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Best Vacuum for Long Hair

Vacuum cleaners are useful household cleaning equipment. Their efficiency is evident in their ability to pick dust, debris, dirt and other particles from floor surfaces. 

Despite being efficient cleaning machines, the standard vacuum cleaner fails to deliver when it comes to picking up long hairs, whether from humans or pets. Long hair is usually a challenge for these devices. It doesn’t matter if they are low-end or high-end, regular vacuums are just not sufficient in handling long and pet hair.

Top 5 Best Vacuums for Long Hair (Summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image Most DurableShark Navigator
  • Traps dust and allergens in the dust cup
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Can be easily used for corners and high spaces
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sample-table__image Most Powerful CleaningDirt Devil Razor
  • Filtration system traps fine dust and dirt
  • Swivel steering
  • Special attachments for picking up pet hair
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sample-table__image LightestSOWTECH
  • Pro-cyclone and filtration system
  • Can run cordless for more than 40 minutes
  • Noiseless
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sample-table__image MOOSOO M
  • Portable
  • Two power modes for effective cleaning
  • High-efficiency filtration system
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sample-table__image DYSON BALL
  • Radial root cyclone technology
  • Self-adjusting cleaner head
  • Easily picks up hair
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

They can hardly pick up long hair, and if they do pick some, the strands end up clogging the hose or get tangled up in the machine, hampering their performance or completely burning out the motor.

What Is a Vacuum for Long Hair

A vacuum cleaner for long hair is one that is explicitly designed to handle the removal of long hair (from humans and pets) in an effective way. This type of cleaner can handle this task because of its unique features. 

Some models of the vacuum cleaners for long hair are also useful for trapping and picking up allergens, owing to their highly equipped filters which are mostly multi-layered to ensure that dirt and dust which can cause severe allergies are removed entirely.

A good example that comes to mind is the Shark vacuums reviewed as the best vacuum for pet hair as well as long hair. This vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter and an anti-allergenic effect, making it a great choice for people who may have reactions for pet hair and other allergens. 

This same brand also boasts of having the world’s best microfiber mop which is reviewed as being able to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria from surfaces with its powerful steam. No doubt, this qualifies it as the best steam mop for tiles, considering that tiles are a haven to all kind of germs and bacteria, especially bathroom tiles.

Benefits of Using Vacuum For Long Hair

The benefits of using a vacuum cleaner for long hair include all the benefits of using a standard cleaner, in addition to its exceptional capability to rid surfaces of long hair and pet hair. Some of the benefits are:

Benefits of Using Vacuum For Long Hair

Promotes a Healthy Environment

Vacuum cleaners are useful for removing dirt, dust, allergens and other particles from surfaces like floors, ceilings and walls, enabling a healthy environment.

Saves Time

Using vacuums cuts down the time spent in cleaning. This is usually a huge benefit if you have a lot of space or rooms to clean. The use of basic sweepers in rooms will require that you spend so much time you could invest in other productive activities in cleaning alone.

Rids Your Home of Hair and Allergens

Vacuums for long hair are designed to handle long hair, which the standard devices can’t manage effectively. Therefore, using them for cleaning ensures the removal of dirt, dust, hair, allergens and other particles from your living space. 

Promotes Durability

Vacuum cleaners for long hair help to maintain your carpets, promoting their durability. Also, using the appropriate vacuum for specific cleaning purposes means that you won’t be causing damage to your machine. Hair usually clogs and damages the standard vacuums, being that they are not well-suited for the task of long hair removal. 

Improves Airflow

Vacuum cleaners are useful for clearing out dust and dirt which usually clog the air in a living place, thus improving airflow.

How Does a Vacuum For Long Hair Work

Generally, when you power up your standard vacuum and push it around, systematically, on the surface to be cleaned, it works by picking up dust, debris and dirt into its dirt collection bag or cup, with the help of its brushes and ultimately, its suction power.

However, a vacuum for long hair, in addition to picking up dust, dirt and other debris, also picks up hair strands, which the standard machines can’t handle, from both humans and pets. This type of vacuum cleaners have a high-suction power which enables them to suck or pull hair strands and dirt away from the brush roll, all the way into the vacuum bag, cup or canister.

This unique feature is useful in ensuring that the brush bar doesn’t tangle up with hair and that the vacuum hose doesn’t get clogged with hair, a situation that can hamper suction efficiency.

Types of Vacuums For Long Hair

Upright Vacuums for Long Pet Hair

The upright vacuums for long hair provide energy sufficient enough for removing dust, dirt, debris and for picking up long hair strands from humans and pets.

