Mannington Laminate Review

If you are thinking about the makeover of floors in your house but concerned about the price issue, you have nothing to worry about. Lots of people hate vinyl or laminate flooring and think it is a total disaster. In fact, almost all of us remember that ugly, hideous floors covered with cheap laminate.

However, the truth is that during the last 50 years, vinyl and laminate flooring changed significantly. With modern technologies and science development, we can enjoy all of the great features of the laminate.

One other great thing is that there is a whole bunch of great old brands that can offer you high-quality modern laminate at affordable prices. While offering budget options, they can also provide you with a wide range of styles and designs. Moreover, lots of manufacturers prefer producing laminate that looks like real wood.

In other words, modern laminate is a great option for those who want to change the floors without breaking the bank. Moreover, you can be sure that laminate flooring looks good in all rooms. One of such amazing options is Mannington laminate. In this article, you can find everything you need to know about this flooring.

What Is Mannington Laminate

Mannington company was started in, 1915 so it is one of the oldest manufacturers of vinyl and laminate flooring. Recently it was known as the main producer of luxury vinyl and older laminate. Nowadays, the company produces some of the most famous and popular laminates in the world.

The main point about the Mannington laminate is that it will hardly be available in a local hardware store. If you want to buy this flooring, visit specialty flooring stores.

Mannington is not the flooring you are likely to find at your local big-box hardware store: it is usually only available through specialty flooring stores.

Benefits of Mannington Laminate

Mannington laminate is a very popular option for those who look for high-quality and budget flooring. The fact is that this type of laminate has some incredible benefits you should know about.

Little Maintenance

It is clear that any flooring requires certain maintenance, but when it comes to Mannington laminate, it is known as a maintenance-free option. It is enough to sweep and vacuum it regularly. You can simply give preference for cleaning all your floors with a Shark device. Also, you can wipe and dust it from time to time.


Mannington laminate can be a great finishing touch for any interior. With a huge variety of designs, you have the opportunity to choose the one you want and like. There’s a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. Moreover, each option looks as natural and realistic as possible due to modern printing technologies.

Natural Beauty

Mannington has great experience in producing hardwood flooring and using this experience, the company produces a variety of laminates. Also, the company was one of the first that started to use a unique printing method to create realistic patterns. It means that you can get a laminate that looks like real wood or stone.

Incredible Durability

Benefits of Mannington Laminate - Stain and Wear Resistant

Most manufacturers use glue to attach the plastic laminate to the core, but unfortunately, it can get unstuck after some time. Speaking of Mannington company, they use its unique ThermoComposite Technology.

With this technology, laminate is attached to the core with the help of thermal-set plastic resins. Due to the fact, the resins are forced through all 3 layers and as a result, it saturates the fibers of the EcoCore. It means that the laminate will never pill off.

When it comes to durability, one other significant point is the quality of the EcoCore layer. This material super strong and has a high level of density, so you don’t need to worry about scratches.

Stain and Wear Resistance

The melamine surface used by the Mannington company contains aluminum oxide that guarantees flooring durability. Only diamonds are harder than aluminum oxide, so you can be sure that your floor will have an amazing stain and wear durability. Moreover, numerous laminates produced by Mannington have patterns with a special finish.

Oops-Proof Performance

It’s a well-known fact that spills can damage laminate flooring significantly. However, when it comes to Mannington laminate, it can take anything in stride.

You can easily remove wine, juice, chocolate, and grease stains, but when it comes to asphalt, cigarette burns, ink, paint, crayon, shoe and nail polish, you need to use nail polish remover or alcohol. Speaking of various substances such as chewing gum or candle wax, it can be scraped away easily. In other words, you just need to find the best mop for laminate floors.

Easy Installation

Mannington laminate is a floating floor, which means that you can install it right above your current flooring. The only exception is carpeting. You don’t need to use lots of glue or some nails to install is. Only the joints are covered with glue to ensure all pieces are attached well to each other.

