Mohawk Vinyl Plank Review

As one of the sturdiest and most reliable flooring materials at present, Mohawk vinyl plank deserves to be welcomed in any home. If you have plans of installing it into your home then check out this highly informative review first so you will know if it is indeed the right fit.

Most reviews of DuraLux vinyl plank show that it’s durable and this review will highlight that specific quality found in Mohawk vinyl. Hopefully, just like other vinyl flooring reviews (ex. the Mannington vinyl plank flooring reviewed by trusted users), this post will shed some light on what Mohawk floor is truly all about.

What Is Mohawk Vinyl Plank

Mohawk vinyl plank is one of the most trusted flooring materials at present. The manufacturer, Mohawk, earned a reputation for being one of the best in the industry. It offers more than two hundred LVP flooring options, making it possible for anyone interested in the product to find the perfect one for their home or property.

Some also refer to the flooring offered by Mohawk as luxury vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl plank and SolidTech vinyl flooring.

Benefits of Mohawk Vinyl Plank

Great Strength and Durability

Many choose to install this flooring into their properties because of their incredible strength and durability. It is scratch-resistant and built in a way that it can withstand scuffs as well as other indentation marks. It is also fifty percent denser compared to average composite flooring, thereby ensuring that it can withstand stress.

The strength of this material can also be attributed to its ability to retain its dimensional stability. This is possible even when dealing with sudden temperature changes and extreme heat. It is resistant to heat plus it is odor-proof and waterproof.


Another remarkable advantage is that it is made to be naturally stain-resistant. This is great if you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning it up. You can easily clean it up because it is not prone to staining. In most cases, cleaning the floor only involves sweeping it or using the best microfiber mop to mop it occasionally. You may also want to get a stick vacuum that doesn’t produce much noise and use it for further ease of cleaning.

Guaranteed Safety

Note that the safety of the material plays a major role in whether or not you will be able to enjoy it for a long time. Instead of wholly focusing on the sturdiness, feel and look of flooring, make sure that it is safe, too. You will have an assurance that it is indeed safe if it is free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that might release harmful emissions and put your health and that of your pet at risk.

With Mohawk, you will have peace of mind since it underwent several tests to ensure that it is free of VOCs and other elements that are harmful to you. It is, therefore, safe to install in any property.

Pros and Cons of Mohawk Vinyl Plank

Pros and Cons of Mohawk Vinyl Plank

Apart from a couple of benefits mentioned earlier, it also helps to learn about the pros and cons of this specific material. This can guide you in finding out whether it is a suitable floor for your home.


  • Waterproof – This improves the ability of the vinyl plank to withstand the possible damage that might be caused by too much exposure to water or moisture.
  • Numerous styles available – Choosing to invest in Mohawk flooring is also a great move if you want to be greeted with numerous options in terms of style. With the numerous styles available, you will not feel like you have limited options. It is even easy to choose a style, texture or color that perfectly reflects your personal style or matches the specific room where you plan to install it.
  • Easy to install – Another advantage is that it involves a non-complicated and quick installation process. You even have the choice of doing the installation yourself, instead of hiring a professional to do it for you.


  • High labor costs – This is especially true if you decide to hire a professional installer.
  • Does not have the best warranty coverage – It does not cover the buildup of mold and mildew in the warranty, too.

Short History of Mohawk Brand

Mohawk Industries started its flooring business in 1878 in the US. It is an American flooring brand and the manufacturer is mainly based in the US with a strong commitment to manufacture and supply affordable and high-quality flooring materials and products.

From the time it was introduced to the world, it continuously innovates its products to ensure that it continues to meet budget-conscious buyers who are after quality. Mohawk is also continuously receiving great reviews for its floor covering materials and products designed for commercial and residential applications over the years.

Mohawk Vinyl Plank Collections


This specific collection comes with a dozen of designs and colors. The planks in Grandewood are all attractive. They blend well with deep tones and simple lines that you can see in homes with a rustic theme. Each plank is around 5.5-mm thick, 49-inch long and 6-inch wide.


If you want a more traditional look then consider going for those in the Revelance collection. The styles in this Mohawk collection are available in nine shades, including light gray and dark tea. It features a unique finish guaranteed to help your flooring last for several years.


Another famous collection is the Variations. It consists of trendy and vibrant planks that are around seven inches wide. It is perfect if you want more colorful designs. The collection offers four different patterns that you can choose from. One of these is the shadow wood that provides various browns. Another is the silver shadow, which consists of several grays.

Mohawk Vinyl Plank Features

Waterproof Design

One promise of the Mohawk vinyl is that it will provide a waterproof structure. The waterproof design is one reason why it can protect the material from certain amounts of water and moisture. The waterproof core construction also works in withstanding any change in temperature and liquid assaults.