These types of vacuums operate an automatic beater brush which is useful for loosening and removing dirt particles through suction. Most upright models come with a variety of attachments which allow for versatile use of the machine. Some of them are designed with bags for collecting dirt and debris, while others are without bags.

The versatile attribute is seen in the adjustability of some of the models to fit different heights, such as hardwood or thick carpet, by just flipping a switch.

Handheld Vacuums for Long Pet Hair

As their name implies, handheld vacuums are portable. Their portability, which is enhanced by their cordless nature, makes them perfect for cleaning upholstery, car interiors and hard-to-reach corners. They are also useful for cleaning up pet hair and mess.

Handheld Vacuums for Long Pet Hair

Stick Vacuums for Long Pet Hair

The stick vacuums, also referred to as sweepers, are ideal for quick clean-ups in the kitchen, bathroom or any other small living space. Most models use cups, in place of bags, for collecting dirt and debris.

Canister Vacuums for Human Hair

These types of vacuums combine the power of the upright vacuums and the manoeuvrability of the stick devices, as some of the models have retractable cords. They are ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, car interiors or small carpeted areas like the stairs. These vacuums employ a suction hose for picking up dirt and debris.

Robot Vacuums for Human Hair

These types of vacuums are cordless and compact. They only require you to set them to clean specific areas, using boundary detector sensors. They clean within little time with precision, reaching to corners and angles the larger vacuums can’t reach.

What Makes A Great Vacuum For Long Hair

There are features necessary for consideration in deciding what makes a great vacuum for long hair. Some of them are:

Brush Roll Efficiency

This is one vital consideration for what makes a great vacuum for long hair. To successfully clean hair out of surfaces, the brushes must be able to pick them up. Vacuums for long hair are designed to do this effectively.

Additionally, some cleaners allow you to either turn on or off the brush roll. This feature is especially important for hard and sensitive floors like laminate floor, for which a great spin mop or even more specifically, a mop for laminate floor is ideal. 

Being able to turn on or turn off the brush roll makes such a cleaner efficient for cleaning different surfaces safely.

Self-Cleaning Brushes

When vacuuming, hair strands picked up by the vacuum, especially long hairs, usually gets stuck and tangles around the brush. Cleaning out hair from brushes can be a challenge and takes time.

To tackle this, some models are designed in a way that with just the push of a button, the brushes self-clean by detangling the hair, which is then suctioned to the canister or bag.

Suction Power

Vacuum for Long Hair Suction Power

This is a vital feature for a great vacuum for long hair. Generally, with vacuum cleaners, the higher the suction power, the better the cleaning ability. A high suction power allows it to pick up dirt, dust and debris off surfaces, all the way up to the bag.


If you want to ensure that your home is free from dust and allergens, which can be within pet or human hair, it is a good idea to get a vacuum that is equipped with an efficient filter. When you vacuum some of the dirt, dust and debris picked up by the cleaner dislodge and are released back into the air, causing allergic reactions and other respiratory disturbances in people.

Filters fitted into vacuum cleaners are purposed to trap dirt and particles so that they don’t get released back into the living space. There are different types of filters with varying efficiency levels. Some of them are multi-layered, like the HEPA Filter, to ensure complete filtration, some are washable, etc.


The weight is a significant consideration, especially in the context of maneuvrability. It is some work pushing or pulling around a heavy machine during cleaning and it gets even harder if you require taking it up the stairs or need to pick it up to clean higher surfaces.


Portable vacuums are useful for cleaning crevices, corners and other hard-to-reach areas like furniture sides, under tables and wall angles, where hairs can easily hide. Portability is an important consideration for a great vacuum for long hair.

Wide Hose

A wide hose allows for easy passage of vacuumed hair strands, which would ordinarily clog a narrow hose. 

The material of the hose is also an important consideration. Slippery plastic does well with the removal of hair strands, dust and other dirt particles, as it allows for free movement. Also, look out for sharp bends on the hose since they encourage clogging from trapped dirt and hair.

Attachment and Features

The more the accessories a vacuum cleaner has, the more sufficient it is for cleaning. These days, several models are equipped with a variety of tools and other accessories necessary for specific cleaning purposes. A great vacuum for long hair will have accessories that are useful for picking up hair from different surfaces efficiently. Some of these tools are:

  • Upholstery tool: This tool is great for removing hairs from sofas, car interiors and other crevices where both human and pet hair can be harboured.
  • Pet hair tool: This tool is explicitly designed to remove pet hair, though it also works well with human hair.
  • “Tangle-free turbine” tool: This is one useful hair cleaning accessory found on many of the durable Dyson vacuums. The turbine tool is only compatible with the Dyson models. They are useful for removing hair strands from a variety of surfaces, including cloth surfaces.

