Best Portable Carpet Cleaner

Getting rid of stains and dirt on your carpet with cheap vacuum cleaners can be pretty difficult.

Furthermore, if it consists of heavy-duty stains, you’ll need the right equipment to get this done hence if you’re looking for a great tool that can clean up stains and dirt from carpet effectively, a portable carpet cleaner will come in handy.

Of course, it’s true that a vacuum cleaner works great to remove dust, dirt and other debris from carpets, but when it comes to stains, portable carpet cleaners are the best carpet stain remover.

They’re easy to carry around for cleaning needs. Also, due to their small size, you can store them easily.

If you have a carpet, tiles or hardwood floors in your home, a portable carpet cleaner is worth investing in. However, before you do that, it’s best to have an insight into all of these cleaning tools.

Read on, as we take you through a wonderful drive on what you need to know about these amazing cleaning tools.

What Is a Portable Carpet Cleaner

These device work great when used to clean up stains and dirt from the carpet. They’re also regarded as a carpet shampooer and the exciting part is that they can remove even the most stubborn spot stains from carpet easily.

They vary in sizes, shape, types and designs. However, most models come in small sizes that allow you to carry them around and to store them easily.

Furthermore, this cleaning tool comes with great components that make the cleaning task a lot easier. The components include a vacuum, solution tank, recovery tank, pump and a heating unit.

What Is a Portable Carpet Cleaner

The vacuum component makes a cleaner a great carpet extractor as it helps to pull out dirt and moisture from the carpet. They make use of a motor to carry out the extraction task, while the recovery tank stores up the dirt or moisture extracted.

The tank in this cleaning tool serves as a water reservoir used to wash out the solution from the carpet — other components like the pump help to disperse the water in the tank.

One of the most important components is the heating unit. However, not all models come with this feature.

This component makes the tool work as a portable steam cleaner. Models with this component emit heat to clean up stain and sanitize the carpet as well.

Benefits of Using a Portable Carpet Cleaner

As expected, portable cleaners for rugs stand as smaller models of regular vacuums that can remove stains. They’re also regarded as one of the best carpet stain removers.

For one, the product doesn’t demand much effort during use and it also works great in tight spots in your home. Now let’s see why using a this product is important and some of its benefits:

Compact Size

Usually, portable rug cleaners are smaller than regular vacuum cleaners including shop vacs and shark vacuums. The small size makes them a favorite item in many homes and offices.

The reason is that they can remove dirt in small-sized rooms such as dorms, mobile homes and apartments with limited storage space.

Easy to Carry

Since the product has a compact size, it also weighs less. The average weight of most handheld carpet cleaners stands below five pounds.

With this, you can perform spot-on cleaning within a short period. It also allows you to take it around with ease and serves as an excellent tool for teaching kids about home cleaning.

Whether a portable carpet cleaner has a cord or not, you can still move it around with ease. Also, due to its small size, it can serve as a portable mini car cleaner as it can remove muddy prints in tight corners of your vehicle.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use of a Portable Carpet Cleaner

Portable carpet cleaners are easy to use. This makes them a useful home appliance for little children and the elderly.

Using this tool requires no effort and this item doesn’t get damaged easily. Other factors which make it easy to use include its weight and small size.

Quick Cleanups

Like most premium vacuums for hardwood floors, portable carpet cleaners allow quick cleaning. So, if you have a tiny spot or more extensive area of dirt, this cleaning machine will work well.

Even if the dirt includes animal fur on your sofa, a carpet cleaner can remove such debris within minutes. Overall, portable vacuums ensure quick cleaning while offering one of the best protections for floors.

Types of Portable Carpet Cleaners

Carpet cleaner comes in different types and they differ slightly in functionality. In this section, we’ll focus on providing you with great insight into the basic types of a portable rug cleaner.

There are two common types of portable carpet cleaners – carpet steamer and spot cleaner. However, when it comes to choosing between the two, it’ll depend on your specific needs and the type of carpet you have.

