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Best Shark Vacuums

If you have carpet, laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring, you’re probably always on the lookout for the best cleaning solutions for your floor. Vacuum cleaners dominate the market and all you need is to know which one to get for your type of floor and cleaning differences between vinyl plank and laminate and other hard floors. 

One of the vacuum cleaners that you will find is a shark vacuum. Based on online reviews, it is clear that this vacuum cleaner performs better than other regular options.

What Is a Shark Vacuum and Description of the Brand

In today’s crowded and competitive market, you are likely to get value for your money if you buy a shark vacuum. They are effective on both carpet and hard surfaces with some handling cleaning very well and others made for just one kind of cleaning or to clean particular messes. 

Just like most modern vacuums, shark vacuums are bagless reducing maintenance costs since all you need is to empty the bin when fullThe reason they’re popular among most homeowners is that they are easy to use and don’t compromise on the suction power. 

They’re also very durable, lasting you for years and breakdown issues are minimal. Shark vacuums are produced by SharkNinja formerly known as Euro-Pro. Though they started off slowly, their products now dominate 20 percent of the vacuum market in the US. 

The option you buy at the end of the day is dependent on your cleaning needs. 

Benefits of Using a Shark Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner is a must have if you want to maintain a clean looking house or have flooring that doesn’t need water all the time like carpet, laminate or hardwood. These devices are able to pick up dirt, food crumbs, pet hairs and other debris not only from the floors but other surfaces like sofas and curtains as well.

While other options will last you for about a decade, shark vacuums last even longer and you can either opt for one that has a five-year warranty or one that has a lifetime warranty. 

Here are a few benefits of using a shark vacuum and why most homeowners prefer them to other cleaners:


One feature that all shark vacuums have is that they can be taken apart easily such that you can clean different surfaces.

With most models, you can convert the cleaner into a handheld mini vacuum. Other models have a removable canister such that you can clean tight spaces better. A shark vacuum is a good option especially when you are looking for best vacuum cleaners while on budget

Deep Cleaning

Benefits of Using a Shark Vacuum - Deep Cleaning

One thing that shark devices don’t compromise on is the suction power even with the slim versions that make deep cleaning possible. At the end of the day, you want a cleaner that not only does the job, but does it better than the rest and that is what you’ll get with a shark vacuum. 

Easy to Use

Most shark vacuums are designed with a rotating head that makes it easier to control the unit. With them, you never have to worry about pivoting the machine so that you can clean. 

Clears All Allergens

The shark vacuum had been designed in such a way that allergens don’t make their way back to the air after cleaning. It is great if you live in a home where there are people who suffer from allergic reactions or asthma attacks. 

Types of Shark Vacuums

Depending on the kind of cleaning that you need, there are different types of shark cleaners in the market today:

Upright Lift-Away Vacuums

The lift-away technology makes shark vacuums multipurpose. With just a button-push, the canister vacuum is able to separate. The handle is comfortable and offers such a good balance when you are cleaning and the vacuum still retains its powerful suction. 

Devices with the lift-away design are popular since you can remove the canister turning it into a stick cleaner that you can use to clean even the tightest of spots. 

The stick vacuum is able to lie flat on the floor when cleaning due to the swivel head and as such, you can easily push it under furniture when vacuuming to get the dust and debris that you couldn’t get with the canister device. 

Ultra-Light Vacuums

This type of device is light in weight weighing about 10 pounds yet it still does a good job of cleaning your floor and other surfaces around the house. Such vacuums, however, are efficient for light to moderate cleaning, cleaning of stairs and other hard to reach surfaces. 

They work well on bare floors but can also be used to clean the carpet. Some models come with a handheld option that you can detach from the main cleaner so as to easily clean dry spills as well as pet hair on sofas. 

Robot Vacuums

Robot Shark Vacuums

Shark vacuums also have robot designs. Just like any other robot device, they are designed with a self-cleaning brush roll technology such that you don’t have to be present to do the cleaning. 

All you need is to program the cleaner to the time you want it to clean and where. These options are ideal for hard floors and carpets and have two side brushes that pull dirt, hair as well as debris from the edges and corners of the room. 

The robot vacuum makes use of sensors for navigation and some models have multi-axis sensors that detect debris for better cleaning. High-performance robot cleaners have an inbuilt hand vacuum that makes floor to ceiling cleaning possible. 

The robot cleaner can handle the floor cleaning while you handle quick messes with the handheld mini-vacuum.  

Hand Vacuums

Hand vacuums make floor to ceiling cleaning possible.  They are efficient in cleaning upholstery as well as curtains. Most of them come as additional attachments in other vacuums like the robot and upright lift-away options. 

