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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Pets are great buddies to have at home, but to clean up their hair is one of the greatest downsides of owning them. Furthermore, accumulation of pet hair everywhere in your home could cause you some health issues.

Not only will these hairs affect your health, but they’ll also make you feel uncomfortable. Most of the vacuums and floor sweepers flooding the market will do a great job to remove dirt and dust.

However, when it comes to cleaning up pet hair, you need one of the best vacuums specifically designed for it. The best vacuum cleaner for pet hair comes with great features and specific attachments that make the cleaning task a lot easier.

These vacuums vary in sizes, shapes and types. They’re easier to move around and work great to reach tight corners to pick up hairs.

In the next few rows, you’ll find great information about vacuums for pet hair that’ll help you make the right choice.

What Is a Specialized Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll get to experience pet hair littering all over the place in your home and this could be pretty hard to clean up. Most normal vacuum cleaners and other heavy duty cleaners won’t work great to clean up this type of hair.

With this said, you need to get a vacuum specifically designed to get rid of this type of hair effectively. For example, some of the shark vacuums will do a great job to remove pet hair.

Vacuum cleaners with a good filter, powerful suction and specific tools work great to clean up animal hair from floors and carpets. If you’re an allergy sufferer, on the other hand, it’s best to get a bagged vacuum cleaner that can remove dirt and pet dander.

A wet-dry vacuum cleaner can also pick up pet hairs, but its high price could be down turner. All in all, whichever product you choose, keep in mind its flexibility and maneuverability.

The reason is that it’s best to get an item that you can move around with ease and that can reach uneven places and tight corners.

Benefits of Using Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Benefits of Using Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair


With one of the best pet hair vacuum models, it’s easier to clean up hair from bare floors, interlocking tiles and carpets. Vacuums like the handheld models come in small sizes which makes them easier to move around when cleaning animal hairs and other debris.

Provides a Healthier Environment

Vacuum cleaner specifically designed to clean up pet hair also helps to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

Accumulated animal hair can trigger allergies causing severe adverse effects on your health, but with the use of one of the best pet hair vacuums, you’ll be protected from indoor allergens.

Less Time Consumption and Energy

If you have a bigger house with several rooms, it feels stressful and time-consuming to use a regular vacuum to clean up the hair.

However, with the right machine, you can quickly clean this mess within a short period. That way, it’ll save you more energy and time for other household choruses.

How Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair Work

Models specifically designed for pet hair come with powerful suction, great features and HEPA filters. They’re pretty lightweight and easy to use.

One exciting part are their attachments as they make the cleaning task a lot easier and faster. However, when it comes to vacuum for dirt and dust, you don’t have to worry much about its features or attachments.

One of the most important things you have to consider is its suction and weight. Getting one of the premium portable carpet cleaners with powerful suction will clean up dirt and dust faster. Also, vacuums with light weight make it easier to carry them around.

To clean up stains, you will not only need a model with powerful suction, but you’ll also need a product with a heating unit and solution tank. The heat helps to sanitize the surface while the solution tank holds up an effective carpet stain remover.

Types of Pet Hairs

Pet hairs differ in length and how they shed out. Some pets don’t shed their fur often as the others while some come with shorter furs. Getting to know the kind of hair your dog or cat has will help you determine the vacuum you should go for.

Types of Pet Hair Vacuums

When it comes to a vacuum cleaner there are several types you’ll want to consider. These vacuum types include canister, upright, stick vac, handheld, robot, bagged and bagless.

Canister Vacuums

The canister vacuums use powerful suction and they’re commonly smaller and more compact.

They come with a longer hose for great flexibility and maneuverability when cleaning tight corners and uneven spaces. The best way to move this vacuum is with its power head.

Upright Vacuums

This vacuum has a compact design that makes it pretty easy to use and store. They come with a canister and suction head to make the cleaning easier and faster.

The advanced model of premium upright cleaner comes with a telescoping hose that you can use to clean hard-to-reach places or tight corners.

Handheld Vacuums

Handheld Vacuums for Pet Hair

A handheld vacuum is one of the most portable models you can find on the market. Its portability makes it easy to use and it can maneuver around the furniture to clean up dirt, dust and other debris.