Carpet Steamer

These cleaning tools are the most popular carpet cleaners available in the market. They use a steaming technique with the aid of warm water and cleaning solution to clean up dirt and stains from your carpet.

They have a vacuum component which extracts the dirty water, debris or solution from the carpet. They serve as the best protection for floor surfaces as you can use them to clean up dirt and stains.

Spot Carpet Cleaner

This type also uses a steaming technique, but the unit comes in a smaller size compared to the carpet steamers. They work great when used to clean a small stain on the carpet.

Also, to clean carpet in tight corners and uneven area like your stairs, this cleaner is the best option.

Cleaning Methods With Portable Carpet Cleaners

There are three ways or methods you can use to clean your carpet:

Wet Cleaning

With this method, what you need is warm water and cleaning solution. All you need to do is to combine both of them and then use the solution to clean your carpet.

Dry Cleaning

When it comes to a dry cleaning method, there are many different ways to get this done. However, the most common ways are the use of form or special solvent. In this type, you don’t need to use a steaming technique or water to clean up the dirt.

Bonnet Cleaning

This method is regarded as the cheapest professional cleaning process to clean up dirt and stains from the carpet. With this method, after you have vacuum cleaned the carpet, spray the cleaning solution on the stained area.

After the wait of a few minutes, that’s needed to allow the solution to react with stains effectively, dry off the solution to prevent the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria on your carpet.

Portable Carpet Cleaner vs Vacuums

Portable Carpet Cleaner vs Vacuums

This product works similar to a vacuum, but the difference is how they handle dirt and stains.

The vacuum has a powerful motor that extracts a great amount of moisture, solution and dirt from your carpet. When it comes to vacuum, you don’t need to use additional cleaning items like water and cleaning solution or chemicals.

Its downsides, when compared to a portable carpet cleaner, are that it doesn’t work great when used to clean up the stains. On the other hand, a cleaner for carpet can clean up dirt and heavy-duty stains effectively.

They make use of warm water and cleaning solution to get the cleaning task done. The downside to this cleaning tool is the additional cleaning item needed to deep clean.

Also, a portable carpet cleaner requires more maintenance and it’s heavier than a vacuum. Nevertheless, a portable cleaner will serve as a home buddy for your everyday cleaning task.

Overall, it’s best to get both if you use carpet or tiles in your home or business places especially because they work great to complement each other.

How to Choose the Best Portable Carpet Cleaner

Many models of these products have flooded the market. As a result, it has become pretty difficult to get the right one that’ll serve your cleaning needs effectively.

Below are the most important things to consider when buying a portable rug cleaner that’ll make your search quest a whole lot easier:


It’s important that a portable carpet cleaner has an extra attachment as this makes the cleaning task a lot easier and faster. Most models don’t come with this additional attachment.

Some models offer extra accessories, but they may come at a higher price. The suction they create is great though, but without attachments, they won’t remove dirt and stains from the carpet effectively.

Also, if you fail to use the right attachment tools, you might find it pretty hard to deep clean your carpet. When buying a model it’s recommended you get one with moving or rotating brushes.

This attachment provides great shakeup necessary to clean up stains and dirt. Some user prefers manual tool, but if you don’t want to go through the hassle it’s best you get models with a moving brush.


For a portable cleaner to remove the excess water, stains or deep down dirt from your carpet it’ll need a good amount of suction. Models without powerful suction won’t do the cleaning job effectively.

They’ll also make your carpet remain wet even after drying. As you should know, damp carpet allows the growth of mold and bacteria that could affect your health hence, it’s best you get models with higher suction that’ll suck and dry up this wetness effectively.

Cord and Hose Length

Models with longer hose and power cord will do a great job to clean large spaces faster as you won’t have to move them often. Also, longer cord and hose will allow you to move around easily while cleaning.

However, your choice on the length of cord or hose will depend on the weight you’re more comfortable with. Longer cord and hose make the cleaning tool heavier.

If you feel more comfortable using lighter carpet cleaners, then you should get models with shorter cords and hose. Also, if you prefer heavy and compact machine, you’re free to go with models that have longer cord and hose.


