CoreLuxe vinyl plank review

If you have been thinking of a flooring material that allows you to make good use of your specialized vacuum that cleans pet hair, CoreLuxe vinyl plank is what you should look at. 

The makers of the flooring, Lumber Liquidators, have proven to be the ideal place to go if you want a high-quality, store-customized flooring material and you don’t want to break the bank.

Lumber Liquidators specialize in the manufacturing of a number of other floorings too, ranging from bamboo, laminate, cork and luxury vinyl planks. 

Not quite long ago, they have widened their scope to include engineered vinyl flooring, also referred to as EVP, and this has been classed under the CoreLuxe vinyl label.

What Is CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank

CoreLuxe is an engineered vinyl flooring type that looks exactly like hardwood but then, it does not cost much, it is lightweight and comes in different size ranges. You are at the liberty to choose among the vintage, modern, conventional or trendy options.

CoreLuxe is a modified vinyl plank flooring that is licensed to Lumber Liquidators. It does not contain phthalate, so it gives good air quality. Actually, every one of the CoreLuxe’s vinyl planks is approved by FloorScore and GREENGUARD.

Yet another exciting thing about these products is that they are really not permeable to water. As such, if you live in an always-flooded zone or in a coastal line, CoreLuxe makes for a real and waterproof flooring that can be used for just about any room.

It is a nice option for locations in the house such as toilets, laundry areas, lobbies and others, where it is always wet and it allows for easy maintenance using a steam cleaner that’s portable.

As a result of its durable and sturdy PVC core, CoreLuxe is quite stable. Besides, it is a long-lasting vinyl plank flooring that maintains its nature even in the face of stains, abrasions and faults.

It’s not difficult to maintain it, as just a neat wet cloth can be used to wipe the surface clean. Besides, the installation is not as stressful as it can be on the hard-surface subfloor. It takes no time to adapt, so it can be used immediately after you install it. 

Another good thing is that it comes with a genuine wood appearance and texture as well.

Benefits of CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank

Quality Design

When juxtaposed alongside other brands, CoreLuxe proves to be quite an awesome option. You can get planks that look like Ash, Oak and a whole lot of other local brands.

With other brands, the only available alternatives include Acacia, Bloodwood as well as Brazilian Cherry. 

Although the colors or tones of CoreLuxe aren’t as much varied, you can still get some shades of brown and grey hues. Yet an important factor that contributes to its sturdiness in design is the ability to be maintained using a unique carpet cleaning device.

Construction and Durability

Construction and Durability of CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank

Certain companies will provide extensive information about the manufacture of their vinyl planks and how they are unique when juxtaposed to other products. 

However, this is quite different in the case of CoreLuxe engineered vinyl flooring because buyers have to extract the information all by themselves. 

Although the thickness and dimensions differ, every CoreLuxe EVP comes with a solid core and it is graded as a completely-waterproof product. Generally, the product line has a 4mm thickness for the economy or basic vinyl, while the high-end ones are 8mm thick.

As such, the wear layer, as well as the padding, are equally essential here. There are vinyl planks with wear layers at 6, 12 and even 28mils.

While warranties are quite necessary at all times, this is, in fact, more essential when you are using flooring such as the CoreLuxe. On the CoreLuxe line, the majority of the products sport a solid 30-year warranty when installed in residential apartments.

Additionally, a carpet vacuum cleaner that really works is a piece of nice equipment that can be used in cleaning the CoreLuxe vinyl plank.

There are some designs of these floorings whose guarantee only spans through a decade such as the Rustic Village Oak. However, the CoreLuxe XD line carries a 30-year warranty while the CoreLuxe Ultra comes with a limitless, lifetime guarantee.

Ease of Installation

It is common and usual that engineered vinyl flooring cones with difficulties when you want to install it, even when juxtaposed with luxury vinyl tile or planks. The solid core is largely responsible for this.

As far as CoreLuxe is concerned, the installation mode is a function of what style you wish to have as well as if it sports pre-coupled padding.

It is very possible to set up CoreLuxe EVP as a suspended floor, however, it is equally possible to glue down some options. A majority of the planks investigated come with click-lock milling, which is why this product line is easy to install. 

As a result of the thickness and production mode of EVP, it requires a was, which can cut through the vinyl flooring just like paper. After such installation, vacuuming it becomes much easier using versatile Dyson vacuums.

CoreLuxe Engineered Vinyl Plank Pros and Cons


  • Doesn’t contain phthalate.
  • FloorScore and GREENGUARD certified.
  • Really waterproof and can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas.
  • Sports a hard, PVC core which is quite stable and very sturdy.
  • Resistant to dents, scratches, pet hair and depreciation is slow.
  • Genuine wood appearance which is aesthetically-pleasing.


