Karndean Vinyl Plank Review

Are you on the lookout of selecting the best flooring material for your home? Then you might want to check out Karndean vinyl plank flooring.

It is the perfect product for your home, especially if you want to bring out the timeless vibe of natural flooring without the inconvenience and hassle associated with installing and taking care of wood, stone and marble flooring. If you are still unfamiliar with Karndean flooring then this article will shed some light on it.

What Is Karndean Vinyl Plank

Karndean vinyl plank refers to a vinyl flooring product mainly constructed out of limestone (calcium carbonate), pigments and polyvinyl chloride.

The overall structure of this material consists of 5 layers – each of high-definition (HD) photographic layer, top polyurethane protective coating, PVC-embossed layer and two layers of PVC backing.

It has a luxurious and natural look that makes it an incredible flooring solution for both commercial and household use. Furthermore, it is versatile, allowing it to suit all spaces perfectly, including busy office spaces, toilets, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

Benefits of Karndean Vinyl Plank

Karndean vinyl plank carries several remarkable benefits that make it on top of the choices of many homeowners and business owners looking to beautify their space. The following are just some of the most prominent benefits of installing Karndean vinyl plank into your home or office:

Easy to Maintain

The ease of maintenance of Karndean is probably one of its most impressive benefits. Unlike other types of flooring, this flooring material does not trap dirt. With that, you do not have to do an intensive or deep cleaning to maintain its look.

You just need to use a premium spray mop and simply mop the floor with it to preserve its look. This also makes it last longer.

It is different from other flooring materials, such as wood and stone, that are not only expensive but may also require a high level of maintenance. You do not even need to buy an expensive and high-quality hardwood steam mop for it.

Highly Durable

Karndean vinyl plank also continues to win the attention of many homeowners because of its high level of durability. It is durable as it is constructed from the strong and sturdy customized vinyl material.

The high level of durability promised by this type of flooring makes it less prone to acquiring scratches or scuffs even if you live in a busy household with pets and kids around. This kind of durability also makes it perfect for commercial spaces as it makes it completely reliable even with heavy foot traffic.

Easy to Install

Karndean is also a popular choice because of its easy and quick installation process. You can quickly and easily install it in any part of your household.

The whole installation process can even be completed within just a few hours. This means you do not have to wait for several days for the planks to be installed.

Karndean Vinyl Plank Pros and Cons

Karndean Vinyl Plank Pros and Cons

Apart from the amazing benefits already mentioned, Karndean vinyl plank has other good things to offer to those who decide to install it. However, note that it also has a few downsides, although these are just minor and negligible especially if you realize how good this flooring material is.

Learn about its pros and cons in this section:


  • This flooring material can retain its size and shape all the time. Such resilience is what makes it different from other wooden floors that are vulnerable to shrinking and warping regardless of the weather.
  • The lightness of the materials used in creating this flooring makes it so versatile in the sense that you can lay it in any part of your home or office.
  • Karndean flooring also boasts of its textured surfaces that further improve its grip even when it is wet. The grip is much better here compared to the other types of flooring, including wood and stone.
  • Karndean boasts of its natural warmth underfoot. With such a trait, it is a fantastic alternative to different models of Pergo flooring, laminate and hard flooring that might still require the installation of underfloor heating.
  • Aside from being non-porous, this type of flooring also features a PU coating, which ensures that bacteria, dirt and germs do not seep, penetrate inside and accumulate through the cracks.
  • This flooring continues to impress the public with its high level of customizability. This means you can pick your preferred designs and integrate decorative effects, borders and strips to it. One example is a natural-looking grout, which improves the flooring material’s distinctive appeal.


  • Limited options in terms of installation.
  • More expensive than other types of flooring.
  • Not recommended for DIY installation – you need to hire a professional installer.

Karndean Vinyl Plank Product Range

Karndean also offers an extensive product range. If you are interested in this flooring material then you may want to check out the following inclusions to its famous and comprehensive collection:

LooseLay and LooseLay Longboard

Karndean’s LooseLay series is amazing because it does not require the use of glue for the installation of planks. This makes the LooseLay perfect for those who prefer doing the task themselves.

This specific product range also lets you choose from luxury vinyl flooring, which recreates the amazing features of walnut, oak, spotted gum and pine woods through its twelve incredible wood effects.

Art Select

This specific collection tends to imitate the stone tile or natural wood’s look. Here you can see the most detailed tiles and planks of the company. This is made possible through the realistic embossing techniques used in each one.

Da Vinci

This product range consists of smooth-wood and slim planks that feature beveled edges. It also provides a comprehensive range of traditional stone-look and ceramic tiles. In this collection, you can see more textured-looking and rustic styles compared to other flooring materials.

Van Gogh and Van Gogh Rigid

You might also want to check out this collection if you prefer a type of flooring that captures real wood’s natural beauty and charm. The products in this collection have the perfect combination of durability, convenience and elegance.

You can gain access to a wide range of wood textures, colors and patterns and pick from rustic and traditional as well as subtle and contemporary designs.