SolidTech Construction

Another nice feature is its SolidTech construction. This is actually characterized by the waterproof core mentioned earlier. It is specifically referred to as a solid plastic core, which makes it durable, sturdy and rigid. With this construction, expect it to be able to handle moisture well.

Can Be Installed Over Most Subfloors

Mohawk Vinyl Plank Benefits - Can Be Installed Over Most Subfloors

The versatility of this vinyl plank is also one of its most prominent benefits, which can be showcased by its ability to get installed over the majority of subfloors, including wood, concrete, tile and hardwood. What is good about this is that it lets you save money, specifically a dollar or two for every square foot you might need to pay for labor and subfloor material.


Another unique feature of this vinyl plank is the UniClic. This refers to a proprietary technology used in locking the plank. This specific design works in ensuring that it locks tightly, thereby preventing the penetration of moisture.


Just like what has been briefly discussed, Mohawk is safe to use because it is free of VOC. It even gained a FloorScore certification proving its low to zero VOC content. The plank won’t, therefore, release harmful pollutants and irritants around your home. Just like the Lifeproof vinyl plank tested and evaluated for safety, Mohawk is also guaranteed safe for the household and the environment.

Low Maintenance

The low maintenance nature is also one of its most amazing benefits. Similar to all luxury vinyl plank options, the ones from the Mohawk brand are also famous for being easy and quick to maintain. Other materials can only be cleaned thoroughly when a high-quality hardwood vacuum has powerful filters.

The Mohawk, on the other hand, is so easy to maintain that it only requires the use of a microfiber head. You can use it when it is dry in case you need to do some light sweeping. You can also dampen it a bit for general cleaning purposes.

Mohawk Locking vs Glue-Down Vinyl Plank

Mohawk takes pride in its two different types of vinyl plank – the locking and the glue-down. The two are different from each other. One major difference is that while the locking plank has stone and wood looks, the glue-down planks all sport a wood look. They are also different in terms of the following:


The locking vinyl plank is thicker than the glue-down type, which is why it is also more expensive. Expect it to be around 3.4-mm to 7.5-mm thick. The glue-down vinyl plank, on the other hand, is thin, making it ideal for use over soft or wooden sub-floor instead of those made of tile or concrete.


In terms of the warranty, one thing you have to take note of is that the locking vinyl plank does not have commercial coverage. The best coverage is often very decent. It could be a 20-year or lifetime warranty for residential applications. Most of these warranties offer protection from manufacturer defects.

They also cover pet accidents, resistance to stains, water exposure and the locking system known as UniClic. As for the glue-down variety, take note that the cheapest one in this collection comes with a quite short residential warranty. It does not also provide a commercial warranty.


The locking vinyl plank is perfect for residential applications. Aside from being perfect for residential homes, it can also be installed in guest apartments, locations without heavy traffic and use, as well as vacation houses. It is also good for the basement.

The glue-down vinyl plank from Mohawk, on the other hand, is more limited compared to the locking one. This is the reason why it is only suitable for a few applications. It would be ideal to use it in areas that use wood as subfloor material.

How to Cut and Install Mohawk Vinyl Plank

How to Cut and Install Mohawk Vinyl Plank

The Mohawk flooring is easy and fast to install, thanks to its unique and exclusive locking system known as UniClic that does not require the use of glue. You can install it directly over the majority of floor coverings available today, except for cushioned vinyl, carpet and laminate flooring.

It does not seem to work well for those with a laminate underlayment that’s sound-absorbent. Here are some basic steps for the installation:

Step 1 – Use the UniClic design

You should do this to install it in the form of a floating floor. After laying the planks, making their beveled edges line up should come next. You should then lock the items securely in place.

Step 2 – Use a jigsaw or miter

These tools are used when cutting and a spacer when making expansion gaps. Secure any uneven seam with the aid of a tapping block.

Step 3 – Put out the flooring first

This is important in figuring out the specific direction through which you should let each plank run. With the help of a pencil, mark all areas that require cutting.

Step 4 – Work from several boxes

This is the key to obtaining the most desirable variation and shading output.

Before the actual installation, though, ensure that you remove all the furniture away as well as the wall trim. Once you have completed installing the first rows, expect the whole installation process to become a lot quicker and more seamless. Do not forget to consult the instructions provided by Mohawk to avoid mistakes during the installation.


How to Clean and Maintain Mohawk Vinyl Plank

The ease of cleaning and maintenance promised by Mohawk gives you an assurance that you will not need an expensive carpet vacuum with great capacity or a premium vacuum for tile floors, laminate and other materials for cleaning. It is because simple cleaning materials are already enough to maintain the vinyl planks from Mohawk and keep them clean. Here’s how you can clean it:

Step 1 – Prepare a broom with soft bristles

Use it in getting rid of loose dirt.

