Best Spray Mop

Whether you are a clean freak or just want to maintain a clean looking house, it goes beyond just regular dusting.

Your floors need to be mopped every now and then to prevent the buildup of dust and debris that could lead to health problems like allergic reactions and not to mention an unclean house speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

Top 5 Best Spray Mops (Summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image Best for Hardwood SurfaceBona
  • Easy and safe to maneuver
  • Refillable cartridge doesn’t spill
  • Delivers effective and thorough cleaning
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sample-table__image Most ComfortableMEXERRIS
  • Compact design
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Super light weight
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sample-table__image NoiselessASOGO
  • Delivers perfect cleaning
  • Sprays smoothly and doesn’t leak
  • Easy to maintain
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sample-table__image POPTEN
  • Suitable for all types of surfaces
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Fatures two water absorbing microfiber pads
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sample-table__image JASHEN
  • Convenient to operate
  • Flexible head
  • Long enough, so you won’t have to bend when cleaning
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Floors come in different styles, from traditional hardwood to laminate, vinyl planks and even tiles. Luckily, mops have evolved as well and now you can easily find mops that are suited to clean specific floors.  

What Is a Spray Mop

House cleaning is never an enjoyable chore and if you had it your way you would skip it altogether but it doesn’t have to be like that. With the right mop, you can learn to enjoy cleaning and it can make all the difference when cleaning the floors.

Hardwood floors are beautiful but hard to care for since they are susceptible to water damage and they require waxing and polishing once in a while. Laminate floors are the other alternative if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on hardwood flooring but can also be damaged when exposed to water and humidity.

What you are left with is knowing how to care for the floor and it all starts with finding a mop for laminate floor as well as hardwood floors. Such a mop needs to be good enough that it can handle all manner of messes without damaging the floors in the process and that’s what a spray mop does

Benefits of Using a Spray Mop

Benefits of Using a Spray Mop

Ease of Cleaning

Rather than dragging a bucket full of water and a mop to clean, a spray mop makes things easier since all you need is the mop which has a powerful spray pattern. 


One of the reasons why people prefer using spray mops is because they can be used to clean any kind of floor, from laminate, hardwood, tile, stone or even linoleum. As such, you never have to worry about changing mops when cleaning different rooms of the house. 

All-in-One Cleaning Power

If, for instance, you need to mop a spill in the living room and have another mess in the bathroom, if you have the right spray mop, with just a few passes, you will be able to pick the dirt and clean up the mess easily. 

The powerful spray pattern of the mop is enough to clean any kind of a mess and it is for this reason that spray mops can be used for professional cleaning. 

How Does a Spray Mop Work

There is a reason why most people prefer spray mops over traditional mops. The reason is their cleaning power and low maintenance. With a spray mop, you start by vacuuming the floor to remove pet hair, dust and other debris that may have accumulated maybe using the best vacuum for pet hair.

Depending on the mop, you will have a cleaning solution that is ideal for different kinds of floors so it’s up to you to check if the solution is safe for cleaning your kind of floor.   

The best thing about using a spray mop is that you don’t have to wet the floor when cleaning since they make use of steam for a clean and bacteria-free floor. When cleaning with a spray mop, it is advisable that you use the ‘S’ pattern and begin from the farthest corner towards the door. 

Types of Mops

When it comes to mop materials, there are different types of mops you can find.

Microfiber Mop

Microfiber mops are some of the best since the threads are made of polyamide and polyester combination making them not only durable but easy to care for. Microfiber mops are also the safest you can use for different floors since they don’t scratch the floor and are highly absorbent for that time you need to clean spills immediately when they occur. 

Yarn Mop

If you have hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong with a yarn mop. They are classified according to the yarn ply where the more the yarn ply is the stronger and durable the mop is. However, such mops are not as absorbent as mops with low yarn ply count.  

Steam Mop

Steam mops use steam to clean and sanitize the floor. The reason steam mops are a favorite for many is that, rather than use harsh chemicals for cleaning, they use steam which is just as effective and you never have to worry about harmful toxins being left on your floor. 

Steam Mop

Dust Mop

Dust mops are basically used to clean dry surfaces, just like the name suggests. They are very good for sweeping and dusting the floor before cleaning and can be used instead of brooms that may end up scratching your floor. 