Most advanced models come with specific attachments that work great to clean up pet hairs without much hassle.

Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuum is lightweight which makes it pretty easy to carry around, use and store. In recent years, many makers have improved their cleaning power.

For this reason, they work great when used to clean up animal hair. This vacuum can also serve as a portable mini car vacuum as it can easily clean dirt in hard-to-reach places.

The downside to it is that it won’t work great for heavy duty cleaning.

Bagged Vacuums

This vacuum is one of the cheapest models available on the market. As the name suggests, they come with a bag that collects dirt, dust and other debris. When buying it, you have to also shop for a package of bags.

The downside to these models is that the bags don’t last long and you’ll have to replace them more often. Also, you’ll have to empty the bag more often.

Bagless Vacuums

With this type, you don’t have to buy a package of replacement bags. Also, emptying them is pretty easy.

These devices come at a higher price than a bagged vacuum, but you’ll save more money upfront since there’s no need to buy replacement bags.

Robotic Vacuums

Robotic Vacuums for Pet Hair

As the name suggests, this vacuum operates automatically to handle dirt, dust and other debris. It has a dustbin that collects the dirt, but you’ll need to empty it regularly for maximum efficiency.

When it comes to animal hairs, they work great even on bare floors. However, due to less power suction, they won’t do a great job to clean up this type of hair on rugs.

What Makes a Good Vacuum for Pet Hair

Due to so many vacuums available on the market, it has become pretty challenging to get the right one for your home use hence, before you head out to make that purchase read these important factors carefully as they’ll help you make the right choice.

Area and Surface Type

The area you plan on using the vacuum to clean matters a lot. Handheld and portable models are pretty easy to use but time-consuming when used for heavy-duty cleaning or too large vacuum areas.

It’s much easier to use a vacuum to clean up animal hair from a bare floor than from a deeply piled or textured carpet. A vacuum that has powerful suction will work great when used to clean carpets.

With this said, before choosing a vacuum cleaner you need to know the surface type and how large is the area that you’re planning to clean. If you plan on using them on a bare floor, you can go for the regular vacuum or models with less suction.


For you to achieve excellent cleaning, you need to consider the power of the machine. The higher the power, the more effective it can suction hair out of carpets and other surfaces.

Getting a model with less power means lesser cleaning job. Vacuum with less power will work great to clean dust, but won’t ace with dirt and pet hair.

Many makers use different metrics to specify the power of the machine. For instance, some use watts, CFM, amp while others might specify theirs with horsepower.

Nevertheless, for a vacuum cleaner suction is represented as AW. The number of AW will give you great insight into how much power the machine uses.


The brush attachment stands as one of the most important tools your vacuum needs to have. It helps in loosening hair, making it easier to remove them from your carpet and upholstery.

If you have a pet with longer fur that sheds more often, you need to consider an item that comes with this attachment.


When compared with a regular vacuum, models specialized for cleaning pet hair have powerful suction. Furthermore, vacuum with higher suction power makes a cleaning task a lot easier.

Tools / Accessories

Tools Accessories for Pet Hair Vacuum

When choosing a vacuum for pet hair, there are important accessories or attachments you have to consider. Some models come together with these attachments while some you have to purchase separately.

These attachments include a lighted crevice tool, disinfection tool, turbo eraser and telescoping extension wand. Vacuum with LED light crevice tool helps you track down hidden animal hair.

Disinfection tool eradicates bacteria and other harmful organisms that can cause severe allergies.

Since it’s almost certain your pet can climb to higher places in your home, you’ll need a telescoping extension ward. This tool allows you to clean the hard-to-reach places. Turbo eraser boosts your suction power for better cleaning.

Suction Capacity

Suction capacity has a key term known as CFM (cubic feet per minute). It represents the amount of air the vacuum draws into its collection bin.

If the model has a very high number of CFM, this means it can clean up dirt faster and easier.


If you’re the type that feels uncomfortable hearing machine noise, you have to consider this factor for your rug vacuum cleaner. Vacuum with a quiet operation will allow you to clean your home without any disturbance.