Step 2 – Get a mop then dampen it a bit

Use a safe and non-abrasive floor cleaner and clean water for this purpose. Avoid harsh and harmful cleaning products and chemicals as much as possible as these might damage the surface.

The good thing about Mohawk is that it has a high resistance to not only water but also to the sun and heat. This means that you have fewer worries as far as maintaining and cleaning it up is concerned. Laminate floors vacuuming is even more challenging than when you are cleaning this vinyl plank. Just make sure to do the cleaning and maintenance routines regularly to increase the life of the plank.

Mohawk Vinyl Plank Flooring Cost

Mohawk flooring is more affordable compared to other vinyl planks offered by other providers. You can actually obtain its SolidTech series not only in local retail stores but also online. It has an average cost of $3 for every square foot. This makes it more affordable compared to others when doing renovation projects.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

If you have the budget then you can always invest in materials and vinyl planks offered at higher prices. However, take note that high-priced materials do not necessarily mean that they are the highest or the best in terms of quality. The Mohawk vinyl plank, for instance, is truly affordable but you can still expect its quality to compete with more expensive brands.

Do’s and Don’ts with Mohawk Vinyl Plank

  • Clean spills right away to prevent them from building up and making a mess out of your flooring.
  • Use a non-abrasive floor cleaner for washing the floor.
  • Equip heavy furniture as well as those appliances that you do not move or transfer from one place to another frequently with a non-staining and flat floor protector.
  • Use a steam cleaner to eliminate odor, especially that emitted by the material.
  • Do not use a vacuum, which features a beater bar.
  • Do not pull, drag and push furniture, especially heavy one. It would be much better to lift these items up then carry them right away.
  • Do not use abrasive floor cleaning products.

Quick Tips on What to Pay Attention to with Mohawk Vinyl Plank

Quick Tips on What to Pay Attention to with Mohawk Vinyl Plank

  • Improve the level of protection it offers by buying floor mats of great quality – You need to put these mats at the entryways and exits. They can offer an additional layer of protection as they can trap and collect corrosive elements and substances, like sand, asphalt, grit, oil, dirt, as well as a driveway sealer.
  • Let the vinyl floor acclimate – This means that you need to make it familiar to its new environment. You need to let it acclimate for a max of 48 hours.
  • Read approved instructions on installation – This is so you can avoid installation mistakes that might cause the material to be damaged. Gather as much warranty information as possible, too, so you can pick the one that fits your demands and requirements the most.
  • Fix and repair any damage on the subfloor – Do this prior to the installation of the new floor. It is also crucial to pay close attention to the surface. It should be dry, flat, clean and devoid of any form of debris.

FAQ About Mohawk Vinyl Planks

After the Mohawk vinyl plank is finished, can I seal the floor with wax to protect it?

One thing you have to know about this vinyl plank is that you do not need to wax it. You may want to use an acrylic finish, instead. You can also take advantage of the vinyl floor sealer. Put any of the two on after washing if you want to conceal some small-sized to medium scuffs.

Can I take Mohawk vinyl plank and re-do it?

Yes, you can. The fact that it is warmer and softer than other materials, like tiles, makes it possible to take it off, especially the damaged one so you can replace it. The good news is that these vinyl planks are cheaper than hardwood floors, making them hassle-free to take off and replace.

In case of a leak, can the locking mechanism of Mohawk vinyl plank be affected? Will the planks swell, too?

Mohawk is waterproof plus its locking mechanism called the UniClic uses a proprietary technology, which helps in tightly locking the design. This is a huge help in preventing the penetration of moisture, including leaks. This means you do not have to worry about the plank getting affected by leaks. It will not swell, too.

Where is Mohawk vinyl plank flooring made?

This flooring is made in the US. The company manufactures its materials and planks in the US and offers them for both commercial and residential applications in North America. It also offers products for residential applications all over Europe.

Is Mohawk vinyl plank flooring good?

Yes, it is. It has plenty of benefits that make it a truly wonderful investment. You will enjoy the great abundance of choices in terms of styles, shades, textures and colors. Most planks are also truly affordable without skimping on their durability and quality.


With the Mohawk vinyl plank, you have a hundred percent assurance that your home will have high-quality, beautiful and long-lasting floors. It is also resistant to a lot of harmful things, allowing it to withstand heavy abuse and the test of time. Furthermore, with its strong loyal following and high number of positive reviews, it is safe to say the this floor is one of those floors that you can truly depend on.

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