Vacuum for Long Hair Attachment and Features


Price has a huge role to play in picking out a great vacuum for long hair. However, it is essential to note that the lower your budget is, the more limited your choices will be. Most of the specially designed vacuum cleaners don’t come cheap, but paying a little more to get the best results will be worth every cent spent.

13 Best Vacuums for Long Hair – Reviews With Pros and Cons

1. Shark Navigator ZU561

Shark Navigator Vacuum for Long Hair is specially designed to clean debris from carpets and floors. It is outfitted with various features that help to take the stress out of cleaning.

This machine has a zero-m self-cleaning brush roll that ensures that there is no such thing as a hair wrap. It sucks hair into its dust cup, thereby leaving the brush roll clean and ready to take on more dirt.

It has a lift-away technology that allows you to detach the canister and extend the wand to clean high spaces, furniture, corners, stairs and edges. With a cord length of 30 feet, you can clean large spaces without interruption.

It has an anti-allergen complete seal technology. Together with the HEPA filter, this machine sucks and traps dust inside the dust cup and prevents them from escaping into the air.

Shark Navigator ZU561


  • Self-cleaning brush roll for optimal cleaning
  • Can be easily used for corners and high spaces thanks to its lift-away technology
  • Traps dust and allergens in the dust cup

  • Might be hard to use on thick carpets

2. Eureka Mighty Mite 3684f

Eureka Mighty Mite 3684f is a lightweight machine that can be used to clean different surfaces. Its motor provides enough suction to take up stuck dirt and hair from rugs, hard floors and carpets.

The brush head has a 10-inch cleaning path that helps you make quick work of cleaning any room. Its special pet hair attachment removes hair from floors and furniture. It also has a blower port that blows debris from surfaces.

Its dirt bags seal tight and eliminate odors. Combined with the HEPA filter, dust and allergens are captured and trapped, leaving the air clean and fresh. The dust bag can be easily detached and emptied.

It has two setting height adjustments for cleaning bare floors and rugs and efficient cord storage that prevents tangling and makes the machine easy to store.

EUREKA Mighty Mite


  • 10-inch cleaning path
  • Attachment for removing pet hair
  • Amazing HEPA filter

  • Power cord might be too short at 6 feet

3. Dirt Devil Razor

Dirt Devil Razor is a powerful cleaning tool that uses its 180° swivel steering to clean up dirt and hair. Its brush head can get under furniture, around corners and other hard-to-reach places.

Its clean path technology cleans up dirt from floors and carpets. There’s also a premium pet brush roll that picks up pet hair from floors. It also has a special turbo claw pet tool that gets the hair out of furniture.

It has a unique three-stage filtration system that provides deep cleaning without loss of suction. Its pleated filter and foam sleeve capture fine dust and debris. The machine will work for a long time with little maintenance.

It has an automatic floor height adjustment that makes the machine suitable for different flooring types. Finally, there’s an anti-hair wrap dirt cup and odor trapping filter.

Dirt Devil


  • Swivel steering
  • Special attachments for picking up pet hair
  • Filtration system traps fine dust and dirt

  • Might be hard to use on thick carpets

4. Shark Rocket

Shark Rocket Cleaner for Long Hair is an ultra-light corded vacuum that packs a lot of power in a compact shell. It can be easily converted into a lightweight handheld vacuum for tackling cars, furniture and stairs.

With an advanced swivel steering, it easily gets under furniture, around corners and into crevices. It has an extra-large dirt cup that lets you clean large areas without stopping to empty the debris.

Its zero-m technology prevents hair wrap by using bristle guards and a combing device to remove hair from the brush roll and send them directly to the dirt cup. You don’t have to use scissors to cut the hair off during cleaning, thereby saving time and energy.

This machine can easily transition from carpets to hard floors while providing the same deep cleaning. It has a 30 feet long power cord.



  • Very lightweight
  • Self-cleans hair from its brush rolL
  • Advanced swivel steering

  • Might not work well on high-pile carpets

5. Sowtech

Sowtech is an extremely lightweight cordless vacuum at just 4 pounds. It is suitable for use by both young and old and it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space.