Smaller models run quietly when compared to large ones. Generally, the upright vacuum produces louder noise than the canisters hence you can either opt for a smaller model or canister vacuum depending on your specific needs.


Vacuums used to clean up pet hair have to come with a good filter. Most machines for animal hair come with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) while some have washable or replaceable filters.

Models with HEPA filter will help remove even the tiniest particles of dirt and dander and keep your home free from allergies.

Cord vs Cordless

The cordless vacuum allows easy movement when cleaning and you don’t have to worry about long cords. They use a rechargeable battery to operate.

The downside to the cordless models is that they aren’t great for heavy duty cleaning. However, they can come in handy if you need a vacuum for light duty cleaning.

Corded vacuums have powerful suction but to move them around can be a bit stressful. For heavy duty cleaning, it’s best to buy a corded model.


Vacuums vary in prices, so some come at a higher price than the others. Most pricey models come with great features and accessories that make the cleaning task a lot easier.

However, your choice of a vacuum will depend on your budget and your specific needs. The affordable models can also provide good cleaning.

Vacuum for Pet Hair vs Other Pet Hair Removing Tools

Vacuum for Pet Hair Vs Other Pet Hair Removing Tools

Unlike regular sweepers, vacuum cleaners for animal hair handle wet and dry debris. Even though such models offer better features, many people don’t see the need to pay for them.

Apart from removing dirt, a great vacuum cleaner should also pick up a large amount of animal hair. In summary, the finest carpet vacuum cleaners should be an ideal option for homeowners especially if they have pets.

Bagged models stand as one of the finest carpet vacuum cleaners to own. For one, they seal in debris which is excellent especially if you have asthma or allergies.

Are you looking for the premium steam mop to clean pet’s mess? Instead of using a hardwood vacuum, a sweeper works well even on wooden floors.

However, a damp durable spin mop can work as well because it picks up pet fur correctly. Whichever product you use, ensure you clean with a diluted wood cleaning product and dry the floors thoroughly after cleaning.

Do Expensive Pet Hair Vacuums Work Better Than Cheaper Ones

Before you buy one of the shop vacs especially if you have pets in your home, you might have issues with the price. This is because effective models cost more than regular vacuum cleaners.

However, the amount of money shouldn’t prevent you from purchasing it since you’ll use it for many years. Although there’s a great list of vacuums under $100, you might spend more money repairing and maintaining them.

But most expensive cleaners have strong features hence you don’t need to spend extra money on repairs. So instead of going for a cheap vacuum cleaner, you should check for discounts on the expensive brands for better quality-price ratio.

Do’s and Don’ts to Do With Pet Vacuum Cleaner

  • Don’t clean broken glass with a vacuum. Avoid the use of a vacuum to remove the glass and instead use a broom. Large pieces of broken glass can damage your vacuum because they can tear a hole in the bag, get stuck in the hose or scratch the inside of the machine.
  • Cleaning spills or wet mess with a vacuum can damage it. Even the best vacuum for shag carpets shouldn’t be used to clean damp stains like animal food, cereal and spills. Consider using Kleenex or a rag for smaller messes and use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner for larger spills.
  • Avoid the use of a vacuum to clean ashes from the fireplace. Since ashes contain heat and fine particles, they can damage a regular vacuum. You can use a utility or a wet/dry vacuum to clean the affected spot. However, ensure the ashes are cold for a minimum of four days.

How to Clean Pet Hairs Without a Vacuum Cleaner

Clean with an air purifier

If you don’t own a vacuum cleaner, you can use an air purifier. These tools work great against animal fur especially if you suffer from either asthma or allergies.

Use dryer sheets

Do you have pets that shed hair everywhere in your home including furniture? Are you tired of picking fur from your clothes? Then you can tackle this issue with dryer sheets.

Although not as versatile as portable car vacuums, dryer sheets can pick animal hair from all items in your home.


How to Use Pet Hair Vacuum

Step 1 – Inspect the Bag or Container of the Vacuum

Check the part of the vacuum where the dirt is stored. In older models, a bag is used for this purpose, while newer vacuums have canisters which you can remove or reuse.

Ensure to change the bag immediately when it gets full while for bagless models you should empty the container.