Shark Vacuum Product Range

When you are buying a shark vacuum, one thing you will realize is that there are so many models in the market. 


Compared to the navigator, the shark rotator is heavier and much bulkier and has a small dustbin, although it still does a good job in cleaning your floors. The only thing that it struggles with is large debris, especially from cereals. Most shark rotators are usually two in one and as such can be used as upright as well as handheld cleaners. 

They are cheaper than the navigators but have a similar design. Additional accessories include a crevice tool for cleaning corners and stairs, a pet hair tool and a dusting brush. 

Depending on the features you want, the rotator series has so many models to choose from. The shark rotator exists also as a canister that has a roller brush and an upright wand. 

The canister has wheels for easy maneuverability when cleaning and a lift away functionality that makes it easy to remove the handheld vacuum to continue cleaning quick messes. The shark rotator also has a digital display so that you can select the floor type and LED light that makes debris recognition easy. 


The shark rocket is normally light in weight weighing about eight pounds and can be converted into a handheld cleaner for two in one cleaning. It has a large enough dust can and comes with a number of attachments that you can use to clean other surfaces besides the floor. 

It is different from the navigator and rotator in that the motor is located near the handle. The shark rocket is easy to maneuver with when cleaning and as such can reach those tight spots easily. 


The navigator is the most common of all shark vacuum brands with the navigator pro topping the list. 

This is basically corded device that has a slim sleek look and a large dust cup. The product has a canister, a floor attachment with a microfiber cloth, crevice tool for corners and stairs, a dusting brush, upright roller base and a handheld wand. 

Just like the rotator, the navigator comes in a number of models each with its own unique features. 

What to Consider When Buying a Shark Vacuum

What to Consider When Buying a Shark Vacuum

One thing you will realize when you are buying any kind of vacuum cleaner is that there are so many models. 

While your budget will dictate the one you get at the end of the day, there are other features that you should not ignore if you are to get a shark vacuum that meets all your cleaning needs. 


Just like when buying anything else, your needs matter most. In this case, what kind of cleaning will you be doing? Do you want a cleaner that you can use on floors or one that you can use even on other surfaces in the house like sofas and curtains?

To get value for your money when you are buying a shark vacuum, it is better to go with a multi-functional one especially the ones that can be turned into handheld vacuums or have a handheld vacuum that can be detached. 

The kind of vacuum you get will determine at the end of it all how effective your cleaning is. 


Power measured in cubic per minute is what determines how effective a vacuum cleaner is. Shark vacuums are popular because most of them, no matter the model, do not compromise on the suction power. 

However, at the end of it all if you live with someone who suffers from allergic reactions, then you want an option that has enough power to remove all dust, debris as well as pet hairs.


Shark vacuums have a number of accessories and attachments like additional hoses, crevice tools that make it easy to clean corners, under furniture, inside a vent and ceiling fans. 

When buying a shark vacuum or any of the best shop vacs, therefore, go for one that has additional attachments not only to get value for your money, but also to ensure that you are able to clean every nook in the house. 

In this regard also, you might want to consider a shark vacuum with a handheld vacuum that can be detached to clean other surfaces besides the floor. 

Cord or Cordless

Shark vacuums are either corded or cordless and the one you choose will depend on your personal preferences. Corded vacuums have to be plugged in when cleaning and as such, can clean for a long time since there is no battery that is likely to run out. 

However, such vacuums limit your cleaning due to the cord that you have to keep dragging around with you and can make it hard to dodge obstacles when you are cleaning. Cordless shark vacuums, on the other hand, run on battery and what you need to be concerned with is the battery run time and how long it takes to reach full charge. 

With a cordless vacuum cleaner, your cleaning is not limited and you are easily able to clean stir, corner of the room as well as hard to reach places like under furniture. Most cordless shark vacuums are designed with a battery that lasts longer when fully charged and also take little time to recharge. 

Weight and Mobility

Weight and Mobility of Shark Vacuums

If you have a large house and have to clean a lot of rooms, then the weight and mobility of the vacuum cleaner matters. For one, you want a vacuum cleaner that is light in weight since the last thing you want is to carry a very heavy vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. 


One of the greatest technological advancement in vacuum cleaners is the ability to filter the air that is sucked into the vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris such that only clean air leaves the vacuum. 

HEPA filters are the best since they are more efficient at filtering the air in the vacuum. When you are buying a shark vacuum, you might want to consider the kind of filters and whether they are washable or need to be replaced. 


