Best Spin Mop

No matter where you go, a mop is present, sometimes just faithfully in a closet or in your face as someone cleans your house, office and so on. Whether you clean yourself or have somebody who does this for you, you can’t get far in your endeavors without a mop.

This trusty cleaning companion comes in many shapes and sizes to suit all your cleaning needs, with one variation being the spin mop that can sometimes give vacuum cleaners under $100 a run for their money.

What Is a Spin Mop

A spin mop is a modern day marvel with a twist, literally. At first glance, its head looks like any other floppy mop, a cut-end but it’s usually flat and circular.

What sets this mop apart from the rest is that its head has the capability to spin, 360 degrees. The material used for it is mostly a blend of microfiber.

It has a mechanism in the handle that makes its head spin, ensuring that it dries faster.

Another stellar feature is a spinning rinse basket which comes with a special pedal. The pedal rotates the basket which also aids the drying process.

The best part about a spin mop’s heads is that they are very absorbent and can easily be machine washed. What’s even better is that you can clean the mop head by running it under clean water while spinning the head.

You usually need to go through the process twice to have the mop ready to clean a new mess.

Benefits of Using a Spin Mop

Benefits of Using a Spin Mop

Cleaning is never an easy task and using a classic wet mop can be quite tedious. Not only do the mop heads need thorough washing but a water bucket has to be lugged around.

The water in the bucket also has to be changed regularly as you clean. Then there is also the matter of drying the mop to ensure it stays bacteria free.

The drying process at times can take the whole night, depending on the climate of where you live.

That isn’t to mention the amount of physical strain that goes into wringing the mop and the constant need to change the water in the bucket, which makes mopping a chore no one looks forward to.

However, the right mop could make all the difference between mopping being a tedious chore or the one you enjoy. This is where the spin mop comes in and it has to be one of the best mops ever since it allows you to clean your living space with little effort.

It also takes away the annoying wringing and takes care of most of the drying process, making mopping more enjoyable.

Some of these magical spin mops also come with two different buckets attached together, whereby one can be used for clean water and the other one can be used to spin dirt away from the mop. This move also saves water and helps you lower your carbon footprint, even if just a little.

You also have the option of angled mop heads which come in various heights enabling you to reach even the tightest of corners and trickiest of spots. It’s designed for durability and with proper care should last a long time.

Type of Stains and Dirt Spin Mops are Good and Bad For

Owing to their super-absorbent fiber cloth mop heads, spin mops are great at cleaning messy spills. It’s advised that you use them dry for spills and wet messes so that their heads give you the best absorbent power.

When mopping, try not to spread the liquid around too much though. After you’re done all you got to do is rinse and spin.

Your mop will feel like the brand new and ready to tackle the world or at least the messes in your home or office.

Dry messes, on the other hand, should be tackled with a wet spin mop that you have spun around a couple of times, so you don’t get excess water on the floor or carpet.

This way dust and dirt will stick to the mop with minimum effort and will result in the quickest clean. If the head is too wet, it may add to the mess rather than clean it.

Whether the mess is wet or dry, spin mops are your friends and they’ll provide quality cleaning. They can virtually be used to clean up any type of stains or dirt.

However, stains that have been present for a long period of time may require something stronger than just a spin mop. They can be stubborn and require a piece of equipment that’s more capable of handling stubborn stains.

Types of Spin Mops

Types of Spin Mops

A spin mop is a versatile piece of cleaning equipment and it comes with various angled heads. Therefore, just one mop will help you with all your cleaning needs.

The ability to clean dry or wet messes really gives this mop a clear advantage over other types of mops. Depending on what brand you get, you can have up to two buckets – one for dirty water and one for clean water.

The spinning feature of the bucket is another aspect that you should look into for that unique wet to dry mop experience. If you invest in a product that has a spinning mechanism integrated into the bucket, you can dry it off a lot quicker.

The spin mechanism is activated through a pedal which can either be hand or foot operated. One should always opt for the option they find to be more convenient for them.

There are also two basic spinning mechanisms, namely the foot pedal or the hand push. Although they don’t differ in effectiveness, you can choose one or the other depending on your physical comfort.

The spinning mechanism is housed in the handle which takes away the adjustable handle feature. This means spin mops aren’t adjustable in height.

