Famous Martial Arts Masters: Jackie Chan

You may know Jackie Chan as a famous movie star who has starred in all of your favorite action movies.

Some people argue whether or not he always performed his own stunts—he did! That is why Jackie Chan is more than just a movie star.

He is many other things, including an actor, producer, martial artist, comedian, film director, stuntman, and singer.

He is a man of many talents! Jackie Chan is well known for his popular movies Rush Hour, and the Jackie Chan movies.

There is a lot to Jackie Chan many individuals aren’t aware of. He quickly gained his fame for being an actor who can perform his own stunts.

Back in the late 1990’s Jackie quickly gained a lot of popularity and has a large fan base due to his impeccable stunts performed on screen.

Learn more about who he is and what he has accomplished over his career.

Who Is Jackie Chan?

Born in Hong Kong, China on April 7, 1954, Jackie’s real name is Chan Kong-sang.

The wax figure of Jackie Chan in Madame Tussauds Singapore.

The wax figure of Jackie Chan in Madame Tussauds Singapore.

He began his study and practice of the singing, drama, acrobatics, and martial arts, at the age of 7 on kids gymnastics equipment.

His parents moved to Australia to find new jobs to better support his family, and he was left behind to study at the Chinese Opera Research Institute, which is a prestigious Hong Kong boarding school.

Jackie stayed at that school for 10 years, studying and practicing under harsh punishment if mistakes were made.

At a very young age he began acting in Hong Kong, and he was considered likely a likely candidate in Hong Kong’s cinematic sphere to become the next Bruce Lee because of Chan’s talents on tumbling mats for the gym.

However, Chan preferred to develop his own style of martial arts with a twist of comedy.

His ability to combine both stunts, often performed over interlocking carpet tiles, with physical comedy made him to be a huge star in Asia, and eventually his career took him to the US.

Jackie Chan Career

Jackie’s career began when he made it in his first movie during his schooling in Hong Kong.

Jackie Chan Career

The movie was called Big and Little Wong Tin Bar in 1962, and Jackie was only 8 years old! After his first appearance in film, he went on to perform in multiple musical films.

After his graduation in the year 1971, Jackie Chan decided to pursue his acrobat and stuntman talents in the cinema world.

His first stuntman project was in the movie Fist of Fury in 1972, where he starred as Hong Kong’s resident superstar, Bruce Lee.

This movie was when he performed his first famous stunt where he completed the highest fall in the history of Chinese Film, earning himself a respectful recognition.

Jackie Chan’s big break started after Lee’s unexpected and tragic death in 1973. Chan was noticed as being the likely candidate to take on Lee’s mantle as the king of Hong Kong Cinema.

Jackie Chan Career

He began working multiple movies a year right off the bat. Jackie started starring with famous producers such as Lo Wei in Kung Fu movies.

However the movies proved to be unsuccessful, which led Chan to take a break from the “Lee Mold” and pursue his own image.

He blended his martial art abilities with his screwball personality and discovered his own path to cinematic gold.

It wasn’t until 1978 when his classic movie Drunken Master that he became a huge hit. He took the Hong Kong film industry by a storm.

Before long, Jackie Chan became Hong Kong’s highest paid actor and a popular international star all throughout Asia.

Shortly after in 1980, Chan made his way to Hollywood and pursued his career of acting and directing further.

However, it wasn’t until 1995 (ten years later) that Jackie Chan became a huge hit with his movie, Jackie Chan’s Spartan X series, and Rush Hour in 1998.

His Accomplishments and Records

Jackie has received numerous awards over the years such as MTV, Peoples Choice, Kids Choice, Academy Honorary, Blockbuster, Golden Horse, and more.

Jackie Chan Skills and Techniques

To this day Jackie Chan is an icon for the world of film. His famous skills and techniques, both on and off wrestling mats, include his abilities to jump and fall from buildings and high structures and his amazing martial arts fighting techniques.

What Is His Best Result?

Jackie Chan is notably recognized for his martial arts and stunts. His best result would be the Rush Hour series. The first of these grossed over 244 Million dollars in the box office.

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