A rechargeable battery can run for more than 40 minutes on a full charge. With six different attachments, you can clean up fine and large debris on any type of surface.

It uses a pro-cyclone system to suck out pet hair and even mites. A 5-stage filtration system properly filters out most of the fine dust. Its filter is made of stainless steel, which can last for a long time as it can be washed and reused.

This machine works without producing noise of any kind. You can use it at any time without worrying about disturbing anyone.



  • Can run cordless for more than 40 minutes
  • Pro-cyclone and filtration system clean up fine dust and allergens
  • Ultra-light

  • Suction might be weak when used with attachments

6. Goovi 1600PA

Goovi 1600PA is a device that cleans without outside interference. It runs solely on commands and sensors that help it to determine where and how to clean.

It easily senses obstacles like furniture that are in its cleaning path and then changes course accordingly. This way, it will not end up being stuck at a spot. Its powerful motor provides enough suction to pick up dirt and dust from all types of floors without causing any damage.

Its drop sensor technology stops it from falling off stairs or ledges. A rechargeable battery can run for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes. This is enough time to clean a room thoroughly, all with a single full charge.

This vacuum automatically returns to its charging base when it has low power. This means it will always be ready to work. It has multiple cleaning modes and it can be scheduled to start working on its own, allowing you to do other activities without worrying.



  • Dodges obstacles and falls with its sensors
  • Can run for more than 1 hour cordlessly
  • Can be pre-set with different cleaning modes

  • Scheduling feature might be defective

7. Vaclife

Vaclife is a lightweight machine that can be operated with ease. It has a powerful motor that delivers suction to clean up dirt and hair. It can clean up dry debris as well as liquid spills.

This machine comes with three different nozzles, each of which has a different function. The dust brush tool loosens stuck debris, the crevice tool reaches nooks and corners and the rubber jar tool absorbs liquid effectively.

The body of the machine is equipped with LED lights that help to illuminate your cleaning path. Its battery takes just 3 to 4 hours to attain full charge. This full charge can power the cleaner for up to 30 minutes.

The vacuum has a HEPA filter made of stainless steel, which is more durable. The filter can be washed and reused for a long time. The dust cup is easily detachable and can be easily emptied.



  • Comes with different attachments
  • Full charge provides a runtime of up to 30 minutes
  • Uses a HEPA filter made of stainless steel

  • Suction power might decrease as time goes on

8. Black+Decker Dustbuster

Black+Decker Dustbuster Vacuum is suitable for quick cleaning. It is lightweight and uses powerful suction to pick up debris from floors and cars. Its lithium-ion battery is highly durable and can hold a charge for up to 18 months.

Using a cyclonic action to spin dirt away from the filter, this item is preventing it from getting clogged and maintaining its suction power. Its dirt bowl is transparent and you can clearly see when it is full and needs emptying.

Charging immediately stops once your battery is full, so there is a lower risk of battery damage due to overcharging. Once it reaches full charge, this lightweight machine can be used to clean debris for a sufficient amount of time.

Its dirt bowl can be easily removed and emptied. You can wash and dry it before fixing it back. Its various attachments help you to clean without stress.



  • Keeps the filter from getting clogged through cyclonic action
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Battery is long-lasting

  • Might not pick up all hair effectively

9. Moosoo M

Moosoo M uses a brushless motor which utilizes a step motor controller to clean up debris instead of brushes and bristles. It comes with a charging base and wall holder that makes it easy to charge and store away.

It has two power modes, one for quick cleaning and the second mode provides maximum suction for deep cleaning. The battery can be detached and replaced and requires 4 hours to get a full charge.

It has four stages high-efficiency filtration system, which comprises a complete sealing design and a high-density HEPA filter. This system captures dust and allergens and traps them in its dirt cup.

Weighing just 2.4 pounds, you can easily lift this machine and use it in high spaces. It works on carpets, hard floors and tiles without leaving scratches.



  • Two power modes for effective cleaning
  • High-efficiency filtration system easily traps allergens
  • Feels very lightweight and portable

  • Battery may not provide adequate runtime on a full charge

10. Homasy

Homasy is a portable device that tackles debris and hair with efficiency. It is absolutely noiseless while it is working, allowing you to work without disturbing anyone.

Equipped with four high power lithium batteries that are rechargeable, you can run the cleaner for up to 30 minutes with a single full charge. The batteries require 4 hours to charge and are long-lasting.

With its 600ml dust cup and ultra-lightweight, you can take on large areas at a stretch. It has various attachments for different purposes, like the rubber jar tool, which allows you to clean up liquid spills effectively.