This may be the only flaw of the product since it restricts the mop in some places. Mops with adjustable handles can be used completely dry to clean light fixtures or even cobwebs on the ceiling whereas a non-adjustable handle will more often than not restrict a mop to being just a floor sweeper.

Unless your home or office ceiling is low, then the options with bigger handles enable you to reach the ceiling with ease.

Spin Mop on Different Surfaces

Laminate Flooring

This type of flooring can get warped quite easily if exposed to too much water, hence if going down a traditional mop route your best bet is to get a spin mop.

This will enable you to control the amount of water you introduce to the floor since a mop will spin the excess water out unlike a normal sponge mop, which will contain the moisture despite your best efforts.

Furthermore, this increases the likelihood of you causing damage to the floor. Therefore, in this case, a spin mop serves as protection for floors.

Hardwood Flooring

Since hardwood floors can get scratched very easily, it’s generally not recommended that you mop them more than once or twice a week. Wood can swell up if exposed to moisture for a long period of time.

This is precisely why it’s ideal to use a dry mop on it. Only if the mess is sticky and wet, should you use a wet one. But even then you need to spin off all the excess moisture so that there’s just enough to clean the surface of the floor.

The water should be enough so that it doesn’t remain on the floor for too long afterward because this can damage it.

If you’re looking for a low budget, yet an effective substitute for premium vacuums for hardwood floors, look no further. Using a dry mop will be your best option and its soft microfibers will ensure that your floor stays protected.


Cleaning Tiles With a Spin Mop

Tiles are perhaps the easiest type of floor to clean. Since a spin mop can be used both wet and dry, similar to shop vacs and comes with super absorbent microfibers, you can easily use it on a tiled floor.

Whether there’s a water spill or someone’s shoes have trekked mud into the house, you can use a dry or wet mop, respectively. It posses no threats to damaging tile so you can use it on it as needed.


It might sound slightly absurd you can actually use a wet spin mop as a carpet stain remover.

However, unlike with the traditional mop, with its spin version, you have some control of how wet you want your carpet to be depending on the size of the mess.

With the spin mop, you can decide how damp the mop head is before you apply it to the carpet. Of course, you may need to wait a bit afterward for the carpet to dry before you can walk on it.

How to Choose the Perfect Spin Mop for You

Surface Types

The first thing to consider while choosing a spin mop is the space in which it’ll be used. If it’s just for your tiled bathroom, then mobility will not be one of the main things you need to focus on.

However, if you plan to mop your entire house, a spin mop will be the best option for you.


The second thing to consider is the price. Since these mops are pretty durable, you can spend a little more and opt for a good quality option since it’ll last a few years with proper care.

You also need to consider your needs when setting a budget. A deluxe product should only be invested in if you have multiple surfaces to clean which will also require various angled heads.


Spin Mop Bucket

Always consider the spinning mechanism you’re more comfortable with physically. The spin mop comes with various angled heads for all your cleaning needs along with a basket that usually has wheels for mobility.

The ones that come with two buckets tend to cost more than those with just one. Therefore, you also want to consider if spending a little more for the two buckets is ideal for you or not.

The microfiber heads are super absorbent and extremely durable whereby they can also survive repeated machine washes.

The rinse and spin mechanism eliminate the need to put the mop head in the wash, but the option is available if one wants to give it a deeper clean. This cleaning product is all surface friendly, whether your floor is tiled, hardwood or carpet – you can make it your one stop shop for all things messy.

Drain Plug

Another fascinating feature of a spin mop or rather its bucket is the drain plug that most of them come equipped with. This completely eliminates the need to carry heavy buckets of water to empty and make cleaning the bucket super easy as well.

Just open the drain plug, let the dirty water out, add just some clean water, give it a spin if you must and then open the drain plug again. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Does More Spending Mean Better Quality

A basic spin mop will serve the same purpose as the one that’s more expensive, so it really boils down to your cleaning needs. If you need to tackle multiple kinds of surfaces and also navigate nooks and crannies, spending more and getting additional angled mop heads is a smart idea.

If you’re only going to mop the driveway or a bathroom, then even a basic one will do.