If you want, you can also use the underlayments offered by Mannington. In fact, you can significantly reduce noise by installing laminate underlayment. There are three options – Mannington HushT, AquaBarrierT and Comfort Barrier. It is a great way to avoid extra moisture and noise.

Moreover, it can help to add some heat insulation and increase walking comfort. Also, you can buy a package of trims and moldings, so you don’t need to deal with it on your own.

History of Mannington Laminate

History of Mannington Laminate

Mannington Mills is located in Salem, New Jersey, where it was started in 1915. For more than 100 years, the company was owned by one family and now it is the fifth generation that manages the business. As it is a family business, the mission and the values of the company haven’t changed at all since the day it was started. The main goal of the company is to be the best people who work in the flooring industry.

It was John Boston Campbell and his sons Neil and Kenneth, who started a small company that made floorings in Salem. Since 1915, Mannington has been valuing honesty, community, family, faith, and hard work.

Due to its values, the company was able to grow and get a certain reputation. Nowadays, Mannington turned into a big international manufacturer and innovator in the sphere of vinyl flooring. The company produces not only vinyl floors but also commercial carpet flooring, porcelain, laminate, and hardwood tiles.

Despite being one of the most famous vinyl flooring manufacturers nowadays, the company experienced its fair share of hardships. The company was able to survive 2 World Wars, the Great Depression and a bunch of other economic difficulties. Also, the company experienced two horrible fires and a huge blizzard that caused a roof collapse at the headquarters office.

Despite all these hardships, the company continues its work in the 21st century and it is still John Boston Campbell’s descendants who own and manage the Mannington Mills.

In 2008, the company bought Burke Industries that was known for rubber flooring, treads, wall base, and various accessories. Due to its acquisition, the company was able to get a special position on the commercial flooring market.

Nowadays, the company produces high-quality flooring that is awarded for its great quality, gorgeous design, and incredible style. For many years, the Mannington Mills was awarded as the best manufacturer of flooring in the world. Now, the company has facilities in numerous states, including Alabama, Georgia, New Jersey, and North Carolina as well as Florida and California.

Mannington Laminate Flooring Layers

Mannington laminate flooring is known for its amazing quality. The secret of such great quality is that the laminate is made of several layers. Below, there’s a detailed description of each layer.

Protective Layer

A protective layer is also known as a wear layer. This melamine impregnated layer is made with the use of aluminum oxide. This material guarantees higher scratch resistance and durability.

Pattern Layer

A pattern layer is also called a decorative layer. Usually, it is paper with printed patterns. For this layer, high-quality pigments are used in order to provide a stable image with excellent colors. The paper is covered with special water-based resin. It protects the pattern and does not contain any harmful substances or heavy metal components.


The core layer is the strongest and hardest part of a tile. Usually, it is made of HDF (high-density fiber) or MDF (medium density fiber) boards. These boards are made of a mixture of resins and wood fibers that are cured with high pressure and heat.

Back Layer

As well as the surface, the back layer is made of resins and paper. These materials are attached to each other with the help of heat and high pressure.

Mannington Laminate Collections

Mannington Laminate Collections

At the moment, the Mannington company offers four main collections of laminate. They are the “”Restoration,”” “”Revolutions,”” “”Coordinations,”” and “”Value Lock””. Each collection has a variety of different options in various styles, colors, and shades. You just need to look through those collections to find the laminate that suits your needs.


The Restoration collection contains 12mm tiles made of the very dense core layer. The width of each piece is 6 inches. You can choose from maple, oak, pine, hickory, and other molds presented in more than 50 colors. The collection even contains some pretty exotic options such as “whiskey mill barrel” and “driftwood.” This collection is perfect for those who look for original, modern designs.


The Revolutions collection is made with the help of NatureForm Optix technology that allows creating very realistic wooden patterns. In comparison to the Restoration collection, this one offers thinner tiles that are only 5 inches wide. It helps to create a very realistic wooden look.

Also, there are fewer color options and the Revolutions laminate is presented only in 18 colors. There are more classy colors, such as cherry and walnut. In other words, it is not so extraordinary and avant-garde as the Restoration collection.


