3 Best Glass Chair Mats – Save Your Floors from Damaging

Glass chair mats have been very popular these days. Those mats are great looking, easy to clean, and most importantly, you won’t have to change them after only a few months.

Before you choose a glass chair mat, you should learn more about the differences between glass and other types of mats, especially plastic and decide whether or not a glass chair mat fits your needs.

Top 3 Glass Chair Mats (Summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image Most DurableCleartex Glaciermat
  • Never discolors, bends or curls
  • Doesn’t scratch or damage the floors
  • Easy to move around and doesn’t slip
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sample-table__image Greatest StabilitymyGlassMat
  • Scratch resistant and non-slip
  • Durable, fully tempered glass
  • Smoothest rolling surface
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sample-table__image StrongestVitrazza
  • Doesn’t dent and crack
  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Easy lift tool
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

What Is a Glass Chair Mat?

Glass chair mat is used as protection for hardwood floors and carpets. It is not made from regular, window glass, but from tempered, toughened glass.

When you hear that a chair mat is made of glass, you probably think that it is not a very good idea.

However, the glass used for mats is four to five times stronger than window glass and twice as thick as car window glass.

Benefits of Using a Glass Chair Mat

A glass chair mat has distinct advantages that other chair mats made from different materials don’t have. First of all, mats made of glass have the biggest ergonomic benefits.

You can’t beat the smoothness of glass, which relieves the stress on your back and joints caused by moving on carpets and hardwood floors.

Also, it is an elegant solution especially for workplaces – an office glass chair mat is everything you need to elevate the space where you spend your working hours, just like the anti-fatigue salon mats are essential for any salon.

Benefits of Using a Glass Chair Mat

Glass chair mat is an eco-friendly solution as well. It is usually made from silica sand and recycled glass, with no petroleum.

How to Install a Glass Chair Mat

The installation of any glass chair mat is straightforward, but it depends on the surface you want to protect.

If you bought a glass chair mat for carpet, you have to make sure that the carpet is clean, and remove any particles or objects that can potentially damage the mat.

After that, just put the mat into the desired position and you’re done. For hardwood floors, you should mop the area and place the plastic buttons (that most manufacturers will supply) near the edges of the mat.

A little moisture will allow them to stick to the mat easier. After that, carefully put your glass chair mat into the desired position.

How to Clean a Glass Chair Mat

Cleaning a glass chair mat is relatively easy and straightforward. You can use any glass cleaner and a standard mop.

For any stains that are more difficult to clean, you should use a single edge razor blade to scrape the glass clean, and after that use a glass cleaner.

Glass Chair Mat vs. Transparent Plastic Chair Mat

Having a plastic chair mat is better than having no mat at all, but those mats won’t save your hardwood floors or carpets. At least, not in the long run.

Plastic mats are not durable, they wear out and dent quickly, they are soft, and their edges might curl up, so you could even injure yourself and fall from the chair if you move it too fast, just like a gun cleaning mats.

Above all this, plastic mats mostly come in a dull, gray vinyl color.

Of course, transparent plastic is better than that, at least appearance-wise, but every other problem remains, and you will have to change the mat within months, maybe even weeks.

That’s why you should think about buying a mat made from other materials, and glass chair mats might work perfectly for you.

Glass Chair Mat vs. Transparent Plastic Chair Mat

First of all, if you like transparency, there is nothing better than beautiful, clear glass. You will see the carpet or floor beneath it, and you will forget that the mat is even there.

There is no better mat if you need to roll from your office desk to the fax behind you – the surface is perfectly smooth, and you won’t experience friction when you roll the chair.

In addition, a glass chair mat is much more durable than a plastic mat. A glass mat will last for years, and some manufacturers even give a lifetime warranty.

Glass chair mats are usually bigger, so you can save a greater portion of your floors and carpets and are slightly better than a tatami mats.

There are several sizes, from 36” x 48”, to 60” x 60”, but some manufacturers will make you a custom-sized glass chair mat as well. You can also use a mat with a lip or no lip.

How to Choose the Best Glass Chair Mat

You know now that buying a glass chair mat instead of a dull plastic mat is a right thing to do.

However, you must know how to pick the best glass chair mat for your needs as well.

