Best Mop Bucket

The task of cleaning your floors is not always easy or pleasant, yet it remains a necessary one, especially if you are concerned about keeping your environment free from dirt and disease-causing germs and bacteria.

Top 5 Best Mop Buckets (Summary)


Image Product Details
sample-table__image Most DurableRubbermaid Commercial Products
  • Easy to empty after use
  • Very large capacity
  • Well designed
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sample-table__image Most ComfortableTETHYS
  • Large capacity bucket
  • Light in weight
  • Adjustable handle height
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sample-table__image Easiest to UseLibman
  • Two compartments for separating dirty and clean water
  • Sturdy design
  • Comes with two moderate-sized wells
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sample-table__image AmazonBasics
  • Large capacity to hold water
  • Easy to assemble
  • Thick construction
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sample-table__image Simpli-Magic
  • Compact design
  • 4 wheels that facilitate transportation
  • Easy for heavy-duty cleaning
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However, using the right cleaning equipment will make this easier, help you save time and produce better results. 

What Is a Mop Bucket

When it comes to floor cleaning, a mop bucket is a must-have. These tools work with compatible mops to give floor surfaces a clean look because on their own they can’t do the task of cleaning.

Benefits of Using a Mop Bucket

Some of the benefits of using a mop bucket are:

Makes the Floor Cleaning Task Easier

These buckets allow you to measure the right amount of water you need for cleaning and most of them provide wringers for pressing out excess water from your mop’s head. The handle allows you to clean your floors without having to get down on your knees.

Promotes Durability of Your Floors

Mopping your floor rightly with a mop and bucket enables you to apply the right amount of water on your floor, eliminating unnecessary soaking which can cause damage to it.

Types of Mop Buckets

Types of Mop Buckets

Mop Bucket for Home Use With Wringer

A mop bucket and a wringer are necessary components for everyday cleaning. Wringers are useful for keeping excess water off the floor while mopping; hence, reducing or cutting out completely, the incidence of accidents that can occur on slippery floors.

There are various types of wringers, but the primary function remains the same and that is pressing out the accumulation of water from a wet mop.

Mop Bucket for Home Use With a Dirty Water Bucket

Some buckets with wringers have a dirty water bucket for keeping the dirty water from mopping separate from the clean one. The feature of these buckets makes it possible for fewer water changes, even if you are cleaning an ample and dirty space.

Mop Bucket for Home Use Combo

The combo offers a specially designed spot to dip the head to soak up water and a separate place to strain out dirty water. The wringer allows for the removal of excess water from the head to avoid the over-saturation of the floors with water, making it slippery.

Types of Wringers

Funnel Wringer

The funnel wringer doesn’t involve any metal or moving parts in its construction, which is an essential attribute for ensuring safety. It fits securely on top for easy and efficient wringing. 

This type offers more control over the wetness of the mop. It is easy to use and provides efficient wringing without any pressing involved. The funnel wringer is cost-effective and suitable for cleaning smaller environments.

Side Press Wringer

This type of wringer has the handle located on its side, facilitating smooth operation, though it requires the exertion of the right amount of pressure. The side press wringer requires no pulling or bending while in use. It has a high handle which allows for convenient and easy application.

Reverse Press Wringer

These types of wringers are usually of a compact design. Reverse press wringers operate an easy-to-use and comfortable mechanism. This also requires the right amount of pressure while in use, compared to other types of wringers.

Down Press Wringer

The location of the handle of this type of wringer, right above the bucket, makes for a comfortable grip of the handle. 

This feature also eliminates the need to either bend or to pull. The down press wringer is very effective at releasing water and gives you so much control over how much water is squeezed out.

Metal Wringer

This type of wringer is used with the bucket to optimize cleaning.  It is easily attached to it to allow you to remove excess water from the head during cleaning. Metal wringers are usually more expensive and durable compared to their plastic counterparts.

Plastic Wringer

This type of wringer, just as the metal wringer, helps you to get the best results. It is also attachable and detachable and is useful for removing excess water from head while cleaning. 

The plastic wringer is a more economical option compared to the metal wringer and it is comparatively lightweight, which makes it easier to move around during cleaning.

What Makes a Great Mop Bucket

What Makes a Great Mop Bucket


Different buckets for mops work well on different floor surfaces. So, in choosing the ideal option for cleaning your floors, you will have to consider your cleaning needs. What type of flooring does your home have? Is it tiled, laminate, etc.

If your floor is laminate, for instance, using a tool that is compatible with an explicitly designed mop for laminate floor or world’s best microfiber mop, will deliver excellent results. 

Furthermore, if your floors are tiled, a steam mop for tiles in combination with a well-suited bucket will give your floors a clean and fresh look.


The capacity is a significant consideration in deciding the ideal option for your use. For example, a small tool will be most suitable for your kitchen. 

