Best Stick Vacuum

When it comes to maintaining a clean house, you must do what needs to be done. While house cleaning is one of those chores that you would rather skip, with the right tools you might get to enjoy it.

Since mopping the house on a daily basis is not only tiring but may end up wearing your floors, ensure that you vacuum them at least once a week.

Vacuuming is a light chore that helps you get rid of dust, debris and pet hair that may build up over time. A small portable vacuum is all you require in this case to keep the house dust free and also to remove heavy debris before you begin mopping.

What Is a Stick Vacuum

If you have been using traditional canister and upright vacuums up until this point, note that stick vacuums are their alternative. Referred to as pole vacuums , they are ideal for carpet as well as bare floors. 

A majority of them are cordless and require recharging but the only problem is that the battery runtime is limited and as such are not suitable for heavy cleaning. 

If you have limited storage space, then a stick vacuum will suit you best because they are much smaller than their counterparts. They are also lightweight, which makes them easy to carry around when cleaning, especially if they are cordless.

Compared to the canister or upright vacuums, stick devices are not as powerful especially the ones that don’t come with a rotating brush. As such, if you have a lot of pet hair and dirt in the house, it might be best to use a traditional cleaning device. 

Benefits of Using a Stick Vacuum

Less Noise

One of the problems that most people have with vacuum cleaners is that they make a lot of noise when you are cleaning. This is something that you never have to worry about with a stick device as the noise level is low which means that you can clean without anyone complaining about the noise. 


One of the reasons that most people go with stick vacuums is their ability to be converted to handheld devices especially the cordless ones. This feature allows you to clean those tight places without worrying about dragging cords around. 

Make Cleaning Easy

The upright design and the adjustable bar make cleaning much easier. You can easily adjust the vacuum to the height that you are comfortable with so that you can carry on cleaning with ease. 

The other good thing with these kinds of cleaners is that you never have to keep moving furniture around as the stick design ensures that you can reach even under chairs and tables as well as the corners of the room. 

Lightweight and Easy to Store

One of the best things about stick vacuums is that they are small and light in weight and as such can be used by anyone including elderly people. 

The lightweight feature makes moving around easy compared to the traditional canister options. If you have a small apartment, then a stick device will be ideal for you since they don’t occupy a lot of space in storage. 

Some of them can be mounted on the wall easily removing the need of trying to find an appropriate storage space. 

How Does a Stick Vacuum Work

How Does a Stick Vacuum Work

Stick vacuums work just like traditional cleaners by suctioning dirt and debris and leaving you with a clean house. 

There is usually a pressure difference which makes it easy for the vacuum to suck in the dirt. The only thing you need to ensure is that airflow is not compromised when too much dirt builds up in the cleaner such that air no longer flows through it. 

The difference between a stick vacuum and traditional option is that the stick one is light in weight and as such can be used to reach those tight spots that are hard to clean. 

The lightweight future also ensures that you can easily move around and that anyone, including older people, can use it to clean. They are also small, storage is easy and you never have to worry about storage space. 

Types of Stick Vacuums


Bagged vacuum cleaners arethere since the 1900s and this feature has been incorporated in modern day stick vacuums.

They have a powerful electric motor that is usually attached to a fan for air suction. The fan has a dirt bag which is sometimes just a disposable bag fitted inside a fabric one and it is this bag that catches the dust such that you can continue using the cleaner for a long time. 

The bag works in such a way that air can pass out but not the dirt. 


Most vacuum cleaners today are not designed with a bag for collecting the dirt but instead have a plastic bin that is easy to empty. As such, they have to act as a filter to separate the air from the dust so that dust collects in the bin. 

After cleaning, you can empty the bag and return it to the cleaner for the next cleaning. When buying bagless devives, one thing you need to consider is the capacity of the bin.

The last thing you want is a bin that fills up too quickly and you have to keep emptying it every now and then in between cleaning. The only thing you need to worry about with a bagless item is that they need more filters than the bagged ones.

What Makes a Great Stick Vacuum

A lot of stick vacuums are designed for light cleaning and as such are great when you want to get rid of thin dust layers as well as pet hairs here and there. Here are a few considerations that you need to make in order to get a stick tool that meets all your needs:


When buying a stick vacuum, the first thing you need to consider is how you intend to use it. You will probably be using it to clean smalls spaces as it is designed to do this or you are buying it to replace your traditional canister unit. 

If you want an option that can supplement your existing one, then go for one that is compact and also convenient to use. 

It might be better to go with a stick vacuum that you can use to clean non-floor areas of the house. If you are looking for an option that can do all your cleaning, then the cleaning power of the vacuum matters. 