  • Likely to emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which can poison the air.
  • Glossy surface can be slippery, which makes it difficult to use wheelchairs on it or do sports.
  • Susceptible to fading and losing the beautiful appearance when exposed to sunlight.
  • Substrate-sensitive such that it requires that the subfloor is balanced, clean and not wet.

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Lines

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Lines


There exist up to 17 different options to select from the CoreLuxe flooring line. They all can be cleaned using a vacuum that fights dust and allergies

Of these 17, three look like stone, although no “conventional” tile or any other type is available under this line. 

The warranty varies because some come with a 10-year warranty, while some others have a 30-year warranty.

In all, it sports a fair mix of colors and species, ranging from rustic vinyl which looks like vintage bourbon barrels to organic Maple EVP flooring. You can equally get the larger 7-inch boards alongside planks that can measure as much as 5 ¾-inches.

CoreLuxe Extra

A majority of the buyers love thick rather than thin boards, and this is what the CoreLuxe Extra line offers. 

The boards are waterproof and their thickness ranges from 7mm to 8mm, while the wear layer is usually around 28mils and they are especially adaptable to high-traffic zones. 

Premium polyurethane for floors can be used as a flooring material too if extra durability is desired.

The size available under this collection is usually the “extra wide” except for some styles, and certain planks feature a pre-coupled pad.

CoreLuxe XD

For the CoreLuxe XD line, the styles available are rather limited and there are just 10 options at the moment. 

Although that might sound frustrating, the main focus appears to be on the size rather than the appearance. This is because all of the boards are placed in the extra-wide range.

While certain companies’ extra-wide planks are those in the range of 8 and 12 inches, CoreLuxe XD stands out at 7-inches, irrespective of the hue or style it comes with. 

They are solid polymer planks whose thickness surpasses the earlier collections released and the warranty is longer too. CoreLuxe XD boards are made in such a way that the world’s best shop vac can be used to clean them with much ease.

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Features


Phthalate refers to salts or esters of phthalic acid. Phthalic acids are benzene dicarboxylic acids which, at some level of concentration, become poisonous to humans. CoreLuxe vinyl planks are devoid of phthalate and they make the air safe for breathing.

FloorScore and GREENGUARD certified

There are two regulatory agencies that are responsible for determining vinyl plank flooring materials that are of standard quality. The CoreLuxe has been certified by FloorScore and GREENGUARD, indicating that it met the standards.


Yet another exciting thing about CoreLuxe is that it is really waterproof. As such, if you reside in a flooded area or places close to a coast, this flooring has got you covered, as you can use it for any room in your house. The flooring also allows you to use floor sweeper with a long handle to clean it.

Stable and Durable

Owing to the hard Polyvinyl Chloride PVC core, the CoreLuxe is quite stable. It’s equally a very sturdy product that can resist stains, fissures, dents and common wear and tear.

Easy to Clean and Install

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Features - Easy to Clean and Install

All of the CoreLuxe materials are easy to clean, and additionally, they are not difficult to install. The ease of installation comes from the fact that it can be easily installed on just any hard and level subfloor. It does not need any time to acclimatize, so it can be used immediately after you install it.

Authentic Wood Look and Texture

If you wish to know how this vinyl plank looks like, it is just as you have imagined, aesthetically-pleasing and scenic. It features a genuine wood appearance and the texture of the wood is added to it too.

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Design, Construction and Durability

Just as earlier discussed, CoreLuxe has a lot of domestic and exotic designs. The domestic ones are those that look like ash, oak, pine, African walnut, hickory as well as Marple.

Professional spray mop can be used to clean all of them. The exotic designs are those that look like acacia, bloodwood and Brazilian Cherry.

The construction of the CoreLuxe vinyl varies regarding dimensions and thickness and it has a rigid core which is totally waterproof. Generally, the collection starts from 4mm for the cheap ones and it could be as thick as 8mm. 

The wear layer is also on a range from 6mm to 12mm to 28mm, as such, the durability depends on the options you wish to go for.

The residential types sport a 30-year warranty while the CoreLuxe XD, for instance, has a 30-year guarantee. The CoreLuxe Ultra on its own has a lifetime guarantee and Rustic Village Oak has a 10-year guarantee.

CoreLuxe vs Lifeproof Flooring

CoreLuxe is a vinyl flooring line manufactured by Lumber Liquidators. The 3 major options are CoreLuxe, CoreLuxe XD and CoreLuxe Ultra. The key selling points are design, construction and durability, the eco-friendliness as well as the installation mode.

The flooring is easy to install and very durable. For the Lifeproof vinyl plank flooring, the thickness only ranges from 6mm to 8.5mm.