Weight of a Portable Carpet Cleaner

Your choice of a carpet cleaner should also depend on the weight you’re more comfortable with while cleaning. In general, vacuums have lesser weight than portable rug cleaners.

However, you should know that heavier carpet cleaner has a greater balance on carpet than the lighter one especially if you have a plush carpet. Also, longer cords and hose make the machine heavier, but they work great when used to clean up a larger room.

This way you won’t have to move it around often hence before you decide which product to buy it’s best you know all the specifics and only then choose the item that’ll be the most comfortable for you to use.


Always put warranty into consideration before you purchase a portable carpet cleaner. It’s always best to get a model that comes with a decent warranty of at least one or two years.

It’s certain you want something that’ll last more than a year, right? But if the company can’t assure you of that why would you want to take the risk.

Product with a warranty that lasts more years will protect you against material and manufacturer defects.

Tank Size/Drain Plug

The tank size matters a lot. Models with larger tank allow you to perform heavy cleaning task without having to refill or empty them more often.

However, larger tanks make the machine heavier than those with small size reservoir. If your main purpose of buying a carpet cleaner is to clean small spot, then consider getting models with a smaller tank.


Before you make the final decision to get a carpet cleaner, you should know where to store it after use. Most models come in a pretty small size, making them easier to store.

However, a smaller size model with fewer accessories doesn’t work great to clean a large room. You might decide to let go of some of its attachment, but before taking that step, you should know your specific needs.

How to Clean With a Portable Carpet Cleaner

Lift the clean water tank out of the machine and pour fresh water into the tank until it reaches the spot marked as clean water on the same container.

Add some oxy spot cleaner into the water tank and ensure that the cleaning agent reaches the spot cleaner level. Next, replace the clean water cap.

Return the water tank into the cleaner, take out the power cord and fix it to a power source, for example, a wall socket. Remove the elastic cleaning hose from the bottom of the carpet cleaner.

Press the spray button on the handle to soak the affected area with the cleaning agent. After that, press the button on the top of the brush to turn it on and start cleaning dirt or debris.


How to Clean Your Carpet

Unlike cheap vacuum cleaners, handheld carpet cleaners are great tools for cleaning carpets on all surfaces including your stairs. Surprisingly, larger sized models can’t handle this task.

With this in mind, here are some tips to clean the carpets and make them look fabulous:

Step 1 – Clear all the items from the carpet

Ensure that there aren’t any items such as toys, shoes and other similar things.

Step 2 – Take a carpet rake

These are very inexpensive and won’t hurt delicate carpet fibers. Gently rake the carpet you’re about to clean to loosen up any embedded dirt on them. Start from one end and work your way down.

Step 3 – Remove all dry dirt from the fabric

Gentle on the carpet, these tools help remove hardened dirt on the fibers. Clean the carpet from one end of the room to the other.

Step 4 – Vacuum the carpet

Don’t rush this task because the more dirt you remove, the easier it becomes for you to clean the carpet with shampoo. Start cleaning from one end down to other ends of the room.

Step 5 – Soak the carpet with a chemical solution

Use the handheld cleaner to do this. Begin from one side of the carpet down to the other ends. Use the rotating cleaning brush attachment for tougher stains.

Step 6 – Remove moisture with a vacuum cleaner

This makes a carpet look cleaner and it helps it dry quickly.

Step 7 – Dry the carpet for a minimum of 12 hours

Once it gets dry, run the vacuum cleaner over it for the last time before you let people walk on it.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Portable Carpet Cleaner

The carpet cleaner is used to remove embedded dirt and perform other tasks. However, you should clean and maintain the product to prevent any possible damage.

As you ought to know, a well-maintained machine lasts for a longer time. Here are some tips on how to keep the portable cleaner in great shape:

Step 1 – Wash the Nozzle

Remember to unplug the tool from the wall socket before cleaning. You can do this by loosening the nozzle and removing the dirt underneath.