Sponge Mop

Sponge mops are usually lightweight, cheap and very easy to maneuver when cleaning. The only disadvantage with a sponge mop is that sponge wears quickly and as such you have to keep replacing it every now and then. 

What Makes a Great Spray Mop

When you are buying a spray mop, there are certain things that you need to consider so that you can choose one that meets all your needs. 


The first thing you need to think about is how you will be using the mop as well as your floor type.

Chances are that you don’t have the same floor for all the rooms in your house and you need to determine if the mop you are getting is ideal for your floors. 

Spray mops also come with a cleaning liquid that is ideal for cleaning different surfaces and you need to ensure that the cleaning liquid can clean your floor without ruining it in the process. 


Spray mops don’t require a mop bucket but come with a cleaning solution. The capacity of the spray bottle that comes with a spray mop matters. 

If you have a large house, the last thing you need is to keep mixing cleaning solution to cover all the rooms. Choose a mop that has a spray bottle that has enough capacity to handle all your cleaning at a go. 

Spray Mop Capacity


How long the mop lasts most of the time is dependent on how well you care for it. While this is the case, when buying a mop, you want to go with something that is durable. 

Go for a product made of high-quality material because it will make all the difference in your cleaning and will mean that you don’t go back to the shop for a new mop after a few months of use. 

Microfiber Mop

There is a reason why most people prefer the world’s best microfiber mop for cleaning. Microfiber threads are made of nylon and polyester which makes the mops not only durable but also less prone to scratching your floors. 

They are also highly absorbent if you have a hardwood or laminate floor where you need to wipe spills as soon as they occur to avoid damaging the floor. They are also the easiest to clean and maintain. As such, when buying a spray mop, choose one that is made of microfiber. 


The size of the mop determines not only how much cleaning the mop can handle but its maneuverability when cleaning. Most of all, the size determines how much effort you will need when cleaning.

If you have a big house, it might be wise to go with a mop that has large cleaning pads to make cleaning easy as the large pads will allow you to cover larger areas when cleaning. 

The only problem you would have with a mop that has a large pad is that maneuverability is restricted, especially when it comes to reaching tight spaces. 


Just like getting a great spin mop, spray mops are the most expensive mops you will find in the market. However, you can still find an option within your budget if you know where to look.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you don’t end up buying a cheap mop that will last for a few weeks or months. Even when you are careful with the budget, ensure that the mop you get is worth the investment no matter how small that investment is. 

11 Best Spray Mops on the Market With Pros and Cons

1. Bona

If the floors in your home are made of hardwood, Bona Spray Mop is a uniquely designed device that allows safe cleaning of all the woods surfaces that are unoiled, unwaxed, but have a polyurethane finish.

This means you’ll be able to effectively clean your floor surface quickly and without stress. You’ll find it comfortable to operate and it won’t leak. Its rectangular head shape design enables it to reach places that are difficult to access and totally remove the dirt in a single pass.

It is easy to assemble, thanks to the manufacturer’s clear and concise instruction. The handle end is flat with a nice look. You’ll find it easy to maneuver and it comes with a refillable cartridge with full liquid to give your room a fascinating look and the floor will dry up quickly after cleaning.

When done with your cleaning tasks, it is easy to detach and clean this item with a washing machine and you’ll be able to reuse it in the future. The downside to this device is its heavyweight.



  • Delivers effective and thorough cleaning of hardwood floors
  • Refillable cartridge doesn’t spill
  • Easy and safe to maneuver

  • Weight is a bit heavy


If you are looking for a spray mop to clean the delicate floor surfaces in your bathroom, kitchen, living room and more, HOMTOYOU Spray Mop is the perfect tool to get your cleaning task done. Not only does it leave you with a fantastic looking floor, but it is also environmental-friendly.

This eliminates the need for chemicals that can be harmful to your living environment and health. Its slim design allows it to reach easily and effectively remove all the dirt in the corners of your home.

It measures 12.8 x 4.7 x 47.2 inches with a weight of 1.5 pounds, making it easy to transport and move around. You don’t have to tire your hands by carrying a mop bucket with you every time you’re cleaning thanks to its spray mist. Also, it helps protect you from having backaches, thanks to its long upright structure that prevents you from bowing and bending while mopping the floor.

While cleaning, you’ll find it comfortable to handle and control, thus making your cleaning task easy and simple. This item is time-saving, thanks to its 360-degree swivel head that rotates easily around bulky furniture, hard to reach places, corners and edges to deliver a thorough cleaning and eliminate the need to push it around.