If you need a mat for an office space, you should think about the dimensions and durability. Since you will roll your chair faster and more than at home, the mat needs to cover more space, and it has to be almost unbreakable.

How to Choose the Best Glass Chair Mat

If you need a mat for your home, you can think about the appearance a little bit more.

On the other side, if you need an outdoor rubber mat, make sure to check mats for the patio and other outdoor spaces.

Any concerns you may have about glass chair mats are justified.  It is totally normal that you are not sure whether your mat made of glass will get scratched or worn out after some time.

Maybe you’re also sick and tired of watching your old chair mats developing dents and ruts that frustrate you when you try to roll your chair mat.

It’s great that you’ve decided to try out a glass chair mat because a glass chair mat has a smoother rolling surface than any other chair mat out there.

Make sure that you choose the one made with tempered, reinforced glass that can withstand more than 1000 pounds and take the strike of any office object dropped from a desk.

If you’re still not sure which glass chair mat is for you, the following reviews of top rated brands are here to help you decide.

3 Best Glass Chair Mats Reviewed

1. Glaciermat Chair Mat for Hard Floors/Carpets with Reinforced Glass

Available in two sizes, this mat is made of crystal clear reinforced, tempered glass. This makes it one of the most durable glass chair mats out there.

Also, it is ideal for heavy office chairs or heavier individuals. Often times, the biggest problem with chair mat is that they curl and never lay flat.

Fortunately, this is not the case with this glass chair mat, and you can expect it to never discolor, bend, sink, dent or buckle. Its corners are round, but they don’t scratch or damage your flooring.

In fact, Glaciermat offers perfect protection for all carpet types and hard floors. With an easy-glide surface, you can be sure that this chair mat won’t slip or easily move about.

Glaciermat Chair Mat for Hard Floors/Carpets with Reinforced Glass


  • Ultra-tough reinforced, tempered glass
  • Superior strength and durability – can hold weights of up to 1000lb (454kg)
  • It never discolors, bends or curls
  • Completely flat and unbendable with a smooth easy-glide surface

  • It’s very heavy so you may find it hard to install
  • Some users find it too small
  • Available in two sizes only

2. myGlassMat Tempered Glass Chair Mat 

All glass chair mat from this manufacturer come with clear adhesive rubber pads that may be applied if movement issues occur.

However, these mats have an unbelievably smooth rolling surface and fully rounded corners.

This is important because that way you get greater stability in case you happen to roll off your glass mat.

Just like the previous mat, this one is also made of durable tempered glass that can hold 1,000 pounds and strike of any dropped object.

Also, you can expect it to be scratch resistant and can be cleaned easily with any glass cleaner. With the ability to never wear out, this glass chair mat is great for relieving back, neck and knee pain.

myGlassMat Tempered Glass Chair Mat 


  • Non-slip surface
  • A durable fully tempered glass that can hold 1,000 lbs
  • Anti-static and scratch resistant
  • Cleaning is simple with any glass cleaner

  • It’s more expensive than other similar glass chair mats
  • Some find it to be pretty heavy

3. Vitrazza Premium Super-Strong Glass Chair Mat 

One thing that often frustrates chair mat owners are the dents and ruts when they try to roll their chairs.

With this in mind, Vitrazza designed this super-strong glass chair mat that allows your chairs to glide effortlessly across all floor mats even after years of use.

Heat-treated glass provides superior strength, and nano-tech coating improves this glass chair mat’s scratch resistance.

This mat also comes with Stabil-a dot bumper system which helps in keeping your mat in place, while its smooth surface has an easy lift tool.

Vitrazza Premium Super-Strong Glass Chair Mat 


  • It doesn’t dent and crack
  • A nano-tech coating that improves scratch resistance
  • An easy lift tool
  • Comes in 7 sizes

  • It is a bit pricey
  • Although it is said that is crystal clear, you may notice a slight green tint


Glass chair mats are excellent protection for your home or office spaces, hardwood floors, and carpets. You only need a mop and a regular glass cleaner to maintain it.

Glass chair mats are durable, stylish and they will not only save your floors from rolling office chairs, but they will also elevate the space and make a strong impression on your employees, clients or guests.