor in less time.

Buy your ¾ inch thick medium-density fibreboard (MDF) from a local store. With three sheets you can create an 8 by the 12-foot flooring. Cut the sheet smaller if you need a smaller solution.

Using the measurement of the medium density fibreboard, cut an indoor carpet remnant into the same size, line the carpet to march the board and press the carpet into place with your hands. Then glue for more than 3 hours.

Turn the pieces of MDF board so that the carpeted side is on the floor to act as a protection to the areas which you will place on the dance floor. Allow the MDF board to get dry and move it. Set the treated pieces of MDF board next to each other to create the size and shape of your flooring.


A portable dance floor offers so many benefits to everyone. Apart from its affordability, it is versatile and can also be used to create an elegant and attractive dance stage for a wedding, event, theatre performance, dance drama,  birthday party, workshop and conferences. When you install a plaground mat to prevent injuries, the effect is the same as keeping balance on a beam.

Photo from: rihardzz / depositphotos.com