  • Light in weight
  • Easy assembling
  • Environmental-friendly

  • Refillable bottles have a small size


POPTEN Mop is a high-quality spray mop designed to withstand heavy cleaning of both domestic and commercial environments. This is possible thanks to its ability to clean delicate floor surfaces of all types by protecting it from excessive moisture that results in mildew and also leaves the floor to dry quickly after cleaning.

The handle is safe and comfortable, making it perfect for cleaning the interior of your home with pleasure. It is quick and easy to set up and operates by spraying mist on the floor, which allows the mop head to use the scrubber to scrape the dirt and pick it up.

It is also perfect for those that have health challenges as it helps them avoid straining themselves thanks to its light weight and easy to wring twist handle. It features two water-absorbing microfiber pads responsible for the quick-dry up of the cleaned surface.

This microfiber pads can easily be detached and washed when you’re done with the cleaning so as to reuse them for your next cleaning tasks. Besides, this extends the life span of the spray mop, thus saving you money and effort. It comes with a 360-degree rotating head that helps facilitate the total removal of debris from places that are difficult to access.



  • 360-degree rotating head for cleaning hard to reach places
  • Comfortable to handle and operate
  • Suitable for all types of surfaces

  • Constructed with plastic material

4. Homevative

Homevative is an environmental-friendly spray mop designed to eliminate harmful wastes from your home. This is possible thanks to two refillable bottles that allow you to prepare and fill your own solution so as to have a shiny floors surface.

Spray head allows you to spray any amount of liquid you desire on the surface being cleaned, so as to achieve a spotless and sparkling surface. You won’t face frustration or waste time cleaning thanks to its 360-degree swivel head that facilitates the cleaning of tight spaces.

Considering the structure, it has dimensions of 25.5 x 8 x 3.2 inches and a weight of 2.9 pounds, so you won’t have a problem carrying it around. Also, it is manufactured with durable aluminum material and fortified with a silicone ring on all the stress points to prevent the cleaning solution from leaking out.

The spray mop upright structure also protects you from bending or straining yourself while cleaning, making it perfect and comfortable to operate by older people. The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee on this product with highly supportive customer service.



  • Lightweight
  • Made with durable aluminum material and fortified with silicon ring on all stress points
  • Features three reusable microfiber pads

  • Handle size is a bit smal


JASHEN Spray Mop has the ability to deliver a fan-shaped mist on the floor to aid the complete removal of dirt, including harmful bacteria from your home. After that, you can easily squeeze the waste out and reuse the spray mop.

As of the design, it is not a model with batteries and has a long upright position, so you will not have any movement problems, thus allowing you to enjoy the advantages of a portable cleaner. It has a rectangular-shaped head and a tank where you pour your solution in.

If you want to avoid working hard when cleaning, this model is the perfect device thanks to its light weight. It is easy and simple to set up, so in a couple of minutes, it can be ready to be used.

If you’re looking for a good spray mop to clean without using any type of chemical, this product is the suitable one as it will adapt to your needs and it works with water solution only.



  • Long enough, so you won’t have to bend when cleaning
  • Head is flexible and can reach places that are difficult to access
  • Convenient to operate

  • Wringing the water out often takes time

6. Vorfreude

Vorfreude Spray Mop is designed for all household members to use since it is fun to clean with it. It’s very convenient to move and transport from one place to another even when the tank contains water solution.

The microfiber mop is dust-free, delivers effective cleaning and can easily be cleaned after usage with a washing machine. Measuring 50 x 16 x 6 inches and with a weight of 1.98 pounds, this item is suitable for eliminating debris from home, kitchen, bathroom and office, among others.

The flexible swivel head allows total cleaning of all the hard-to-reach places. With this, you’ll be able to keep your hardwood, tile and vinyl floors clean at all times. Also, it is time-saving and comfortable to operate, especially by tall people, thanks to its upright position that’s solid and reliable.

It can easily be stored and won’t leak. After you’re done cleaning, you can wash the spray mop using a washing machine and leave it in an upright position to dry so you can reuse it.



  • Comfortable to operate
  • Can be cleaned with a washing machine
  • Quick and easy to assemble

  • Refilling the bottle is a bit challenging

7. CXhome

CXhome Mop is designed to provide you with a superior quality cleaning, thanks to the metal pole, which will not become loose or get broken while cleaning. The 360-degree rotating head is rectangular in shape and helps facilitate the total removal of oil stains and any other stubborn dirt, thus leaving you with a tidy environment.