A filter is made of a washable fabric, so you don’t have to change the filter after each use. The batteries have no memory effect feature, which means you can charge the machine without discharging it completely.

Homasy Portable


  • Doesn’t produce noise while working
  • Rechargeable batteries provide up to 30 minutes runtime
  • Filter can be washed and reused

  • Filters might get clogged during use

11. Dyson Ball

Dyson Ball uses a radial root cyclone technology to remove fine and large debris. It has swivel steering that can be easily turned with a flick of the wrist, allowing you to get into hard-to-reach spaces without stress.

Self-adjusting cleaner head has a motorized brushbar with stiff nylon bristles that dig deep to loosen stuck debris. It seals in on carpets and hard floors to provide adequate suction for efficient cleaning of these flooring types.

One of its accessories is a turbine tool with counter-rotating heads with brushes that remove pet hair from rugs and furniture. The hair that is picked up doesn’t tangle on the brushes, allowing it to keep on cleaning without having to cut the hair off manually.

It has a HEPA filtration system and is asthma and allergy-friendly. It also has a cord length of 35 feet.

Homasy Portable


  • Self-adjusting cleaner head for cleaning rugs and bare floors effectively
  • Easily picks up hair
  • HEPA filtration system and is asthma friendly

  • Might be hard to attach the accessories to the cleaner

12. Bissell

Bissell Vacuum for Long Hair uses a 14V lithium-ion battery to provide high power cleaning. It sucks up pet hair and debris directly into its dust cup without clogging the brush roll.

A motorized brush tool digs into carpets and picks up hair and dust. The upholstery and crevice tools clean soft surfaces like furniture and tight spaces.

It has a triple-level filtration system that improves its cleaning performance by picking and trapping small dust particles. The large dust bin can be easily emptied.

It can also clean other pet messes like litter, food and tracked dirt. It is suitable for use in cars, for upholstery and rugs.



  • Sucks up pet hair effectively
  • Three attachments for different surfaces
  • Triple-level filtration system that traps dust particles

  • Battery might become defective after some time

13. Dyson DC65

Dyson DC65 has a brush bar that uses more power to drive its bristles deeper into carpets. Radial root cyclone technology sucks up dirt from tiles, laminate, rugs and hardwood floors effectively.

A reach under tool twists and bends to remove dirt from tight spaces like underneath furniture and appliances. It has a nylon brush head for picking up large debris. The rubber extension hose can also bend around obstructions.

Tangle-free turbine tool is very useful for picking up hair without clogging the brush bar. Its stiff bristle brush and soft dusting brush get fine and stuck dirt from delicate surfaces.

Dirt cup is easy to detach and empty. It can be washed off and reattached after each use.

Dyson DC65


  • Reach under tool that makes it easy to clean
  • Various attachments for picking up pet hair
  • Easy to use

  • Brush bar might clog up during use

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Unfortunately, for vacuum cleaners for long hair, to get the best you should be ready to part with some reasonable sum of money.

Now, this is not to say that you can’t get reasonably good vacuums for long hair at budget-friendly prices, but in order to enjoy all the benefits, the machine must come with the necessary features and accessories and this will naturally mean more money.

However, the best part of the bargain is that you will be getting a good amount of value for your money if you buy a quality vacuum cleaner, provided you can afford it.

How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner for Long Hair

Vacuum cleaners have, over the years, become an essential part of our daily life. Their importance is evident in their ability to simplify cleaning, help us save time and provide us with clean and safe environments.

However, if you are not using your device correctly, you will not be getting its full benefits. The following are steps on how to use it:

Step 1 – Check bag or cup to ensure that it is empty and well-fitted

This part of the machine is significant, as it is the receptacle for all the dirt, dust and debris picked up during cleaning. Hence, if it is not functioning correctly, your cleaning efforts will fail to yield the desired results.

Step 2 – Check the height of the cleaner

You should do this to ascertain that it is suitable for the surface you want to clean. If you need to adjust the height, do so to ensure that the device has enough suction power for tackling the surface.

Step 3 – Move Objects and Furniture

Move out of the way all the easy to move objects and furniture. Doing this will help with your cleaning speed.

Step 4 – Turn On the Vacuum and Start Cleaning

Turn on the vacuum and push it across the surface gently. It is vital that you move the machine gently, as you can’t achieve thorough cleaning if you move it around too fast.