As well as the Revolutions, the Coordinations collection is also made with the use of the NatureForm technology that helps to create a natural wood finish that looks very realistic.

The collection offers pretty wide planks that are 7 inches. As well as the Restoration collection, this one has a wide range of color options. One other important thing about this collection is that it has “SpillShield” coating. It is a unique feature of the Coordinations collection.

“SpillShield” is a unique coating that was made to provide moisture and spills resistance. Using this flooring, you can expect that it will survive up to 72 hours of water leaking. Considering this great feature, the Coordinations collection flooring is a perfect option for such places as bathrooms and laundry facilities. Also, this waterproof floor is the best option for the kitchen.


A Value-Lock collection is a perfect option for customers who look for very cheap but still high-quality flooring. The collection cannot impress you with such features as SpillShield technology, a variety of colors, and numerous patterns.

There are only five available designs, but the quality of this flooring is very good. One other point about the Value-Lock collection is that it has a shorter warranty period that lasts only for 15 years. The collection offers wide planks that are 7 inches wide.

How to Install Mannington Laminate

How to Install Mannington Laminate

Step 1 – Prepare the surface

Use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to make sure that the subfloor is absolutely clean and there is no debris. If there are any cracks or uneven parts, make sure to repair it.

Step 2 – Use underlayment fabric

Make sure to use the underlayment fabric as it is a perfect way to reduce noise. Moreover, it is a certain barrier between your subfloor and the laminate flooring. Ensure that the fabric is properly unrolled, covers the whole subfloor and its surface is smooth.

After it, you need to attach the fabric to the subfloor following the manufacturer’s recommendations. The most common method is stapled, but in some cases, the underlayment fabric can be attached with a special tape or adhesive substance.

Step 3 – Measure the room’s width

The next step you should take is to measure the width of your room. Make sure that laminate plates at the end and beginning of each row are wider than 2 inches. If, after making the measurements, you have pieces thinner than required to make some adjustments. You need to reduce the width of the pieces at the beginning of a row in order to increase the width of pieces at the end.

Step 4 – Measure the room’s length

After dealing with width issues, it’s time to measure the length of your room. Planks that are located at the beginning and the end of each row shouldn’t be shorter than 12 inches. If necessary, make adjustments to meet the requirements.

Step 5 – Clean each plank

Before installing the laminate, you need to clean each plank. Wipe them with a soft cloth, remove any debris, collect all hairs with a vacuum, and make sure there are no flaws. Ensure that the tongue and groove portion of each piece is absolutely clean and smooth.

Step 6 – Start the Installation

Take the planks that will be facing the wall and cut off the tongue of each plank. Leave some space (about 5/16-inch) between the wall and the laminate. This space is required for an expansion joint. Use special spacers to make sure that there is a proper distance along the whole row.

After finishing all the preparations, it’s time to install your laminate. First of all, you need to set the first row of planks and connect the groove and tongue on both ends. Measure the last plank and cut it as required to make it fit into the remaining space.

To start the second row, you need to use the piece of plank that left from the last tile of the first row. It will help you to stagger the planks a little when installing the remaining pieces of the laminate.

Before installing the final row, measure the width of the remaining space. Make sure to leave some space (5/16-inch) between the wall and the laminate. Before setting the planks, do not forget to cut off the groove of each plank.

Step 7 – Use paper templates

If there are any odd-size pieces, make sure to prepare paper templates. It will help you avoid mistakes when filling space around doorjambs and other difficult areas. A jigsaw is the best tool for cutting planks into pieces according to your pattern.

Step 8 – Install molding

As soon as you install the laminate, you need to attach molding along the wall above the flooring. It aims to keep the laminate in place.


How to Maintain Mannington Laminate

As we’ve mentioned before, the most amazing thing about the Mannington laminate is that it requires almost no specific maintenance.

Step 1 – Regular cleaning

When it comes to regular cleaning, it is enough to sweep or vacuum it periodically. You can use a simple mop with a spinning head or find a premium vacuum for laminate floors. The reason is that the laminate has a melamine-impregnated surface. It contains aluminum oxide that makes it very durable and resistant.