It comes with a lifetime warranty on every product made and the wear layer is just 6 mils, 12 mils or 22 mills spread across different product categories. It sports a pre-coupled pad, an ISOCORE core and a plush vinyl design layer.

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Cost and Availability

CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Cost and Availability

You have just one location where you can buy your CoreLuxe flooring material and that is from Lumber Liquidators. One cool thing about this is that buying CoreLuxe can be done online. 

These online stores have a good knowledge of the flooring. They sell vinyl planks that look like tiles and you can make your tiles shiny with a steam mop.

How to Install CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank 

Step 1 – Prepare the layout

CoreLuxe is quite easy to set out. The very first step in installing it is planning the layout to make provisions for expansion. Find out the length and width and plan how the flooring will look like.

Step 2 – Prepare the room

Take off old floor finishes and pads to show the plywood subfloor. You can start by cleaning the subfloor.

Step 3 – Set the planks

Gently set the CoreLuxe planks and use the click and lock to perfectly key it down the subfloor.

Step 4 – Replace edges

Cut and replace around edges and corners to get a well-laid setting.

Step 5 – Leave space for expansion

Give room for expansion and contraction in the hardwood flooring.

Step 6 – Finishing touches

Use baseboard molding to hide the expansion spaces, then clean up the whole surface.


How to Clean and Maintain CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank

Cleaning your vinyl planks is easy to do since the wood has a glossy and shining surface. Nevertheless, you can equally improve your floor’s durability using a specialized vacuum that cleans pet hair to clean it.

Here is a step by step guide to clean and maintain yourCoreLuxe flooring:

Step 1 – Clean your floor thoroughly

Start by dusting or sweeping your floors meticulously.

Step 2 – Prepare the cleaning solution

Then, make a cleaning water solution by mixing soap with water in the correct proportion.

Step 3 – Clean section by section

Carefully mix the soap mixture and afterward mop or scrub the wooden surface section by section.

Step 4 – Dry the surface

Dry the surface with a neat, dry cloth or use a dry mop to do this.


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Generally, more spending does not mean more quality. There is a need for a careful understanding of the nature and uses of the particular line of CoreLuxe you want to buy if you wish to get greater quality from your capital expenditure.

If you do this, you can easily get perfect flooring where you can use a steam cleaner that’s portable to clean it.

Do’s and Don’ts to Do With CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank


  • Make sure you install the flooring under the guidance of a technician.
  • Always fix your flooring to guarantee durability.
  • Fix any faults you notice instantly.


  • Never use the wrong thickness in the wrong locations at home and in offices.
  • Don’t allow moisture along the seam of the vinyl flooring to prevent the accumulation of dirt.
  • Don’t allow hard and rough surfaces to scratch away the coating on the vinyl plank flooring surfaces.

FAQ About CoreLuxe Vinyl Plank Flooring

Who sells CoreLuxe flooring?

CoreLuxe flooring is sold exclusively by Lumber Liquidators, a US-based company.

Can other cabinets be installed on top of the CoreLuxe flooring?

Yes, CoreLuxe flooring is so flexible and adaptable that other cabinets can be installed on it. Additionally, a carpet cleaning device can be used in cleaning the surface from dirt and dust.

What to put under the rubber-backed mats and rugs to protect CoreLuxe from discoloration?

A clear wear layer and ceramic bead overlay with ultra-fresh treatment should be put under the rubber-backed mats and rugs to protect CoreLuxe from discoloration.

Can you use CoreLuxe in rooms that get hot in the summer?

Yes, CoreLuxecan can be installed in rooms that get hot during summer and ones that get cold during winter too.

CoreLuxe in rooms that get hot in the summer

Can I glue the tongue/groove to reduce or eliminate squeaking of CoreLuxe flooring?

Attaching groove to the CoreLuxe flooring lowers or completely eliminates noises in CoreLuxe flooring.

Do you put CoreLuxe directly over a flooring or do you put an underlayment first?

Although CoreLuxe can be installed directly over the previous flooring, it is best to put an underlayment first.

How thick in mil is the wear layer of CoreLuxe?

The wear layer is 6 mils.

How well does CoreLuxe Ultra transfer heat when radiant heat is below the floor joists?

CoreLuxe has a pre-installed heat-transfer plate which makes it efficient in transferring heat when the radiant heat is right under the floor joists.

Are Duralux and CoreLuxe the same flooring product?

DuraLux and CoreLuxe are not the same flooring products. They are quite different.


If what you seek is a vinyl plank flooring which is highly sturdy and rugged, CoreLuxe made by Lumber Liquidators is the perfect choice for you. It is an engineered option with  PVC core which is useful in highly-accessed areas.

It has a PVC core which makes it the ideal choice in moisture-prone rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Besides, maintaining it is easy using a carpet vacuum cleaner that really works.

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