Step 5 – Attach and use appropriate cleaning tools for specific areas

Attach the upholstery tool to clean your sofa, the crevice tool for cleaning out tight corners, etc. This will see you getting the best cleaning results off of your vacuum. 

After you have finished cleaning, turn off the machine.

How to Clean And Maintain a Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning and maintaining your device is vital to ensure its durability. 

Step 1 – Remove and empty dustbin

After each cleaning session, take your vacuum outside, remove the dust bin area (if it is detachable) and empty the vacuum bag or cup. Ensure that no dirt particle is remaining. If there are any residues, use a damp cloth (especially if it is a cup) to wipe out the dirt.

Step 2 – Clean out the brushes and other cleaning tools used

Remove hair strands and other particles that are stuck on the brush. It is advisable to wash the brushes and other tools with warm water and mild detergent periodically, to remove any build-up of dirt and debris.

Step 3 – Allow the brushes and tools to dry up

You can use a dry cloth to pat brush bristles to speed up the drying process.

Step 4 – Check bristles to ensure there are no hairs left

Check brush bristles to ensure that there are no hair strands or dirt still stuck on them. If there are any, use an old comb to run through the bristles, until they are free of hair strands and dirt.

Step 5 – Assemble device

Assemble back every detached part and store your vacuum cleaner, ready for another use.

Do’s and Don’ts Of a Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is designed and well-equipped to deliver clean, crisp and healthy living environment provided that it is handled and applied correctly. Anything short of proper handling and use will see to you not getting the best out of your device.

There are certain do’s and don’ts you must observe if you want to enjoy the benefits of your device. Some of them are:


  • Do buy an item that suits your cleaning needs: Because the functionality of the various tools varies regarding their purpose, it’s best to buy one that will address your needs adequately. What kind of floors do you have? Do you have pets? These are some of the questions you must consider in buying the cleaner that is suitable for you.
  • Do vacuum regularly: Vacuuming once in a while is not effective for removing dust, dirt and hair from your home. It is crucial that you vacuum regularly in order to have less build-up of dirt to clean during each cleaning session. Regular vacuuming will also allow you to get the best out of your machine.
  • Do move furniture: It is advisable to move furniture and other objects that can trap dirt, dust and hair before you begin vacuuming. Reach down under the furniture that is too heavy to move and clean to avoid an accumulation of dirt over time. 
  • Do vacuum both ways: Vacuuming in both directions ensures thorough cleaning, as opposed to vacuuming in only one direction.
  • Do use attachments: Use the necessary cleaning tools for specific tasks. These tools are designed to make cleaning more comfortable and better.


  • Don’t vacuum in a hurry: Take your time to go through the spots and make several passes to ensure thorough cleaning. Moving your vacuum slowly on surfaces gives the brush more time and chances to pick up more dust, dirt, hair and other debris.
  • Don’t wait until the bag is full before emptying it: Keep an eye on the bag and empty or replace it when due. Waiting until the bag fills up before disposing of dirt will disrupt the functionality.
  • Don’t use a dirty filter: Your vacuum filter is responsible for clearing the air that goes back into your living space. Cleaning with a dirty filter in place will hamper the efficiency of your machine, as dirt and allergens will be released back into the air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vacuum for Long Hair Frequently Asked Questions

Can vacuum cleaners be used on hardwood floors?

Using a vacuum cleaner for a hardwood floor is the best way to suck in all the dirt, dust and particles lying on the hard surface. More so, because vacuuming is a dry method of cleaning, it is well suited for hardwood floors, doing away with the chances of damaging the floors with water through the use of any form of wet cleaning.

How often should the vacuum bag be changed?

The frequency of bag replacement varies depending on the frequency of use, the capacity of the bag, the type of surfaces it is used for and if you have a pet or not, etc. What is important is that you frequently monitor the bag and if your machine has a bag change indicator replace the bag whenever it becomes necessary.


Vacuum cleaners are great household devices. In fact, for the most part, they are indispensable for achieving a clean and safe environment. The device for long hair is especially useful in ensuring that our living spaces are free of allergy-causing particles, like long hair from both humans and pets.

They offer all the other benefits of the standard devices and more because of their unique features. This additional functionality often means that they are expensive machines, but they are usually worth the investment, considering the task they handle.

However, several brands offer relatively budget-friendly models for long hair and they are equally effective in tackling the same task.

Considering the investment that goes into acquiring a vacuum cleaner for long hair, it is essential that utmost care is taken to ensure they are applied properly and also maintained efficiently so that they can deliver sufficiently.

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