Stick vacuums are popular among homeowners due to their small sizes and the fact that they are lightweight. The lightweight feature means that they aren’t only easy to move around helping cover all areas of the house but can be used by anyone including older people. 

As such, when you are looking for a stick vacuum consider all these to ensure that you get a unit that you and anyone else can use in the house.


Stick Vacuum Attachments

With stick vacuums, additional attachments do make a huge difference in your cleaning routine. For instance, a vacuum that has a dusting brush, as well as a crevice tool, will come in handy when you need to clean your furniture.

Some devices also have detached vacuums that are ideal for cleaning hard to reach spots like the railways of your staircase. 


Most stick vacuums are not associated with powerful cleaning and they are ideal for light cleaning. However, even when this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you can’t still put power into consideration. 

Remember that even a cheap model should have enough suction power so that you can clean all manner of messes from debris to pet hair and even picking crumbs off your carpet.

Hose length

Hose length is measured in terms of the size of the nozzle. A wider nozzle means that you can clean large areas at a go but they are harder to maneuver through tight spots. 


Basically, stick vacuums are simple but very versatile. When buying them, go for one that has strong suction but is still lightweight such that you can clean with ease. 

You also need to consider the maneuverability since you want a vacuum that cleans corners and those tight spots that a traditional units can’t reach. 

You should also get a vacuum that you can lower flat to clean even under the furniture and at the same time is easy to store.

Cordless vs Cord

There are two kinds of stick vacuums, cordless and those that use cords. Cordless models rely on batteries to run and as such are less powerful and don’t last as long. 

The battery is also susceptible to voltage issues affecting its runtime. In terms of functionality, however, cordless items rank very high since your cleaning is not hindered by long cords. 

The batteries in corded vacuums have a runtime of between 20 to 40 minutes and as such are ideal for smaller spaces. Even when that is the case, however, look for a model that has better runtime when the battery is full. 

A corded vacuum had better suction power and unlike the cordless ones, you can use it without worrying about the battery running low and having to recharge. 

At the end of the day, however, whether you chose a corded or cordless option, what matters is your style, the size of the space to be cleaned and the kind of cleaning you are looking for.


Finally, all things put into consideration, it all comes down to your budget and how much you are willing to spend. Stick unit prices range from model to model and it’s up to you to choose one that fits your budget.

However, consider the functionality and quality to ensure that you get value for your money. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Like everything else, how much you spend on your stick vacuum will determine its quality and in this case, the more you spend the higher the quality. 

The general idea is that since they are meant to clean small spaces, it doesn’t matter the brand you choose but, in reality, it does. 

Things like suction power, the battery run time for cordless vacuums, weight, size of the nozzle and additional attachments all determine how much you will be paying. 

You might want to check online reviews like a review of Dyson vacuum, Shark vacuum and other stick vacuums to determine the best one to buy. 

Stick Vacuum Cleaner vs Other Vacuum Cleaners

Stick Vacuum Cleaner vs Other Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming is one of those activities that you have to do at least once every week. Due to that, there are different kinds of cleaners that you can choose from depending on your needs. 

Stick Vacuum Cleaner vs Canister Vacuum

A canister vacuum has a canister that is used to house the motor and has attachments that can be used to clean floors as well as other surfaces. They normally have retractable cords. 

Stick vacuums are lightweight and can easily be converted into handheld units or be either corded or cordless. 

Just like sticks, canister devices are light in weight and can be easily carried from one room to another. They are, however, more powerful than stick options and, therefore, ideal for heavy duty cleaning. 

They are also very versatile and can be used to clean those hard to reach places due to the fact that they are quiet and can bend easily. 

Compared to stick vacuums, they are bigger and will not work if you have limited space. While the long hose makes it easy to clean large areas, you have to keep dragging the canister behind you which can be very inconvenient. 

Stick Vacuum Cleaner vs Handheld Vacuum

Comparing the two, stick vacuums work very well when cleaning both bare floors and carpet something that handled units can’t do. 

When it comes to cleaning under furniture, a stick vacuum is more ideal because the long hose can reach those hard to acess places. 

A handheld device remains the best carpet vacuum that is also ideal for cleaning things like curtains and furniture. 

Stick Vacuum Cleaner vs Robot Vacuum

While a robot cleaner may seem like the real deal, you need to think twice before replacing your old vacuum with a robot one.

For one, while a stick item does a great job of cleaning the stairs, robot vacuums can’t do this since it’s is very hard getting the robot to climb the stairs and clean.