It features a spray nozzle responsible for delivering the perfect moisture that eliminates stubborn dirt from the floor. After that, the microfiber pad will absorb and wipe off the moisture without leaving any water stains behind.

The spray mop is very practical to use and with a single pass, you’ll be able to dust and wash the floor. It has dimensions of 14.2 x 3.7 x 47.2 inches and light weight of 1.45 pounds. Additionally, it is very versatile and comfortable to operate.

If you’re looking for a spray mop to clean both the interior and exterior of your home with the opportunity of using your own water solution and without leaving many carbon footprints, this item is the best option to purchase.



  • Highly versatile
  • Durable
  • Comes with two washable microfiber pads

  • Refillable bottle is a bit small


For those who desire to leave their living environment in an optimal cleaning condition without having to stress themselves, MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop offers a comfortable and total elimination of all types of dirt. This is possible thanks to its super light weight and easy to maneuver.

It features a bottle that allows you to use your own cleaning solution plus three mop heads, which allow you to clean from room to room without the risk of contamination. The spray delivers a good spread, so you don’t have to pump as much and, at the same time, you’re able to control the amount of fluid you want on the surface.

The mop heads can reach anywhere and it comes with a durable microfiber pad that can be removed and cleaned with a washing machine so as to reuse them for your next cleaning task. It is easy to set up, thanks to the instruction manual from the manufacturer and you’ll be able to use it for your cleaning tasks for a long time.

When you want to refill the bottle, you’ll be able to get it off without any difficulty and besides, it doesn’t require batteries to operate.



  • Lasts for a long time
  • Comfortable to handle and move around
  • Compact design

  • Too light in weight to withstand much pressure

9. Venetio

In case you need an all-in-one cleaning mop that can make all your surfaces dust and debris free, Venetio Spray Mop is a way to go. The device will feel comfortable in your hands and it won’t slip at all.

This is possible due to its comfortable and sweat-proof handle. An additional bonus is a fact that the handle is long enough so you can use it in a standing position without bending.

Covering the bigger area is possible, thanks to the 360-degree rotating joint that enables this item to reach tight and hard-to-reach areas. You can use it with your own solution that you can sip in the refillable bottle.

This product is resistant to scratches and can be maintained by simply washing in the washing machine.



  • 360-degree rotation joint for hard-to access areas
  • Sweat sponge grip is comfortable and non-slippery
  • Big head to cover more space when cleaning

  • Tends to leak water after some time

10. O-Cedar

O-Cedar Spray Mop features a flappable, double-faced mop head to allow you clean fast without having to replace or change the mop microfiber pad. The mop head is made of thousands of microfibers to help absorb and clean the floors better, thanks to the flip 180-degree head.

The spray mop elongated rod is long enough to make it easy to use and move around by those who are particularly tall. The mop head is rectangular in shape and the microfiber pad can be removed when you want to wash it in the washing machine.

The strength of this device is that it exempts you from the laborious process of inserting and rotating the mop when cleaning hard to reach places. With this, your hands will remain dry and you won’t have to tire yourself that much.

The mop head is wide enough to deliver a quick cleaning of large surfaces and the solution canister is safe and easy to remove and refill. It doesn’t require batteries to work as it is manually operated without putting a strain on your arms and back.

O-Cedar ProMist MAX


  • Easy to operate
  • Wide head to clean large surfaces quickly
  • Ideal for heavy-duty work

  • Mop head doesn’t stay closed when cleaning


Designed to give you a great cleaning experience, ASOGO Spray Mop has a stainless-steel rod and the microfiber pad with a high water absorption capacity.

It can use water to clean easily without creating noise while working. When done cleaning, you can easily wash it and store it after leaving it to dry in a vertical position.

When cleaning, the mop head can swivel up to 180-degree and the handle feels comfortable without falling off. Installing this item is very simple, and to use it, just pour the water solution into the refillable canister, lock it up and then proceed with cleaning.

The spray mop design is of high-quality and the spray mist will deliver enough water solution to eliminate dirt on the surface being cleaned without leaving any damage behind. It is light in weight and will glide successfully on any surface without leaking.