Use tap water to clean the nozzle under a sink faucet. Wipe thoroughly with a clean rag and apply pressure to remove any remaining debris in the nozzle area.

Step 2 – Take Out the Lint

As the nozzle is removed, clear the lint that’s stuck in the machine. You can find it in a single part of the device thanks to the inbuilt filter or screen.

Step 3 – Wash the Brushes

Try to remove all dirt from this attachment of your portable cleaner. Take out fibers, fur or any dirt found on its bristles.

Immediately after you’ve removed all the debris, detach the brush from the machine. Take to the faucet and wash with regular tap water.

Step 4 – Wash the Tank

Before you place your carpet cleaner in storage, clean and rinse it. You can start by pouring out all the cleaning products from it.

Pour some fresh water into the tank to flush the solution out. This prevents blockage from occurring in any part of your machine.

Even if you feel like using a cheaper brand of carpet cleaners, it’s best you purchase products approved by the manufacturer. Apart from the fact these products keep your carpet clean, they ensure that you get the best from your portable cleaner.

Step 6 – Wipe the Exterior

Don’t allow dirt and debris to buildup on the surface of your carpet cleaner. With a clean damp rag, clean the exterior of the machine immediately after use.

Step 7 – Dry Thoroughly

Ensure the unit is free from moisture and thoroughly dry before placing in storage.


How to Wash a Spin Mop

Even the best microfiber mops need regular rinsing. After use, wring the mop and pour out the dirty water. Next, clean your mop bucket with a solution of soap and water.

Wash the mop and remember that here you’re trying to get rid of all the dirty water and cleaning chemicals on the cleaning tool. Place it under a laundry or kitchen sink and allow water to run over the head to remove more dirt.

Rinse until the water becomes clear. Shake the mop thoroughly to remove the dirt on all parts then pour the dirty water away.

Since any leftover dirt or cleaning product on the mop can be spread through use, it’s essential you clean the mop, wring it out and allow it to dry. If possible, you can hang it and let the fibers dry that way.


Spin Mop vs Pet Hair

When it comes to pet hairs, a spin mop might not work great to clean them effectively. What you need is one of the best microfiber mops as they can attract dust and pet hair like a powerful magnet.

How often do mop heads need to be washed?

Mops left unwashed after a long use always looks very dirty and this could allow bacteria to grow on it.

If you don’t sanitize or wash the mop thoroughly, mold and bacteria will continue to strive on it hence, it’s advisable to always wash the mop thoroughly after each use.

Are spin mops better than sponge mops or string mops?

Are spin mops better than sponge mops or string mops

Well, this depends on the floor surface you want to clean. Spring mop works great when used to clean hardwood floor, walls and tiles in the bathroom, but when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning and non-marble floors it’s best to use a string mop.

A sponge mop is suitable for tile and laminate floors as it makes the floor look sparkling clean. Also, for those living with pets in their home, you should get one of the best microfiber mops. These mops attract and clean dust and pet hairs effectively.

How often should I change the water as I mop?

When cleaning a large surface area, the water could get to the point it becomes very dirty. Once you notice this, you have to change the water, because you don’t want to spread dirty water on the floor.

The dirtiness of the floor you’re cleaning will also determine how often you should change the mop water. For large stairway or entrance porch, you’ll need to change the water more often, because these places accumulate much dirt.

Wrap Up

These cleaners keep your home carpet fresh and long lasting. However, there are too many brands available in the market, making it hard for people to choose from.

If you fall in such a category, carefully read this buying guide. Also, ensure you purchase a model that cleans spills with ease.

Portable cleaners for rugs can handle this task even better than most of the cheap portable steam cleaners. With this appliance, you can clean up stains including animal urine quickly.

Accidental spills are common in all spaces. With a portable carpet cleaner, you can handle such issues on most materials in your home or vehicle.

Using a durable floor sweeper or premium vacuums for hard floors you won’t handle such tasks effectively. With this in mind, only a portable rug cleaner can make a great difference.

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