Michelangelo LVP

Michelangelo Karndean LVP

In this product range, expect to get a hold of products created based on natural stone. Most of those that form part of this product line emphasize the light and soft colors. They also boast of their unique textured pebble, mosaic and metallic styles.


This collection carries the largest tiles of Karndean. It also features a couple of sizes for the plank. The Opus boasts of their refined and modern designs that perfectly suit classic interiors and contemporary settings. The collection also ranges from textured or smooth surfaces and highly detailed wood and stone effects and patterns.

Knight Tile

In the Knight tile collection, you will be greeted with more than 30 styles and designs, giving you a wide range of choices that have a natural wood appearance. It also carries different natural colors. Expect to see non-beveled edges on the board as well as rustic feel even if some textures appear to be smooth.

Korlock Select and Korlock Reserve

This collection is mainly designed for modern households. Here you will enjoy a wide range of floors that boast of their waterproof construction, making them perfect for areas vulnerable to splashes. The products in this collection also come with a foam backing designed to lessen noise transfer, thereby making it comfortable and quiet to walk on.

Karndean Vinyl Plank Features

Vinyl planks from Karndean also have several features that make it more distinctive and unique compared to the others. Here are just some of the most remarkable and unique features that make it truly stand out:


One of the nicest features of Karndean vinyl plank is its eco-friendly construction. All the products under its different collections are created in factories that gained ISO environmental management and quality management certification. This proves how eco and environmentally-friendly the products are.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Karndean flooring also carries this amazing feature of being easy to clean and maintain. You can clean it up with the help of an easy to use spin mop. It can also tolerate spills, swings, drops and any changes in humidity and temperature.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Karndean Vinyl Planks Durable and Long-Lasting

In terms of durability, Karndean does not seem to disappoint. It is extremely long-lasting and hard-wearing in the sense that it can prevent cracks, chips and splinters.

Unique Designs

Another nice feature of Karndean’s planks is the uniqueness of its designs. It is unique in the sense that you can pick from more than a hundred design components and products. With such unique designs and choices, creating an individual floor is surely possible.

How to Use and Install Karndean Vinyl Plank

When it comes to using and installing the Karndean flooring, there are some important steps that you have to undertake.

Step 1 – Allow the flooring to acclimatize

The first step that you have to take is to let the Karndean flooring acclimatize to everything related to the environment where you plan to install it. Do this around 24 hours before installation.

What you should do is take the flooring material from its packaging 24 hours before fitting and installation. Put them inside the room where they should be installed.

Step 2 – Prepare the sub-floor

Make sure to lay the flooring only on sub-floors with a level of moisture that does not go over 75%RH. However, if the level of moisture in that sub-floor goes over that then it would be essential to lay down a damp-proof membrane.

For old concrete sub-floors, get rid of any sign of the past flooring material as well as its remaining adhesive. For both new and old concrete sub-floors, though, priming them using a PVA or neoprene primer is essential. Put on at least 3-mm smoothing underlayment too.

In the case of ceramic or tiled floors, for instance, it is crucial to degrease and rinse them. Once done, abrade them so there will be a key to put on at least a 3-mm smoothing compound.

Step 3 – Install the flooring

Before the actual installation, though, make sure to get rid of all the dust and debris. Clean the floor, too. The good thing about Karndean is that you can install it on any sub-floor whether it is level, dry, smooth and flat. Just make sure that the surface is not porous.

One way to install it is to fit the flooring tightly. Check and examine the edges of the room so you will know if they are solid enough. Also, make sure that there are edged strips of 10-cm openings or thresholds of appropriate pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Fit the planks or tiles tightly. In case the floor area comes with a wall, which is over 4-meter in length then consider treating it using the grid stick installation process. If you plan to install the vinyl plank in areas with heavy traffic, then it is highly recommended to install them using a complete coverage of pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Make sure that the used adhesive permits the convenient replacement and peel up of planks or tiles.


How to Clean and Maintain Karndean Vinyl Plank

One nice thing about these vinyl planks is that they are easy and effortless to clean and maintain. When the installed floor is still new, avoid putting furniture into it or washing it within 24 hours. Once it is time to clean it, do so by following these steps:

Step 1 – Sweep the surface

Do this by using a soft broom. Make sure to use it well to get rid of all dirt and grip.

Step 2 – Mop the floor

During this step, use a solution composed of three parts cold water and one part routing cleaner from Karndean. Just like the mopping process of hardwood floors, make sure to use a damp mop, instead of a wet one.

Step 3 – Let it dry

Let the whole surface dry.


Other Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

When cleaning the Karndean vinyl planks, make sure to avoid using cleaning solutions and products not approved by the company. It is because such products might only damage the surface.

Avoid using furniture items that feature rubber feet or a rubber mat on the flooring, too. It is because some substances in rubber might trigger stains. Also, you will be pleased to know that the predominantly water-resistant nature of this flooring makes you mop it without having to worry too much about potential damage.

You can even collect all the dust with a tile mop (or any other type of mop) effortlessly. Just make sure that you do not let the water pool, though.