Step 2 – Moist mopping

From time to time, you can make some moist mopping if necessary. To make it, you can get a lightweight microfiber mop on a budget, or terry cloth or microfiber cloth. Just moisture the cloth with Mannington’s Ultra Clean System.

Step 3 – Use products made for laminate

According to the Mannington company, it is better to avoid steam-based cleaners when it comes to laminate cleaning.

If you don’t feel like only sweeping and vacuuming and want to use any cleaning substances, you need to make sure that these substances are designed specifically for laminate flooring. Do not use soap or water-based cleaners if you don’t want to make your floor bubble or swell.

If you need to remove some stains, don’t use abrasive materials such as steel wool. The reason is that these materials may leave scratches and damage the flooring. Also, looking for a vacuum cleaner, keep in mind that shop vacs are usually very powerful, so make sure it can be used for laminate flooring.

Step 4 – Bolt up all spills

If there are any spills, make sure to use a soft cloth to wipe them up immediately. If you leave liquid on the laminate, it may damage the flooring.


How to Fix Minor Damages on Mannington Laminate Flooring

Mannington laminate is very durable, but still, some minor damages may occur. It can be small or deep stretches. While it is annoying, you should not get depressed as it can be fixed easily.

Minor Damages

Step 1 – Select proper kit

Before starting to repair the laminate, you need to get a touch-up kit. Just make sure it matches the color and specifications of your flooring. A standard touch-up kit contains a filler pencil/crayon, a marker, and a varnish. If your kit’s shine does not match your laminate, you can buy it separately.

Step 2 – Use a color marker

When dealing with minor scratches, color them with a marker from your kit. Usually, it is absolutely enough when it comes to small scratches.

Step 3 – Use filler if necessary

If the scratches are deep, you can use a crayon or pencil to fill them up. Just make sure to follow the instructions properly, as some products can just roll on. If your kit contains putty as filler, make sure to use a putty knife.

Step 4 – Sand surface

Use fine-grit sandpaper for sanding the cured area and making sure the filler level is the same as the floor level. Just be careful not to stretch the laminate and only remove filler excess.

Step 5 – Apply Varnish

Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe off any dust and dirt from the surface. Make sure there’s no filler’s excess.

If you need to match the floor’s shine, you can use varnish and apply it to the fixed area. Usually, a repair kit contains a small brush for varnish application. With the brush, you can cover the scratches with varnish and feather it slightly to create an even surface. Let it dry completely and sand it slightly.

Deep Scratches

Step 1 – Choose appropriate repair kit

Make sure that the kit you are going to use is made specifically for deep scratches. Also, it should match the color of your flooring. As well as a standard kit, a repair kit for deep scratches contains a marker, filler or putty, and, of course, some varnish. If your kit contains the wrong varnish, you can buy it separately and add it later.

Step 2 – Ventilate room properly

When dealing with deep scratches, you need to make sure that the room is well ventilated. The reason is that you are going to use acetone to clean the scratch really well. If there is any other solvent in your kit, you can use it.

Step 3 – Apply the filler

Take some filler or putty and put it onto a paper plate. If the substance does not contain epoxy, you need to use a putty knife to stir the substance until it becomes harder. If it is an epoxy-based filler, you need to mix the ingredients following the instructions. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid any problems.

Use a putty knife to scoop the substance and apply it to the scratch.

Step 4 – Get rid of excesses

Use the cloth and some solvent to wipe out the excesses of the filler from the surface. Make sure the filler is completely dry. If, after it there are shrinks, you need to apply one more layer and wait until it is completely dry.

Step 5 – Apply final touches

Sand the surface lightly to make sure that it is even and smooth. Use the marker to color the scratch and apply a little varnish to make sure it looks the same as the remaining floor. Let the varnish dry completely and sand it slightly to make it smooth.


Mannington Laminate Flooring Warranty

As we’ve said before, Mannington has four collections of laminate. The Revolutions, the Coordinations, and the Restoration collections have the same warranty conditions. When it comes to residential warranty, it is offered for 25 years while the commercial warranty lasts for five years. A Value-Lock collection is a budget option, so it has a shorter residential warranty. It lasts for 15 years instead of 25.