  • Delivers perfect cleaning
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sprays smoothly and doesn’t leak

  • Spray bottle is a bit small, which requires you to refill it often

Spray Mops of Different Surfaces


Hardwood floors are beautiful and expensive to install but wood is susceptible to water damage and hence you have to be very careful about the kind of mop you use.

Spray mops that have microfiber cleaning pads are the most ideal for cleaning hardwood floors since they are not only durable but highly absorbent and don’t scratch the floor. 


Spray Mops of Different Surfaces - Laminate

Laminate is water resistant but not entirely waterproof hence you need to choose a mop that doesn’t use a lot of water. As such, dust, steam and spin mops are the most ideal for cleaning your laminate floors, without damaging the laminate planks or scratching them. 


Carpet floor collects dust and debris easier than other floors and not to mention can easily get stained. 

If you have a carpeted floor, the best spray mops you can use are steam mops that not only remove dirt but disinfect and remove stains from the floor. The only thing you need to ensure is that you vacuum the carpet before you begin cleaning. 


Tile floors rank very high when you consider that water can’t damage them. With tile floors, any kind of mop can be used to clean the floor from steam mop for tiles, traditional mops, microfiber mops to spin mops. 

Vinyl Planks

Spray Mops of Different Surfaces - Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks are waterproof but that doesn’t mean you should drench the floor when cleaning as water can seep through the planks leading to warping. A sponge mop or a microfiber mop will do a great job of cleaning your vinyl plank flooring. 

How to Use a Spray Mop

Step 1 – Vacuum

Use a vacuum or a broom to remove dust as well as debris that may have accumulated before you begin cleaning.

Step 2 – Prepare the cleaning solution

Depending on the spray mop, add a few drops of cleaning detergent into the cleaning solution for thorough cleaning.

Step 3 – Begin mopping

Start with the farthest corner moving towards the door to ensure that you cover all areas and don’t get dirt where you have cleaned. 

Step 4 – Use the ‘S’ cleaning pattern

To cover more ground and to avoid missing any area, use the ‘S’ pattern to clean. 

How to Clean and Maintain a Spray Mop

How you clean your spray mops depends on the material of the mopping pads.

Step 1 – Machine washing

If the cleaning pad is made of microfiber material, then you can throw it in the washer to remove dirt and kill germs.

Step 2 – Allow drying completely

Regardless of the material ensure that the mop dries completely after cleaning to avoid ruining it in the process.

Step 3 – Vacuum the floor first

To ensure that your mop does not get too dirty, before you begin cleaning, ensure that you vacuum the floor to remove dirt and debris that the mop may collect in the process. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

With spray mops, more spending does mean more quality. While spray mops are some of the most expensive mops in the market, you can still find cheaper models of the same.

However, one thing you need to realize about cheap spray mops is that they are not made of quality material. As such, you will be back in the shop in no time to replace your mop when the cleaning pad wears out after a few uses.

With poor material also comes the risk of damaging your floor and considering how much you have spent on your floor, the last thing you want is to replace it because of the mop.

If you have decided to go with a spray mop, you should rather spend more and get quality and value for your money rather than a mop that you will use and dump in a few months. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mop to use on hardwood floors?

Since hardwood floors are easily damaged by water, microfiber mops are the best for cleaning such floors since they are highly absorbent and don’t scratch the wood. 

How often should you mop your floors?

How often you clean your floors depends on the amount of traffic in the house. High traffic areas like the kitchen, living rooms and dining rooms will require cleaning on a daily basis. 

Can you use dish soap to mop the floor?

Yes, you can use dish soap to mop the floor as long as you don’t use a lot of it such that your floor looks soapy after cleaning. 

Can you use laundry detergent to mop the floor?

Yes, laundry detergent can be added to your cleaning solution for thorough cleaning.  

Microfiber mop vs cotton mop – which is better?

Microfiber mops are better than cotton mops since they are highly absorbent, highly durable, non- abrasive, lightweight and can be used so many times and maintenance is easy. They are, however, damaged by acidic chemicals compared to cotton mops. 


Spray mops may be the most expensive in the market but they make cleaning easier in that you don’t have to drag a bucket full of water around when you are cleaning.

When buying a spray mop ensure that you go with a mop that can meet all your needs and doesn’t end up ruining your floor in the process. Since spray mops use no water they are ideal for laminate, hardwood, tile as well as vinyl plank floors. 

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