The durability of the mop, no matter how low or high in cost, varies but mostly depends on how you take care of it therefore, spending more doesn’t always lead to better quality.

How to Use a Spin Mop

Using this product is like using any other mop with the added spin mechanism which is activated by a simple press of a button. However, with each brand, there may be minor adjustments that need to be made when operating.

If using the mop dry, you can activate the spin mechanism and then use the mop to clean the mess on the floor.

To use it wet, you need to dampen the mop head in the water bucket first, then dry it off a little so it isn’t too wet. You can then apply it to the area which needs cleaning.


How to Replace a Spin Mop

A mop is as good as its head and spin mops usually come with microfiber head which are both super absorbent and durable. The usually changeable heads can last you for many years.

As long as the handle isn’t damaged, you can get away with changing just the head. However, a damaged handle can lead to the spin mechanism not working which means the whole mop would need to be replaced.

How to Wash a Spin Mop

This product isn’t as hard to clean when compared to a traditional mop. You don’t need to go through much trouble to clean it.

First, spin excess dirty water out of the mop then rinse it in clean water and spin it again. Repeat till you’re satisfied.

You can use this method for everyday use, but if you think that the mop is really dirty and it may not provide effective cleaning, you can simply remove its head and pop it in your trusty washing machine.

It should last at least 50 washes in the machine before you’ll have to look into a new mop head.


Does a spin mop work on pet hair?

A wet mop may pick up pet hair better than a dry one, but both will get the job done. A wet variation is slightly messier, but it’ll take care of your furry friends shedding.

After you’re done, simply spin the mop in the basket and the pet hair will gather there.

Are spin mops better than sponge or string mops?

String and sponge mops are less durable than a spin mop. In addition, a traditional string mop may not give the same cleaning results after a few uses.

At the same time, a sponge mop may gather bacteria over time and develop a bad odor since drying the sponge isn’t easy. Both these mop heads may not survive repeated washes in the machine either.

They have more durable heads and will definitely last longer and give you greater control over how you clean. They also give you better control over the amount of water you want to introduce to the floor.

Unlike string and sponge mops, where you need to physically wring the mops before putting them on the floor, you can just spin it till the desired amount of water remains.

How often does the mop head need to be washed?

How often does the mop head need to be washed

Thanks to their spin mechanism, spin mop heads don’t need to be washed as often as normal or traditional mops. Instead, they can be cleaned with a simple rinse.

Their heads are built from durable microfibers that are super absorbent but low maintenance. A simple rinse of water and a few spins afterward and you’re all set.

How often should I change the water as I mop?

This depends entirely on your cleaning needs and the kind of mop you have opted for. If you have only one room to mop, then maybe instead of changing the water you could simply give the mop a rinse and a spin before reusing the same water, halfway through.

If you have more than one room to clean, then you’re better off changing the water after every room or every other room, depending on the size of the room. You can keep an eye on the water and once you notice it becomes darker and no longer clear, you should change it.


Unless you have to clean your car, in which case a handy mini car cleaner is what you should look for or unless you have a heavy, furry carpet in your house (in which case maybe you should get a shark vacuum), a spin mop will take care of all your cleaning needs. It’s all purpose and durable.

It also survives well in detergents and soaps. It may not be as effective as a portable steam cleaner against germs, but it’ll still provide a very deep clean and you can quickly fix that by adding anti-bacterial cleaners to your mop bucket.

It reduces the time you spend cleaning your mop and its accessories while also ensuring that you don’t have to do any physical labor when cleaning it after you’re done with cleaning your floors.

No one likes spending a good amount of time cleaning only to end up having to clean the equipment they’ve just used. The super easy drain plug at the bottom means no more carrying back-breaking weight and quicker time to clean the bucket as well.

In addition to conserving water, this mop is also environmentally friendly in the way that it lasts you a really long time. It’s also very easy to maintain and clean.

Even when a mop head gets ruined after the 50th wash or an extensive cleaning, simply changing its head will make it as good as new.

The bucket drying feature coupled with the spinning mechanism ensure that the mop doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. With so many wonderful features and the ability to be used both wet and dry, this product differs from other cleaning options.

This is why it’s considered to be a sturdy cleaning companion and will help make all your floors shine, without giving you a backache.

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