Animal lovers both old and young spend a lot of time learning and doing research on how to provide the best care for their pets. Along with watering, grooming and feeding, the stall in which your pets spend time must be well taken care of.

The use of stall mats can make cleaning less time consuming and more efficient. Stall mats are placed on the floor in order to provide a comfortable and sturdy surface.

TOP 3 Horse Stall Mats (summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image Most
  • Easy to install
  • Solid
  • 15 year limited warranty
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sample-table__image Most comfortableSummit Flexible Products
  • Interlocking edges
  • Impermeable
  • Non-slip surface
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  • Easy to transport
  • Waterproof
  • Designed to withstand years of use
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Moreover, the mats also provide shock absorption and cushioning when giving birth and also to pets that are prone to falling over.

However, stall mats vary in quality, type and performance characteristics.

What To Look For When Buying Stable Mat

Therefore, there are various factors that should be considered when choosing a stable mat for your pet:


Rubber is the most commonly used material. However, different qualities and types of rubber are used depending on the manufacturer.

High quality rubber is more durable but tends to be expensive. On the other hand, you can buy stall that is made from non-rubber materials such as EVA which is a high-tech material that tends to be lighter and more shock absorbent.


Some mats can cover the entire stall but it important to understand that stall mats vary in size from a square foot (30 cm squared) to about 4 square meters.

Bigger mats are heavier and they are less likely to curl up although placement is more difficult. Working with smaller stall mats is quite easy and they are also cheaper to replace in case they are damaged.


Stall mats vary in thickness from about 1 cm to over 2 cm.

Thicker mats have four benefits: it’s less likely for the edges to curl, they tend to be more durable, they are less likely to move and in most cases thickness is an indication of quality.


Stall mats should be impermeable in order to ensure that urine does not reach the surface or soak up the mat.

Low-quality stall mats that are permeable or partly permeable may cause odors.

Horse Stall Mats

Stall mats can be laid on various surfaces including asphalt, concrete and wooden floors.

Thicker and stronger mats can be laid on compacted stone but care must be taken to ensure the stone do not cause tears or bumps in the mats.

That’s why horse stall mats are becoming increasingly popular mainly due to the benefits they provide over other surfaces:


A concrete floor is very hard and unless a thicker layer of bedding is provided, the hardness can injure feet, stress joints and even cause sores where horses lay down to sleep or rest.

Stall masts provide a soft and comfortable surface which is less likely to result in stress and impact injuries.


Horse stall mats are mare from naturally insulating materials which are not only more comfortable but also healthier for your horses especially during winter.


Wooden and concrete floors can be slippery and very dangerous when wet.

Horse stall mats provide better traction for your horses in order to reduce the risk of injury to your horses.


It can be very difficult to sterilize surfaces such as earth and concrete. However, you can easily sterilize stall mats in order to ensure that your horses do not contract diseases.


Less bedding is required with horse stall mats because they perform all the functions of bedding including insulation, traction, shock absorption and providing a soft and comfortable surface for your pets.

Additionally, stall mats can drain off excess urine which means that less bedding is soiled.

Trailer stalls, trailer ramps and aisles are other places where stall mats can be quite useful.

Moreover, secure footing makes your horses easier to handle because of the inclination to avoid unsafe areas.

High quality mats can stand up to traffic even from the steel shod hooves.

Best Stall Mats Reviewed

1. Rubber Horse Stall Mat

Available in 4′ x 6′ with a 1/2″ or 3/4″ thickness, RB Rubber matting is a solid, durable, rubber mat that is easy to install.

Combining environmentally friendly recycling technologies and manufactured completely in the USA sets RB Rubber products apart from the competition.

These rubber mats are straight cut with no bevel.

Rubber Horse Stall Mat

  • Black Rubber Mat – 4′ x 6′ x 3/4″
  • 15 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects in material and workmanship.
  • Color: “Natural” rubber is primarily black but will include a small amount of multi-color flecks. Often this is better than plain black as it helps in camouflaging dust and dirt.

2. Greatmats Portable Stall Mat

Greatmats interlocking portable stall mats are the perfect lightweight yet durable solution for horse trailer mats, portable horse stalls and temporary horse stalls.

Mats are designed to withstand years of use under the weight of heavy animals.

This super high density EVA foam mat is also excellent permanent installations.

These foam horse stall mats are a great alternative to more costly rubber mats. Each mat 2×2 ft x 3/4 inches.

Greatmats Portable Stall Mat

  • Lightweight and easy to transport and install.
  • Durable, double sided Pebble textured top.
  • No adhesive needed with the interlocking design.
  • Waterproof, no odor, lead free and latex free.
  • Non slip mats include 2 border strips per mat.

3. Mighty Lite Stall Mat

Ideal for Stall floors and walls, Trailer floors and walls, grooming areas, and even kennels for your horses another buddy.

Made of a space-age polymer, EVA, these mats are safe, comfortable, and can help improve the health of your horse.

Mat measures 37″ x 49″x 7/8″ (12.59 sq. ft.) and is sold individually.

Mighty Lite Stall Mat

  • Non-slip surface with interlocking edges to make the perfect size for any area
  • Reversible for a longer life
  • Provides more insulation than a rubber mat
  • Impermeable- Nothing not even urine can soak into the mat
  • Perfect for other barn animals such as llamas and donkeys

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