Using the right size will help you to avoid water spillage from over-filling a small bucket because your cleaning will require more water and will also help you maximize the use of your cleaning solution, as well as eliminate water wastage.


This is especially important when you consider the place you want to clean. Is it your home or office? What is the size of this place? How often will it require cleaning? 

To ensure durability, you must consider the material used in the manufacture of the various parts of the mop bucket. 

For instance, it is no new knowledge that plastic wares are more susceptible to cracking and leaking. But even if you decide to opt for a plastic model, it is advisable that you go for the more strong brands that will last long, irrespective of their usage.


It is essential that you check the features before making a choice. Ask yourself questions like: How often will I need to clean?  What is the mechanism of the wringer? Is there a foot pedal for hands-free mop wringing?

An ergonomically designed solution is always the best choice to help you achieve your cleaning goals without putting your body through undue stress.

Dirt Water Bucket

Dirt Water Mop Bucket

Mop buckets with wringers usually include dirty water buckets, which are designed to keep the dirty water separate from the clean water. This feature enhances cleaning efficiency and eliminates the need for a frequent water change. The dirty water bucket is a necessary consideration, primarily, when picking out a suitable bucket for cleaning large and commercial areas.


How easy-to-move are these tools? Would you need to shuttle between upstairs and down while cleaning? A heavy bucket will make cleaning tedious. That’s why portability is an essential factor for consideration in choosing an excellent bucket for mops.


The weight is a vital point to consider. Lightweight buckets are perfect for easy maneuvering. 

Alternatively, if you are picking a relatively heavy item, check that it has rubber-clad wheels for the smooth and safe movement even on sensitive floors, like laminate flooring.


Your budget is central to the choice you’re going to make when it comes to these tools. If you are operating on a tight budget, it will be a good idea to opt for the traditional item, which is equally useful for cleaning.

However, if you can afford something pricey, it is best to go for any of the versatile microfiber spin bucket brands available in the market. 

These models are suitable for deep-cleaning and removing tough dirt and grime from a variety of floor surfaces giving you value for money spent. 

Mop Bucket and Wringer Accessories

Mop Bucket and Wringer Accessories

Wet Mop

It is this accessory that has direct contact with the surface being cleaned. Hence, using the right one for your cleaning is essential. It is always best to opt for a versatile, detachable and washable tool that is compatible with your bucket and wringer.

Mop Handle

Using an appropriate handle helps to simplify your cleaning task. An adjustable item, for instance, allows you to set the mop to your preferred and most comfortable length.

A great spin mop comes handy here, as most of the models have adjustable handles. Alternatively, you can opt for an ergonomically designed handle that is consistent with your height, to ensure comfort.

Wet Floor Sign

This floor cleaning accessory is used to notify people that the floor is wet to avoid potential injury from a fall on slippery floors. The wet floor sign is most important for use in large and public areas where there is always huge human traffic, like shopping malls, airports, etc. 

They are also useful for small enterprises and homes where there is a reasonable amount of human movement.

11 Best Mop Buckets on the Market – Pros and Cons

1. Rubbermaid Commercial Products – Best for Effective Cleaning

Featuring a very large capacity as it can contain up to 44 quarts of water, Rubbermaid Commercial Products is a modern, functional mopping system bucket design that reduces splashing by 40% and has a great sense of stability. This is possible thanks to the wringer that allows you to squeeze the mop effortlessly and effectively. Also, you can easily choose the humidity level to use.

It has a steel handle that makes wringing easy, comfortable to transport and empty the water. This mop bucket also helps separates clean water from the dirty one, thus eliminating the stress of removing the dirty water film in the end.

Assembly is easy and it rolls smoothly, but it doesn’t come with locking wheels. And besides, the wheels are soft, absorbing plastic, so you don’t have to worry about causing any damage to the floor of your home while moving from one place to another. It is made with thick, hardened plastic material, making it durable and easy to store after use.

Squeezing the mop is even more simple and less tiring, so as to clean faster and with less effort. This certainly makes it suitable for the elderly. The bucket has a dimension of 23.1 x 16 x 38.1 inches and a total weight of 21 pounds. Additionally, it will accommodate mops of any size.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Wavebrake


  • Well designed and durable
  • Easy to empty after use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very large capacity

  • Doesn’t come with a drain plug
  • A bit heavy

2. OXO

Designed in a long shape to ensure easy transportation while cleaning, OXO Mop Bucket comes with a bottom grove to help collect heavier dirt. The bucket features structural markings serving as a water level indicator to ensure you use only the amount of water needed to avoid any splashes while cleaning.

Its sturdy design comes with plastic material to ensure its long-lasting use. The capacity of this bucket is 4 liters, with a soft non-slip handle that’s comfortable to transport. This will help you to drain your mop in a much easier way. Thanks to the handle, you’ll find it easy to empty the bucket.

