Kids Gymnastics Equipment for Home

When it comes to kids gymnastics equipment for home, the choices can vary significantly depending on the age and needs of the child.

If the child is very young or just starting their journey in gymnastics, many of these pieces of equipment will safely allow them to practice and strengthen their skills right in the comfort of your own home.

Top 4 Pieces of Kids Gymnastics Equipment (Summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image Highest QualityTumbl Trak
  • Smart design
  • Lightweight
  • Velcro fasteners for easy setup
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sample-table__image Extremely DurableSwing-N-Slide
  • Perfect for hanging and swinging
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Vinyl coated chain
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sample-table__image Professional designZ-Athletic
  • Fun for learning
  • Easy to clean
  • Colorful hand prints
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sample-table__image Tumbl Trak
  • Simple set-up
  • Optional extensions
  • Superior design
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The Floor Balance Beam

Before the child can gain the confidence to get up on that balance beam, they need to first get used to the motions of walking that narrow board and learning to get down the motions.

Rather than practice on a high beam, this floor balance beam by Tumbl Trak gives the child the feel of the board while being safely down at floor level.

This piece of kids gymnastics equipment for home is perfect for that young martial artist, cheerleader, or gymnast in the family.

The top of the beam is the exact dimensions used in competition, the only difference is it is right at the floor level. This balance beam will allow your child to first gain that confidence they need to excel on a real balance beam.

Easy to put together, comes with Velcro fasteners to securely connect all sections.

Cartwheel Training Padded Floor Mat

One of the most challenging moves for kids just starting out in gymnastics is the cartwheel.

Too many kids get discouraged easily and simply fail to gain the confidence to safely make this move.

With the Z-Athletic training cartwheel mat, your child will be able to practice and improve their skills easily in the safety of your home or backyard.

This way the next time they head to gymnastics class, they will be tumbling around on the floor like a professional.

This training mat has colorful hand prints on the surface of the mat that will teach the child where they are to place their hands when doing the cartwheel correctly.

The opposite side of the mat has a practice beam for the kids to keep working on their balance too.

This vinyl floor mat is easy to keep clean and works as the perfect instructional device in your child’s efforts to get better at gymnastics.

Trapeze and Ring Combo Swing

This piece of kids gymnastics equipment for home actually works with the existing swing set that you have in the backyard.

Now your child can develop many different skill sets that they will need to be successful in gymnastics, martial arts, and as a cheerleader.

The construction of this piece of equipment is quite durable, allowing your child to swing from the bar or rings without concern.

Your child can begin to develop the upper body strength they need to be able to perform on the rings.

The trapeze is perfect for hanging, swinging, or even supporting themselves upside down with their legs.

Heavy-duty construction throughout, the trapeze and ring combo will be able to withstand years of kids play.

Gymnastics Junior Kip Bar by Tumbl Trak

Made by a company you can trust, Tumbl Trak has developed the perfect exercise bar for kids to stretch their muscles so they are not going to injure themselves practicing their exercises, similar to the ballet bare.

The solid maple bar construction offers stability for the child regardless the skill level.

The adjustable height bar means this is the ideal piece of gymnastics equipment for the beginner to the advanced gymnasts.

The device comes with two cross supports for performing exercises like back hip circles easily.

This bar can go from as low as 38″ up to 56″ in height. The spacing between the base of the kip bar allows for a padded tumbling mat to be easily placed under the entire unit.

Your child will be able to practice and advance their skills safely in your home under your supervision.

These different kids gymnastics equipment for a home are built to last, are affordable, and will give you the piece of mind knowing your child is safely advancing their skills right there at home.

As your child slowly gains confidence each day being able to advance their skills, you will see that they begin to experiment with more challenging and demanding moves that are next in the progression of many sports.

You can rest assured knowing that now they have the foundation needed to nurture their particular skills and allow them to advance at their own pace.

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