Also, remember that unlike timber flooring that needs period overhauls, Karndean requires just a bit more than using the best vacuum for laminate floors or any other vacuum and mop every week. This makes it appropriate for those with extremely busy schedules.

Karndean Vinyl Plank Prices and Availability

In terms of availability, you might be disappointed to know that even if it is a premium and trusted brand, Karndean is still not that easy to access. In comparison to other brands, such as Cali Bamboo and Mohawk, Karndean is harder to get.

You need to be resourceful in looking for a flooring dealer in your locality with Karndean flooring in stock. As for the price, expect this type of flooring to range from $2.68 to $5.50 per square feet depending on your chosen collection.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

No, you do not actually have to spend too much just to get the quality you want. This means that highly expensive flooring materials do not necessarily mean that they are the ones of the highest quality out there.

In most cases, you can find the right balance between price and quality. In other words, by conducting good research, you would be able to find reasonably priced Karndean vinyl plank, which speaks of the quality you want. It is also worth the investment since it is a high-grade, long-lasting and stylish flooring material.

Do’s and Don’ts of Karndean Vinyl Plank

Do you want your Karndean vinyl plank to be fully protected? Then keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:


  • Use high-quality coir matting: Put this at the entrance to lessen outdoor grit and dirt.
  • Put protective pads beneath the legs of furniture: This is important in preventing scratches.
  • Use castors that can bear weight: This is to avoid indentations from heavy furniture.
  • Mop spills immediately: Do this to prevent stains from forming.


  • Drag or slide appliances and furniture items across the floor.
  • Expose the floor to extremely hot items as the excessive heat might damage the surface permanently.
  • Use cleaning products without Karndean’s approval: It is because such products might contain toxic and harsh chemicals that might damage the floor.
  • Expose Karndean floor to silicone-based products, like window cleaner or polish: Such products might cause the floor to become too slippery.
  • Mat backed by rubber: It is because this might permanently discolor your Karndean floor.

Karndean vs Other Flooring Materials

Karndean vs Other Flooring Materials

Compared to other flooring options, Karndean vinyl plank seems to have an edge. For instance, unlike hardwood with grains and knots that might make them hard to install, Karndean provides similar visual effects without the mentioned difficulties and issues.

It is also more beneficial than hardwood in the sense that it has a low chance of shrinking or expanding in various temperatures. It can even retain its form all throughout its lifespan without warping due to moisture. Another advantage over hardwood or any other flooring material is that it does not require extensive maintenance.

You do not need to do something special to keep it in excellent condition (ex. no need to apply polyurethane to protect your floor). The fact that Karndean is a low-maintenance flooring option also ensures that you do not need to spend a lot of time lacquering, staining and sanding it.

There is also no need to invest in and use a steam cleaner to clean your floors. It is also a much better option than ceramic tiles and stone. One reason behind this is that its weight is lighter, making it easier to install.

It also provides warmth underfoot. Furthermore, Karndean is non-slip, thereby proving that it is safer than ceramic tiles and stone when wet.

When compared to laminate flooring, Karndean also has a great selling point and that is the realistic feel and look of authentic and real wood that it seems to imbibe. This is something that you can’t expect engineered wood and laminate flooring to achieve. Furthermore, it is less prone to shrinking or curling than laminate.

FAQ About Karndean Vinyl Plank Flooring

Is Karndean LooseLay any good?

Yes. In fact, it is one of the most popular Karndean collections. One advantage of the planks in this collection is that you can install them without applying the glue-down method. It also provides a wide range of choices for colors and shades as well as board sizes.

Is Karndean flooring worth the money?

Of course. It might be costlier than other flooring materials but you will surely get your money’s worth. Just a few of the many remarkable advantages that you can enjoy, making it worth investing in, are ease of cleaning and maintenance, durable construction and customizability.

It also carries some sound-absorption and shock-absorption qualities, making your home feel quieter. It prevents you from hearing the moans and creaks often produced by laminate and real hardwood flooring that some legit reviews of Waterproof laminate floors claim.

Does Karndean scratch easily?

While this floor’s surface has full protection from daily spills and scuffs, it is still not scratch-proof. This means that it still tends to accumulate scratches in the long run, although this might not happen too soon because of the heavy-duty nature of the material.

Can I use a rubber-backed rug on Karndean flooring without it changing the color of the floor?

No, you can’t. One important thing to keep in mind regarding proper maintenance of Karndean flooring is to avoid using a rubber-backed rug or mat on it. It is because of the permanent discoloration that it might cause to the surface.

Can Karndean vinyl plank be installed over laminate flooring?

It is not highly recommended to install Karndean vinyl plank on laminate flooring. It is because their installation methods are different. For laminate flooring to be installed, it needs to follow the floating method. You should not nail or glue it down to the sub-floor.


Karndean is indeed the most reliable flooring material that you can integrate into your home or office. Just like the durable and versatile laminate flooring, Karndean is also famous for its strength and flexibility.

Apart from that, it also carries several other fantastic benefits, one of which is the fact that it is easy to clean, preventing the need to spend money over an expensive hardwood vacuum with powerful suction. You will also love it for the numerous customization opportunities it provides.

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