One other consideration that you need to make when buying a shark vacuum is the size of the vacuum hose. For instance, if you will be picking up large debris then you need a vacuum that has a hose with a larger diameter. 

Trying to pick up large debris with a small hose only ends up clogging the hose and may cause the vacuum cleaner to malfunction. 

Extra Features

Shark vacuums are among the best and what makes them unique and popular among homeowners is the additional accessories that come with most models.

When buying a shark cleaner, however, you might want to consider additional features like LED light, fingertip controls that allow you to switch between different floor cleaning options.

Swivel steering makes it easy to push the vacuum when cleaning and lift-away option makes it possible to lift part of the vacuum to clean under furniture and bed frames. 


Unless money isn’t an issue for you, chances are that you already have a budget in mind about how much you are willing to spend on a vacuum cleaner. Consider the qualities you are looking for in the vacuum cleaner or even a portable car cleaner and find one that fits your budget.

Buying a new vacuum cleaner takes more than just walking into a shop or ordering online. You have to do research so that you can buy one that fits your needs. 

Shark vacuums come in different prices ranges depending on the model and it’s up to you to determine the one that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

At the end of it all, ensure that you go with a high-quality shark vacuum that will last you for years and will not keep breaking down. The last thing you want when buying anything is to compromise on quality just because your mind is set at a certain budget. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

When you are buying a shark vacuum, to some extent more spending does mean more quality. However, based on online reviews, most models of shark vacuums last long and are made of quality material.

As such, rather than getting caught up in the price of the vacuum cleaner, consider the qualities you want and the kind of cleaning you will be doing and go for one that matches that. The last thing you want is a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t work for you or your protection floors

Does More Spending Mean More Quality - Shark Vacuums

How to Use a Shark Vacuum

Step 1 – Check the bin

Before you begin cleaning check to see that the bin is not full. The last thing you want is to begin cleaning only to realize that you can’t continue because the bin is to full to take in anything else. Most shark vacuums are bagless and as such this process is vital. 

Step 2 – Adjust the height of the vacuum

When using a vacuum cleaner, the suction power matters which is why you need to adjust the height. Too much height means that you won’t get enough suction to properly clean your floor and at the same time if the height is too low, airflow is affected. 

Step 3 – Remove any obstacles

When you are vacuuming you need a lot of space and as such, it is important that you remove any small items that may get in your way when you are cleaning. 

Step 4 – Turn on the vacuum cleaner

After you have checked the bin, adjusted the height and moved any items, you may now switch on the vacuum cleaner to begin cleaning. Use slow and even strokes while pushing the vacuum cleaner back and forth ensuring that you spend more time where there is a lot of dirt. 

Step 5 – Make use of the attachments

Shark vacuums come with additional attachments that you should make sure you use to clean other surfaces besides the floor. These attachments ensure that dust and debris do not re-settle when you have already vacuumed the floor. 

How to Clean and Maintain a Shark Vacuum

To ensure that your shark vacuum cleaner is always at peak performance and lasts long, you need to know how to properly maintain it. 

Step 1 – Empty the dust cup

Always be on the lookout and ensure that you empty the dust cup such that dust does not resettle when cleaning because the cup is too full. 

Step 2 – Change or replace the filters

Most vacuum cleaners including shark vacuums have HEPA filters which are great if you have someone who suffers from allergic reactions. 

Depending on the model and the type of filter, ensure that you take care of them. If your vacuum filters are washable ensure that you do this once in a while and replace those that are replaceable. 

Step 3 – Clean the brush roll

Most shark vacuums come with hair removal tools that you can use to remove anything that is stuck on the brush roll. At times you may also need to wash the brush with water and allow it to dry for at least a day before placing it back in the vacuum cleaner. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Shark vacuum is the best for pet owners?

The shark rotator is the best for those who have pets since it has enough suction power to pick pet hairs off the floor and other surfaces. 

Which Shark vacuum is best for hard surfaces?

The shark navigator professional is the best vacuum for hardwood floors, laminate, vinyl and tile flooring and works just like professional mops.

Which Shark vacuum is the best for carpet?

The shark rotator professional is the best for cleaning carpet floors due to its deep cleaning brush roll and powerful suction. 

Does a Shark vacuum have a blower option?

Yes, there are shark vacuum models that have a blower option that you can use to blow leaves in the yard.


The shark vacuum cleaner dominates the market for two things, they are cheaper than other models and don’t compromise on the suction power. The main reason to buy a vacuum cleaner is due to the suction power which makes sense why most people would go with a shark vacuum over the others.

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