Dream Home Laminate Review

Do you want to use the world’s best laminate flooring and install it in your home? Then consider checking out Dream Home laminate flooring. It is a famous option for laminate flooring because of its reliability and overall quality.

Just like when we were reviewing Karndean vinyl plank, this post will talk about all the things you need to know about Dream Home laminate.

What is Dream Home Laminate Flooring

Dream Home refers to a flooring material created by Lumber Liquidators. It is available in various retail outlets in the US. One of its prominent traits is that it usually carries the look of costly materials, like rare wood. The only difference is that it’s more affordable than them.

This flooring is also known for being a great brand on its own. As a matter of fact, around two-thirds of the highly-rated laminated products that you can access at Lumber Liquidators are offered by Dream Home. Most of them also tend to receive positive reviews consistently.

Benefits of Dream Home Laminate


One great advantage of Dream Home flooring is that it is affordable. It only costs around $0.86-$1.59 every square foot. The installation cost is also lower than other flooring materials as the process only requires a few tools. It is a great choice for anyone who wishes to invest in a new flooring material that is creative and flexible without spending too much.

Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content

With Dream Home, you do not have to worry about causing problems in air quality once you install it in your home. It is safe because of its low VOC content. It is, therefore, unable to cause breathing issues such as asthma. This material will also not cause indoor pollution due to VOCs that might trigger allergies and other ailments.

Water and Moisture-Resistant

Another known advantage is that it can resist water absorption and moisture twice as much as standard laminate materials. This benefit can be attributed to the material’s low-swell core. This ensures that water and any other type of moisture do not get inside the floor.

Pros and Cons of Dream Home Laminate

Pros and Cons of Dream Home Laminate

This laminate material has a unique set of pros and cons. If you are still wondering if it is indeed a great choice for the household, you have to study such pros and cons to make a better decision:


  • Easy to install – The installation is so easy and simple plus it does not require a lot of your time. It does not also add up to the total amount that you will be spending on the material since you only need a few materials during the installation.
  • Decent warranty coverage – You can get a lifetime residential warranty from this specific brand.
  • Thick planks – The planks for this flooring material are thicker compared to the others, which somewhat proves their durability. This makes it less vulnerable to flexing when you walk on it.


  • Prone to fading when exposed to bright sunlight too often.
  • Some repetitive patterns found on the boards, making it necessary to mix them up once you decide to install them.

Dream Home Laminate Categories

When shopping for a Dream Home flooring, you have to remember that its products are divided into different categories. Familiarize yourself with each category so you can make abetter decision as to which one suits your home the most. The most popular ones are:

Dream Home

This is the standard line. In this line, your choices include:

  • 7-mm Dream Home – If you are on a tight budget then the 7-mm is ideal for you because of its budget-friendly price. The quality is decent, although it does not have an attached pad and only has limited colors. It has a good 10-year warranty, too. This is perfect for renovating your home if you do not intend to stay there for a long period.
  • 8-mm Dream Home – If you want to have more choices in terms of colors then go for the 8-mm Dream Home. This specific material features an attached pad. It is constructed from various shades of domestic oak as well as exotic wood species, such as Brazilian Acacia and African Rosewood. Just like the 7-mm, this one has a 10-year warranty as well.
  • 10-mm Dream Home – This has much better quality than the previous two while still being offered at an inexpensive price. You can get it at below $1 every square foot. In terms of width, expect your choices to include those that have and do not have a pad or underlayment. Choose one with an attached pad or underlayment if you no longer want to put laminate underlayment when installing the floor.
  • 12-mm Dream Home – In the Dream Home category, the 12-mm is known for providing the best prices and choices. It even includes both exotic and domestic hardwood in your choices. One thing you have to take note of, though, is that the majority of floors under this category do not have underlay. This might cause you to spend more, depending on the specific spot where you plan to install it.

Dream Home XD

The XD in this category stands for Extra Density, which also means that the options that fall here are harder than the others. With its higher hardness rating, expect it to have better durability than the rest. It also has much better warranty coverage.

  • 10-mm Dream Home XD – The products in this line are often based on domestic species, such as hickory and oak. The flooring choices also often come in shades of light to medium-dark. This is ideal for those who are planning to have a more traditional, country or rustic look for their floors.
  • 12-mm Dream Home XD – This is one of the biggest collections. It is perfect for you if you intend to stay in your present home for a long time as it tends to look great for at least 12 to 20 years. This will still depend on the amount of traffic that the flooring receives, though. Hickory and oak species are among the dominating choices of this collection but expect other exotic and domestic species to be offered here, too. They most likely appear in light to dark shades.