Step 2 – Adjust the Height of the Cleaner

Most vacuum cleaners, including laminate floor vacuum, can be adjusted to different heights. Set yours to be the same length as your carpet. If set too high, you’ll have poor suction and if set low you’ll experience more airflow.

Step 3 – Remove Items from Your Carpet

Move all of the smaller items out of the vacuum’s way. Even if you don’t plan to move the furniture such as ottomans and coffee tables when you vacuum, you can remove smaller items easily.

Step 4 – Start Cleaning

Switch on the machine and move it forward and backward over the carpet. Try to use slow, steady strokes. If you rush your vacuuming, you’ll pick less dirt from the fibers.

Clean corners or under your furniture with attachments such as hoses with exchangeable edges. Most vacuum cleaners have such tools included in their boxes. They’re ideal for cleaning tight spaces to prevent air from pushing dirt from these areas to freshly cleaned spots.

How to Clean and Maintain Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

How to Clean and Maintain Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner

Although your vacuum cleaner doesn’t require constant attention, you need to clean and maintain it regularly. This allows the machine to last longer without any problems.

Here are the steps to can clean and maintain your vacuum cleaner:

Step 1 – Remove the Vacuum Cleaner from the Socket

Before you work on the machine, remove its plug from the wall socket. The reason is that the vacuum cleaner’s electrical power might hurt you in the process of cleaning.

Look for the ground prong on your device and if there’s none, don’t use the cleaner. Instead, keep a professional or the seller informed about it.

Step 2 – Empty the Bag When Full

Full vacuum cleaner bags don’t pick up dirt well. The reason is that air needs space to pass through collected dirt. Check for a line on the bag and use your hand to see how full it is.

Step 3 – Clean the Brush Roll

Wipe and lubricate the bearings on the brush roll. First, spin the brush roll on its axle with your fingers.

If it’s stiff, you should clean and replace the bearings, but if it’s too stiff, you can replace the bearings or the brush roll.

Step 4 – Remove the Cap on One End

Hold the axle to remove the second cap then wipe and lubricate the bearings on all ends. Inspect the belt for signs of damage and replace if there’s any.

Also, remove all traces of dirt from the air passages and brush roll panel. Finally, replace the brush roll.

Step 5 – Inspect the Filters on a Vacuum Cleaner

New models of vacuum cleaners include filters to trap dirt that remain in them. Ensure you clean or replace them as needed.


What are the best filters for allergies?

HEPA filters are the best purifiers for allergens such as pollen and dust mites. The reason is that they use activated carbon to remove these microorganisms.

Apart from picking the dirt, they secure them while ensuring they don’t return to the air. However, you should replace the HEPA filters after some time as they can’t be washed.

How often should I clean my carpet from pet hair?

Twice a week while you can seek the services of a professional cleaner once a year, but if your home has pets and children, you should clean it at least between three or seven times weekly, however, this depends on how dirty the spot is.

How can I clean pet hair from my carpet?

How can I clean pet hair from my carpet

Fix an old mop handle to a window squeegee. Next, use a squeegee head to remove the hair from the carpet. Finally, clean with a vacuum.

How can I clean pet hair from my laminate floor?

Take a microfiber dust mop or a vacuum without a beater brush. These tools will remove pet hair from laminate floors. There are also laminate floor vacuums flooding the market that you can use for better cleaning of this floor surface.

How can I remove pet hair from my rug?

Place some duct tape with the sticky side up on a paint roller. Move the roller over the hair. Add some new tape as soon as hair covers the current one.

How can I remove pet hair from hardwood floors?

Vacuum with a hardwood floor attachment or hard floor setting. This removes most of the hair.

Also, clean hair from tight corners with a damp cloth mop or dry dust sweeper. For hair caught on parts of the hard floor, apply a fresh sealer coat on the board.

How can I remove pet hair from my car?

Spray the seats with water. Wipe down with a squeegee or rubber gloves. Leave it to dry and remove extra hair with a pet hair vacuum.


Now you know all the ways to remove pet hair from your home. Using this guide, you can tackle any form of fur on your furniture and carpet.

Use this information to find the best vacuum cleaner to handle animal hair that best meets your needs.

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