Cheer mats, also known as cheerleading mats, are portable and durable to provide a safe place for practicing routines or for cheering on the local sports teams.

These mats come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, but all have been designed to offer a safe place for elaborate and often dangerous tricks to be practiced and performed.

The cheerleading mats are also designed to roll up easily and become mobile so they can be taken to different events quickly and easily.

Top 5 Cheerleading Mats (summary)

 Z-Athletic Gymnastics & Cheer Mats (Check out on Amazon) – Our Pick
 IncStores Home Cheer Mats & Roll Out Practice Pad (Check out on Amazon)
 We Sell Mats Gymnastics Tumbling Folding Mats (Check out on Amazon)
 Greatmats Cheer Mats in Carpet Top Blue (Check out on Amazon)
 IncStores Deluxe Cheerleading Mats & Practice Pads (Check out on Amazon)

What are Cheer Tumbling Mats?

The cheer mats are used for members of the cheer squad to hone their skills or to put on the performance of their lives.

These cheer tumbling mats can be used at home, at school, or at sporting events, providing a safe platform where these team members are going to be jumping, flipping, and going airborne while in the middle of routines.

The cheer mats are designed to not only absorb the impact while a member in practicing alone, they provide a safe environment while team members are trying to learn new complicated routines that require tossing another team member high into the air.

Benefits of Using Cheerleading Mats

While safety is always the top concern when it comes to the cheer mats, there are many other benefits to using these padded flooring pieces.

Not only are they ideal for cheer squads to practice at home or at road events, they can be used for martial arts, gymnastics, exercise, and wrestling.

Benefits of Using Cheerleading Mats

These are some of the ways that the cheer mats are being utilized today at home or on the road:

1. Practicing at Home

For the cheerleader, wrestler, or gymnast who wants to hone their skills at home, these cheerleading tumbling mats are ideal for use in the home or backyard.

They provide a safe area to practice tumbles, jumps, flips, or complicated gymnastic moves.

2. Completely Mobile

The size and weight of the cheap cheer mats allow them to be easily transported to a sporting event.

When the squad has to root on the team on the road or the gymnastic team is putting on a charity event at the park, these tumbling mats take the show anywhere.

3. Safety First

Not only are the cheer mats versatile, but they are also designed to give a safe place to practice and put on the show of your life.

These can be used as excellent tumbling mats, gymnastic mats, and even are the best wrestling mats.

The thickness of the mats are designed to absorb the impact of a fall so that injuries are held to a minimum.

4. Encouraging Kids to Soar

Nothing will discourage a child from reaching their potential like getting hurt and practicing in pain.

These cheer mats help to reduce the chance of injuries and allow the child to gain confidence as they push themselves to new heights they didn’t even realize they could reach.

How to Install Cheer Mats for Home

Whether using the cheer mat for home practice or taking the gymnastic mats to an event, they are a breeze to install.

Depending on the size and quantity, the basic premise here is they unroll, and they are secured to the ground or each other with loops on the edges of the material.

This is especially important when you are talking about cheer squads that are taking part in complicated routines that involve running and jumping all over the place.

Once secure, the mats provide a safer environment, and can quickly be rolled up and transported to the next location.

5 Best Cheer Mats with Pros & Cons

These excellent tumbling mats come in a variety of colors, sizes, styles, shapes, and prices too.

The following list of five cheap cheer mats are affordable but do not compromise safety for cost.

If the show has to be taken on the road, the mats can be rolled or folded for simple transport.

1. Z-Athletic Gymnastics & Cheer Mats

These cheer mats come in a variety of fun colors and offer superior cushioning.

Has looped connections on each side so they can be secured and attached to other cheerleading tumbling mats.

Large size and durable materials perfect for wrestling, gymnastics, cheerleading, and even exercise.

Z-Athletic Gymnastics and Cheerleading Mat



  • Easily absorbs heavy impact
  • High-density polyethylene foam
  • Hook and loop connections
  • 49″x25″x13″ folded opens to 4’x12’x2″ unfolded

  • Large folded and unfolded
  • Heavy when folded

2. IncStores Home Cheer Mats & Roll Out Practice Pad

The perfect cheer mats or gymnastic mats for getting in some quality practice at home.

Mats can easily be attached to one another, simple to transport, and breeze to unroll, and convenient to store away.

Home Cheer Mats & Roll Out Practice Pad



  • Easily transported and stored
  • Durable carpet over polyethylene foam
  • Comes in 5 fun colors
  • 4’x6’x1″ unfolded

  • Still large when folded
  • Carpet not vinyl top

3. We Sell Mats Gymnastics Tumbling Folding Mats

These cheer mats come in a large number of colors, and can be used for anything from exercise, gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, yoga, and tumbling.

Utilizes the highest quality materials and outer coating is puncture resistant.

Velcro sides allow for multiple mats to be joined to create large workout area or long tumbling runs.

Gymnastics Tumbling Folding Mats



  • Easily absorbs heavy impact
  • High quality polyethylene foam
  • Velcro on all four sides
  • Panel measures 4′ x 2′

  • Large when folded
  • Difficult to transport in small vehicle

4. Greatmats Cheer Mats in Carpet Top Blue

Perfect for practicing cheer routines at home and then rolling up and taking the cheer mat on the road.

Durable material is ideal for gymnastics, cheerleading, and martial arts practice. Perfect to take on those travel cheer and gymnastics events.

Cheer Mats in Carpet Top Blue



  • High performance durable carpet top
  • High-density polyethylene foam
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • 5′ x 10′ x 1 3/8″ unfolded

  • Only comes in color blue
  • May be considered heavy when rolled

5. IncStores Deluxe Cheerleading Mats & Practice Pads

This is the deluxe version of the cheap cheer mats but provides superior protection whether practicing complicated cheer drills, wrestling moves, or exercise routines.

Two mats attached can create on a long strip for tumbling routines or a large square practice area.

Cheerleading Mats & Practice Pads



  • Velcro strip allows for easy joining
  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Perfect for cheerleading, wrestling, gymnastics, or tumbling
  • 5′ x 10′ unfolded

  • Difficult to transport in a small vehicle
  • Heavy when rolled

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