5 Best Dog Kennel Floorings Reviewed - Make Sure Your Pet Is Safe And Comfortable

Our country has never been so pet-friendly as it is today. Not only are we spoiling our dogs with varieties of clothing and food, but we are also making sure that they are comfortable even when they are left alone.

The dog kennel flooring is just another way to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable at the same time, similar to the anti-fatigue salon mats for a hairstylist.

TOP 5 Dog Kennel Floorings (summary)

Dri-Dek Dog Kennel Cage Flooring (Check out on Amazon) (Our pick)
Three Pack Kennel Deck (Check out on Amazon)
Equine Stall and Dog Kennel Mat (Check out on Amazon)
K9 Yard Kennel Tile Flooring System (Check out on Amazon)
Zinger Winger Drain Thru Dog Kennel Flooring (Check out on Amazon)

This flooring can be used in at outdoor dog cage, inside a kennel, or to pad the bottom of a pet cage.

The dog kennel flooring comes in a roll form or in tile sections and provides a healthy and safe flooring for dogs of any size.

What is Dog Kennel Flooring?

The dog kennel flooring helps to add a protective barrier between the feet of the dog and the hard surface below.

Many kennels across the country now use the dog kennel flooring inside and outside, to add cushioning for the dog and to keep their urine and feces from direct contact with their feet.

What is Dog Kennel Flooring?

The durable rubber kennel flooring is easy to clean and affordable, like a glass chair mat. By adding this protective layer to the floor of a dog kennel, it offers a comfortable retreat for the dog when it’s tired.

When it comes to dogs today, it is all about health and its happiness, and rubber kennel flooring will create that comfortable kennel area that your dog will love to walk around in. If you have kids then it is also good to look for durable rubber playground mats.

Benefits of Outdoor Dog Kennel Floorings

The benefits of installing dog kennel flooring are many. For one, no longer will the dog be walking on a hard surface that can lead to a variety of ailments in their joints and bones.

The flooring is cushioned to make it easier for the dog to move around. The outdoor dog kennel flooring also is designed to allow for easy cleaning after the dog makes a mess or has an accident.

The tiles can be spray cleaned with a hose, or they can be removed to make certain all the debris beneath has been property cleaned away.

One huge advantage to using the dog kennel flooring tiles is that when the dog does go to the bathroom on the tiles, they will not be in constant contact with urine as it drains through the tiles.

Cleaning the tiles with a hose each day and locking them back together and they look like new all over again. These tiles eliminate bacteria and mold growth that could lead to complications with the animals.

Dog Kennel Flooring Ideas for Installation

Installation of the dog kennel flooring is a breeze. Each of the pieces of the dog kennel flooring locks together to form one large section of padded flooring.

Although these outdoor dog kennel flooring sections do come in larger rolls, they tend to be harder to clean because the entire flooring comes up as one piece as opposed to smaller tile sections.

If the dog does damage a section of the tiles, they can be popped out and replaced in seconds. Starting in one corner, the tiles are placed one after another until you get to the last section, just like in any floor mat installation.

The tile can be cut with an industrial razor blade tool to trim to size and complete the perfect installation. If the outdoor area is small, then one section of plastic dog kennel flooring will be ideal.

5 Best Rated Dog Kennel Floorings

When it comes to top rated plastic flooring, it all depends on the size and how many dogs are occupying that space.

These top rated plastic floorings come in small sections for one dog or thick and durable to allow several large dogs space to roam safely.

1. Dri-Dek Dog Kennel Cage Flooring

Whether you own a pet grooming salon or want to pad the bottom of your pet’s cage, this is the perfect dog kennel flooring for dogs of any size.

The special design allows for easy cleaning if the dog does go to the bathroom on the tiles.

1. Dri-Dek Dog Kennel Cage Flooring


  • Helps keep pets dry and clean
  • Comfortable plastic padding
  • Patented Dri-Dek tile system
  • Durable and easy to install

  • Not for small and tiny dogs
  • Hard plastic may be difficult to trim

2. Three Pack Kennel Deck

This dog kennel flooring is extremely durable and thick, able to withstand the impact of the biggest and heaviest dogs.

Comes in three sections, enough to cover a large outdoor kennel area easily. It helps to keep the dog off the hard surface of the ground, providing them a comfortable retreat.

2. Three Pack Kennel Deck


  • Absorbs pet odors
  • Keeps dog dry and provides warmth
  • Raised herringbone texture provides a non-skid surface
  • Weather-resistant material

  • Not ideal for indoor use
  • Extremely hard to trim with a razor

3. Equine Stall and Dog Kennel Mat

The perfect dog kennel flooring for outdoor use in any size area. This heavy-duty material comes on one large roll of material and can be cut to fit the kennel perfectly.

Provides the dog a safe barrier to walk and reduces the impact on their bones and joints.

3. Equine Stall and Dog Kennel Mat


  • Reduces slippage in a stall when humidity and moisture present
  • One roll measures 4 ft x 6 ft x 1/2″
  • Easily installs in minutes in any size dog kennel
  • Heavy-duty multi-use rugged mat

  • One sheet of material hard to remove to clean
  • No openings for air drying or ventilation

4. K9 Yard Kennel Tile Flooring System

This is the perfect top rated plastic flooring for creating a professional look inside the dog area. The tiles are designed to seamlessly fit together and eliminate all gaps.

Provides the dogs plenty of cushioning and support so they are not walking on the hard concrete floor.

4. K9 Yard Kennel Tile Flooring System


  • Seamless gap between tiles
  • Kennel flooring easily snaps together
  • Diamond nonslip design
  • Easily expandable

  • Does not allow air-breathing
  • May be difficult to trim with a razor

5. Zinger Winger Drain Thru Dog Kennel Flooring

Drain-thru kennel flooring is ideal for outdoor use because it keeps dog dry and clear of accidents that can quickly drain to the ground.

The unique design allows for ideal airflow and faster drying times.

5. Zinger Winger Drain Thru Dog Kennel Flooring


  • Helps to keep the dog dry and clean
  • Comfortable plastic padding
  • Allows easy drainage of water or accidents
  • One large 23″ x 37″ section

  • Not in tiles
  • Thick and difficult to trim

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