It features a mop holder located on the handle responsible for securing the mop in an upright position for easy storage and transportation. The process to fill the bucket is very simple, thus guaranteeing you the enjoyment and comfort you need when cleaning.

You’ll find it easy to wring out the mop, without letting the water splash out of the bucket. And besides, you don’t need to bend over to drain the mop. Unfortunately, it isn’t equipped with wheels making it difficult to move when full of water.

OXO Good Grips


  • Lasts for a long time
  • Big
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable to handle

  • Not equipped with rolling wheels

3. TETHYS – Best for Cleaning Difficult to access areas

TETHYS is designed to give you a thorough cleaning of your living environment with less effort. This is possible thanks to the container’s capacity that allows you to work without interruptions. It features wheels on the bottom, making it easy to transport from one room to another.

It has an extendable handle that will help you reach places that are difficult to access and leave the house better in an optimal cleaning condition. The handle height makes it convenient to wash on the floor without straining and bending.

Considering the mop head shape, it is rectangular and will capture all the dirt at a go. The head is 280-degree rotating and can reach even very low furniture, so as to leave every corner of your house dirt-free.

The microfiber pad is durable and can be washed with a washing machine. Also, it doesn’t leave marks or damage any type of surface while mopping. While mopping, you’ll find it easy to squeeze well and avoid carrying too much water on delicate surfaces such as wood.



  • Light in weight
  • Large capacity bucket
  • Comfortable to move from one place to another
  • Handle height is adjustable

  • Mop head has a slim design

4. Behrens – Most Durable

Behrens is designed to allow you to wash your mop and wring it out without stress. It’s rustproof, thanks to its durable steel material and doesn’t absorb odor. You’ll be able to use it for a long time without feeling uncomfortable because of bad odor.

It’s well constructed with a dimension of 17.5 x 13.5 x 11 inches and a lightweight of 0.16 ounce. You don’t need to worry about it getting heavy after filling it with water as it conserves water and saves you time from working back and forth to the sink.

You’ll find the bucket comfortable to transport from one place to another. The rollers will perfectly wring out the mop and leave it with enough water to clean the floor without stress. After use, you’ll find it easy to wash and dry.

This item guarantees a total cleaning from processing to operation. The parts can easily be replaced when they wear out.

Behrens Galvanized


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Comfortable to carry

  • Doesn’t feature wheels

5. Libman

Libman is designed for those suffering from back pain and arthritis. This is possible thanks to its lightweight and ability to conserve enough usable cleaning water, making it easy to transport from one place to another. The winger serves as a storage for the mop when not in use.

The wringer side squeezes out most of the water from the mop by applying little pressure on it and leave enough water to wipe the surface. You’ll be able to cover a lot of ground when cleaning without changing water frequently. It is easy to maintain and after cleaning, you’ll find it comfortable to rinse and air-dry.

Considering its structure, it has a sturdy design and it’s made of plastic material, thus contributing to its lightweight. Also, it comes with two moderate-sized wells for keeping both dirty and clean water separately. This eliminates the need to constantly change the water, which saves you time and effort.

To use this item, fill it with water and detergent and dip the mop into the water, push the mop piece into the wringer side, squeeze it and then clean the floor with.



  • Sturdy design
  • Two compartments for separating dirty and clean water
  • Convenient to use
  • Wringer serves as storage for mops

  • No foot pedal
  • Emptying the dirty water can be messy

6. AmazonBasics – Best for Heavy Traffic Areas

Designed to save you from experiencing back pain while working in a large space environment, AmazonBasics Mop Bucket makes your cleaning efficient and incredibly quick. This is possible thanks to its capacity of 35 quarts and wheels, making it easy to transition from one place to another without having to go back and forth, changing the water.

Regardless of the surface materials, the wheels won’t damage or leave any mark on it. The wringer is well designed and durable, making it able to withstand the pressure by wringing out the mop without problems and leaving the mop with enough water to flush the floor surface.

As of the design, it has a thick construction with a large capacity to hold lots of water and it is heavy in weight. Also, it is easy to assemble after purchase. When you’re done cleaning, you can comfortably wash the bucket with water and store it in a garage.

This bucket is strong and durable enough to save you from applying much pressure when inserting and wringing out the mop in the wringer side. This way, your hands will stay dry and you won’t have to tire yourself out that much.

AmazonBasics Side Press


  • Thick and durable construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wheels glide and maneuver comfortably
  • Large capacity to hold water

  • Heavyweight
  • A bit messy to empty

7. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Double Pail

If you’re looking for a large capacity bucket wide enough for your mop, Rubbermaid Commercial Products Double Pail model is the perfect one. It has a capacity of 19 quarts and two separate compartments for holding both clean water and thorough cleaning of the mop head when rinsing between mopping passes.