When it comes to power, stick vacuums have low suction power, but it’s even lower in robot vacuums and hence they are ideal for lightweight cleanings like that of upholstery and curtains. 

Robot cleaners, while they do a good job of sucking dust as well as debris, often struggle with clutter and not to mention require a lot of maintenance so that they don’t break down, which something that you won’t have to do with a stick vacuum. 

Stick Vacuum Performance on Different Surfaces

Stick Vacuum Performance on Different Surfaces


With hardwood floors, you want a cleaner that will do the cleaning and not damage the floors. Stick vacuums do a very good job of cleaning hardwood floors from pet hairs and debris.

They have enough suction power to remove all traces of dirt from your hardwood floor and will not scratch it in the process. 

The only thing you need to ensure is that you choose the right option that will clean and leave you floor the way it was and that you avoid premium steam cleaners for hardwood floors. 


Stick vacuums are designed to clean bare floors as well as carpets. However, the ability to clean carpet is limited due to its suction power, with some models outdoing others.

If you are buying a stick vacuum, therefore, look for one that has enough power to reach all the debris within that carpet without ruining the fibers. 


Tile floors are some of the most difficult to clean because regular sweeping is not enough to get the debris within the crevices. 

With the right stick vacuum, however, you never have to worry about your tiles looking dirty as the vacuum has enough power to get the debris in the crevices. 


Laminate flooring is the cheaper option to hardwood flooring. It is easy to clean and maintain since all you need is a mop for laminate floors.

Vacuuming your laminate floor weekly ensures that you don’t need to mop the floor every now and then since water can end up damaging it.

Stick vacuums are long and can be able to reach tight spots on your floor and not to mention do not scratch your laminate floor in the process. 

How to Use a Stick Vacuum

Step 1 – Sweep the floor

Before vacuuming, use a durable sweeper to sweep the floor so as to remove large debris and big food crumbs that the stick vacuum can’t remove. 

Step 2 – Start from the furthest corner

To avoid vacuuming the same areas twice, start from the furthest corner moving towards the door so that you can cover all ground.

Step 3 – Don’t just vacuum the floor

If you have decided to vacuum you might as well go all the way and clean the furniture, under the furniture and even your curtains before moving to the floors. 

This is to ensure that dust does not resettle after you have vacuumed. 


How to Clean and Maintain a Stick Vacuum

In order for your stick vacuum to serve you better and longer, you will need to clean it once in a while. 

Step 1 – Empty the dust container

When using your stick vacuum, don’t wait until the dust container is full for you to empty it but do so before it fills up so that the vacuum can perform at optimal condition. 

Step 2 – Clean the brush roll

When vacuuming, your vacuum picks up all manner of dirt from hairs to large debris. As such, it is very important that you clean the brush roll to remove hair that may be trapped. 

Cleaning the brush roll ensures that its rotating function is maintained since it’s mostly a vacuum for pet hair.

Start by removing the plate that is usually attached to the brush and then slide the brush roll out and using your fingers or a pair of scissors, pick out any hair or debris that may be stuck on the brush. 

This is also the best time to check if the brush roll has worn out and if it has you can go ahead and replace it. 

Step 3 – Changing the filter

The filters help to maintain the quality of air in the house when you are vacuuming by ensuring that dust remains trapped in the dust bin. 

Ensure that you clean and change the filters of your stick vacuum once in a while. If the filters are plastic, then you can just wash them with water and shake fabric or paper filters to remove dust. 

Most filters can last as long as the cleaner but it all depends on how well you take care of them. There are those that have to be replaced after six months or a year.  


Do’s and Don’ts of a Stick Vacuum

  • Do replace or clean the filters to maintain better quality of air within the house when you are cleaning.
  • Do clear pet and human hair from the vacuum’s brush roll so that it can serve you longer.
  • Don’t rush when vacuuming but take into consideration how soiled or dirty the area is. For more dirty areas, consider taking your time so that you can get all the dirt.
  • Don’t let the bin get too full so that your vacuum can function better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a vacuum cleaner’s battery be extended or maximized?

Vacuum cleaners can either be corded or cordless. Cordless products run on batteries and one of the concerns that most people have is that the battery ends up getting ruined. 

However, you can extend your battery life by ensuring that you clean the brushes by removing hair and debris that may be trapped within.

Dirty brushes require more power to spin and at the end of it all, your battery will soon run its course because it is being overworked. 


Stick vacuums are some of the easiest to use in that they are light in weight, can reach under furniture and those other hard to reach places and not to mention don’t require a lot of storage space. Though they are not as powerful as other traditional unites, they still function efficiently as long as you know how to clean and take care of them.