Dream Home X20

If you are looking for the flooring of premium quality then you may want to check out the Dream Home X20 line of the Lumber Liquidator. It has better water-resistance compared to the other brands due to its non-absorbent and sturdier core.

  • 10-mm Dream Home X20 – Here, you can access premium flooring with a classic and cool wooden look. You can get products based on domestic species, such as hickory and oak.
  • 12-mm Dream Home X20 – In this collection, you will be greeted with a few choices that have neutral to warm shades. You can also pick from a combination of classic hardwood and light oak species.
  • 14-mm Dream Home X20 – Your choices here often have maple and oak colors and light and dark brown shades. Several of those that are in this line also come with attached pads.

Dream Home Laminate Lines

Dream Home Laminate Lines


The Nirvana line features flooring designed to add harmony to your home. Mainly based on real wood grain, the Nirvana can be easily installed without the need for nails and glue. It also takes pride in its moisture-resistant board and 8-mm thickness that is equipped with a pre-glued underlayment. It boasts of a good warranty of up to 25 years.

Nirvana V Groove

Another famous product line is the Nirvana V Groove, which comes with a one-strip V-groove feature. Just like Nirvana, this product line also takes pride in its moisture-resistant board. It also has a long 25-year warranty.


The laminate flooring under the Dream Home Charisma product line receives the ultimate protection from its moisture-resistant hardboard. It takes pride in its beautiful and decorative design as well as its nice finish that can last long. What is even better about the Charisma is that there is a 20-year warranty backing it up.


If you are on a budget but still want to make sure that you are getting the flooring of top-notch quality then you may want to go for the reasonably priced Dream Home Utopia product line. It has a 10-year warranty plus it takes pride in its quick, easy and glue-less installation. It is also safe for any household as it is non-allergenic.

Kensington Manor

The Dream Home flooring from its famous line, the Kensington Manor, boasts of not only its beautiful appeal but also of its durability. It is so durable and sturdy as it is around 12-mm thick. One thing that makes it unique is its hand-scraped finish look. It also has a 3-mm pre-glued underlayment and a long 30-year warranty.

James Collection

With its 30-year warranty, the options from the James collection are proven to be durable. The floor features a finish that ranges from a high to warm low gloss. It also takes pride in its warm and deep to medium shades. It features a 12-mm V-groove that promotes ease and speed during installation.

Dream Home Laminate Features

Dream Home Laminate Features

Regardless of your chosen product line or collection, you can expect all Dream Home laminate flooring to share plenty of unique and cool features and benefits. Here are just some of the things you can expect from this material:


Most of those who were able to install this flooring in their households agree that this material is durable. It has thick planks, thicker than most competitors, actually, as they are around 10 to 12 mm. This enhances the durability of this premium laminate flooring. It also makes it less prone to flexing despite heavy foot traffic.

Versatile Styles and Designs

You will love the versatility as far as styles and designs are concerned. You have several options for styles and designs as proven by the multiple product lines offered today. The good news is that their versatility makes them suitable for different parts of your home.

Easy Installation

Another nice feature is that its parts are all easy and quick to install. Most of them do not even need gluing. There is also no need to use numerous complicated and expensive gears and materials for the installation.

Certified Low VOC

As discussed in the earlier part of this article, the Dream Home laminate carries the benefit of being low in volatile organic compound (VOC) content. This guarantees your safety and that of your family once you finished installing it in your home. You do not have to worry about this material negatively affecting the quality of air inside your home.

Resistance to Water Absorption

This flooring also has a cool feature of being resistant to moisture and water absorption. Compared to the typical laminate, the ones under this brand are twice as effective in resisting all forms of moisture and water. It makes use of a unique locking technology, which ensures that water does not penetrate the flooring.

How to Lay and Install Dream Home Laminate

Step 1 – Let the material acclimatize

This is important since it will be installed in a new environment. What this means is that you should leave the flooring in the specific area you plan to lay and install it. This can prevent it from shrinking and swelling after installation.

Step 2 – Clean the surface

You have to make sure that the surface where you plan to install it is clean, flat and dry.

Step 3 – Use the V-click system

What is great about the Dream Home laminate is that it is easy and quick to install. Most boards in this brand make use of the V-click system, which helps ensure that you won’t have a hard time during the actual installation. All you have to do is click them together to lock them in place.


How to Clean Dream Home Laminate Flooring

Most Dream Home flooring materials are quick and easy to install because of their unique V-click system. However, this also presents a problem because once installed, it tends to leave a tiny indent between the laminate sections.