Before buying the Mannington flooring, make sure to learn all the specifications of the provided warranty. Also, you need to learn how to file the claim.

Mannington Laminate Flooring Customer Reviews

Mannington has a long-lasting history, so you can easily find numerous reviews of its products. We’ve looked through numerous consumers, dealers and installers reviews. As waterproof laminate reviews from experts show, there is a rather worrying trend.

When it comes to good reviews of Mannington, most of them are older ones while the latest feedbacks are more negative. Most business owners who work with Mannington mention that this is a new problem. Negative reviews started to appear after the company changed its policy a couple of years ago.

According to the reviews, before 2015, the company honored all the warranties really well by replacing low-quality or defective items.

However, in 2015, the company changed its policies. Now, each “defective” piece should be inspected by a qualified representative of the company. The customers say that now the company sends an inspector who decides whether the warranty can be approved or not. According to the review, in most cases, an inspector refuses to provide the warranty services blaming homeowners or those who installed the flooring.

The main point is that these accusations are very harsh, but it is very hard to prove or disprove their validity. Nevertheless, the amount of negative reviews indicating this problem is huge. As a result, numerous businesses make a decision to stop working with Mannington.

Do’s and Don’ts With Mannington Laminate

Do’s and Don’ts With Mannington Laminate


  • Place doormats before the entrance to your home so that dirt, sand, grit, oil, asphalt, driveway sealer and other substances aren’t tracked onto your floor.
  • Make sure to use floor protectors for your furniture. Give preference to such options as clear, hard plastic or non-staining felt protectors.
  • Remove all liquid stains and spill as soon as possible to avoid damages.
  • Follow Mannington’s recommendations when maintaining your laminate flooring so you can avoid any problems.


  • Do not flood the floor, especially for a long time.
  • Never use detergents that have soap base as it can make your floor look dull.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners or items such as scouring powder or steel wool if you don’t want to scratch your floor.
  • Avoid wax, polishes, lacquers or sanding materials.
  • Do not use steam-based cleaners for your Mannington laminate flooring.

FAQ About Mannington Laminate

We’ve tried to make an ultimate guide on Mannington laminate flooring for you. However, if you still have some questions, you can find answers to the most popular ones in the section below.

Is Mannington laminate good quality?

Mannington laminate flooring is known as one of the most durable and ecological floorings on the modern market. In fact, this flooring has excellent quality. Moreover, it is made from 70% recycled materials, low-VOC adhesives and inks, making it safe for homes. The Mannington laminate obtained FloorScore certification that proves its quality and safety for indoor use.

How much does Mannington laminate flooring cost?

Speaking of basic prices for Mannington laminate, it varies from $1.55 to $3.60 per square foot.

Is Mannington laminate waterproof?

Mannington has four collections of laminate and not all of them are waterproof. If you want to buy a waterproof laminate flooring, give preference to the Restoration collection that has SpillShield feature and Waterproof Surface Warranty.

Where is Mannington laminate flooring made?

Mannington is a USA company that is located in Salem, New Jersey. For about 100 years, the company produces its products in its factory located in the USA.

What kind of warranty do the Mannington products carry?

According to the information provided on the Mannington website, all products are absolutely free of manufacturing defects. Also, the company offers 25 years of warranty for the Restoration, Revolutions, and Coordinations collections and 15 years – for the Value-Lock collection for residential use. When it comes to commercial use, the company provides a 6-year warranty. The company also claims that during the mentioned period, your flooring won’t discolor.


Mannington laminate flooring is a perfect option for those people who want to install high-quality but still budget-friendly flooring. The company offers a wide range of laminate options so you can choose the one you really like.

While recently numerous customers claim that the company does not honor its warranty responsibilities, there is no proof of the fact. Moreover, you can always expect high-quality products when choosing Mannington flooring. Of course, it is up to you which laminate flooring to choose, but Mannington is for sure worth your attention.

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