This might cause dust to gather in that spot. Fortunately, Dream Home laminate cleaning with one of the Shark vacuums is easy even when the dirt is already gathered in the formed indents.

You may also use other models of premium vacuum for the laminate floor aside from the ones from Shark. The good thing about laminate floors from Dream Home is that they are not that difficult to clean and maintain. They just require the use of some basic supplies and tools, like a carpet vacuum that has powerful suctioning.

You may want to follow these simple steps when cleaning up your laminate:

Step 1 – Use a vacuum designed for hard surfaces

You may also pair this up with a reliable microfiber mop that can handle laminate.

Step 2 – Vacuum your laminate flooring

Do this on a regular basis. You may also sweep it regularly. Mop for laminate covers large areas so you may also want to use one to remove grit that might scratch the floor or diminish its shine.

Step 3 – Spray a liquid cleaner

This is a step you should take when planning to remove any mess from the floor, like a dog drool. Just spray a bit of the liquid cleaner on the specific spot where the mess is and then use a soft cloth to wipe it up. Ensure that only a small amount of the liquid cleaner is used.

A quick tip in cleaning up and maintaining your floor is to use a vacuum cleaner as much as possible. Just like when you vacuum your shag carpets often, do the same for your laminate floor instead of using a broom.

The lightweight vacuum can provide deep cleaning especially if it traps dirt and allergens inside its bag. Avoid a broom as it might only cause the dirt and allergens to resettle in the air.


Dream Home Laminate Flooring Cost

As for the cost, you will be glad to know that most of the products in various Dream Home product lines are affordable. The usual price per square foot is around $0.86 to $1.59.

You do not need to spend a lot on the installation since the whole process is not that complex. Another great news about this flooring is that it has great warranty coverage and policies, making it even more worthwhile to invest in.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Of course, every homeowner or property owner wants to make sure that they install high-quality materials for their floor. The same is true if you intend to invest in Dream Home laminate. The different product lines of this brand vary in prices but take note that you do not have to go for the higher-priced ones just to get the quality you want.

It is because most of the products in various lines are built with quality in mind, although they differ in styles, designs and thickness, among many other things.

This means that instead of the price, you may want to make your choice based on your preference because you will most likely get almost the same level of quality from the different product lines and categories.

Do’s and Don’ts With Dream Home Laminate

Do’s and Don’ts With Dream Home Laminate

  • Use a damp mop – This is important when cleaning the floor. Avoid using a wet one as the floor does not want to get exposed to huge amounts of water. A damp mop will work already in removing spills or any dirt stuck on the floor.
  • Move furniture with care – Make sure to be extra cautious in case you need to move furniture items around. It is because the legs of some items might cause the material to get scratched or damaged.
  • Put rugs or mats at the entryway – Do this in every room. This will allow those who want to enter the room to wipe off their footwear, thereby dislodging dirt and preventing it from actually reaching the floor.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning cloths or cleaners – Some examples are abrasive scouring pads. It is because these cleaning products might only scratch and damage the surface. The damages and scratches might also be difficult to fix.
  • Do not wax or polish the laminate floor – Keep in mind that that this material already has a good finish on them, which might cause the polish or wax added to damage the surface.
  • Do not clean it with a steam cleaner Steam cleaners tend to be very effective in cleaning but you should avoid using it in laminate floors. It is because this cleaner comes with moisture that might ruin or damage the floor.

FAQ About Dream Home Laminate

Where is Dream Home Laminate flooring manufactured?

Dream Home laminate is manufactured in the US by Lumber Liquidators. It is the brand offered by Lumber Liquidators known in the US as a flooring shop that primarily sells and offers engineered and solid hardwood and wood flooring.

Is Dream Home XD waterproof?

The Dream Home XD is not completely waterproof but its water-resistance is known to be truly strong. It takes pride in its low-swell and innovative core that is twice more water-resistant compared to typical laminate. With that, you can eliminate your worries about household splashes and spills damaging the surface.

Where to buy Dream Home Laminate flooring?

You can buy it at various retail store outlets selling it all throughout the US. You will be glad to know that this product is affordable and easy to access in numerous retail stores. Even with its reasonable price, it still mimics the look of other expensive materials, like unique wood species, making it worthwhile to invest in.


Dream Home laminate is indeed one of the most reasonably priced choices that you can access today. It also carries the benefits of being easy to install, durable and unique. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain so you are sure of its ability to serve its purpose for a long time.

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