It is comfortable and safe to transport, thanks to its secure handle and it is easy to store when done the cleaning. The construction is easy to use, making it quite straightforward and very effective in cleaning. It is rectangular in shape, which is smart and it’s made of durable plastic materials of very fine quality.

Two wells are effective in keeping both clean and dirty water separately so that you do not wash the floor with dirty water. It is convenient to use and relieves your body by preventing you from stressing yourself so much.

When washing floors with this system, you should remember to change your water as soon as it becomes dirty, so as to avoid washing your highly revered floor surface with dirty water. With this bucket, you’ll definitely get a quick and total cleaning and then you can use your time for something more sensible.

AmazonBasics Side Press


  • Sturdy construction
  • Features two separate compartments for holding clean and dirty water
  • Comfortable to move around
  • Convenient to use

  • Tends to sway back and forth when filled up
  • Features only a pouring lip at one end, which isn’t enough

8. Homz

Homz Mop Bucket is a 17-gallon capacity and it’s designed to withstand the regular use for both indoor and outdoor activities.

This is possible thanks to its ability to keep several ice cubes and drinks and offer them to your family or your best friends every time your home is visited.

It is available in two sets and offers you a fairly ideal capacity so that you can keep enough drinks cool. Its compact design makes it useful to place in the home or even to have outdoors for parties.

As of the design, this bucket is made of rugged plastic material with high-quality black color to make it look great in any kitchen or space you want to place it. This makes it one of the best alternatives when you have enough drinks to keep cool.



  • Large capacity
  • Sturdy construction makes it able to withstand rough handling
  • Very versatile

  • Only available in a black color

9. Rubbermaid Roughneck

Manufactured with a flexible plastic to withstand heavy-duty usage, Rubbermaid Roughneck is very versatile as can be used as a mop bucket, animal feed bucket, laundry bucket and also holds recyclables for emptying daily into the bin.

It can be used by runners who are looking to soak their feet (one foot at a time) for relaxation and you don’t have to worry about splashing or spilling water, thanks to its sturdy and deep construction. The metal handle is well design, making it comfortable to carry from one room to another.

As of the design, it has a rectangular shape with a capacity of 14 quarts responsible for its stability, thus making it secure for carrying heavy loads. Its light color enables you to notice when the wash water becomes dirty. After use, it is easy to empty thanks to its two pouring spouts and requires less space for storage.

It doesn’t come with wheels, making it tedious to move when it is full of water. The rectangular shape allows you to store it even in the narrowest and most hidden corners of the house.

Rubbermaid Roughneck


  • Sturdy design
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to empty
  • Very versatile

  • A bit narrow
  • Doesn’t have volume marking

10. O-Cedar Quick Wring Bucket

O-Cedar is a nice and sturdy shaped mop bucket, ideal for medium-sized apartments. It does this thanks to its detachable plastic mesh-like wringer that’ll squeeze out water from traditional cotton rope or microfiber mop with moderate head size.

This saves you from experiencing back pain as a result of bending over when squeezing the mop. The structural design helps distribute the water evenly, making it convenient to transport without spilling or splashing water. Thus, it is less heavy and awkward to carry.

It features a notch responsible for holding the mop handle while transporting the bucket from one room to another. It is made of rugged plastic material to ensure its long-lasting use and easy to empty after use, thanks to the pour spout that prevents spilling of dirty water.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable wringer mop bucket that’s not heavy and cumbersome to use, this product is the perfect option as it makes mopping more pleasant and cleaning easier. Also, it’s perfect for quick and deep cleaning.

O-Cedar Quick Wring


  • Durable
  • Detachable wringer that leaves you with enough water to mop the floor
  • Wringing of mop requires less pressure
  • Comfortable to transport with water

  • Not ideal for a large head mop
  • Handles get rusty

11. Simpli-Magic

Designed to allow you to clean the floor faster and with less effort, Simpli-Magic 79200 Mop Bucket has a side press ringing system responsible for 50,000 cycles of heavy-duty use. Thus, you will be able to avoid unnecessary efforts and injuries to arms, wrists and back when squeezing the mop to the maximum with little effort.

It is ideal for all types of mop materials and leaves them perfectly drained within a very short time without wetting your hands. You’ll be left with enough water on the mop to clean the floor. Also, this item is easy to transport and empty after use.

It comes with 4 Non-Marking Swivel wheels responsible for quick transition from one room to another, thus facilitating your cleaning tasks.

If you’re looking to avoid back problems and reduce bad posture, this item is the ideal mop bucket for your cleaning activities as it will not only make you comfortable but also save your back.

Simpli-Magic 79200


  • Easy to use for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Compact design
  • 4 wheels that facilitate transportation
  • Side press wring pedal allows you to drain the mop perfectly without splashing of water

  • Not compatible with a large head mop
  • Wheels give a squeaking sound when being transported

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to buying a mop bucket. Some models offer unique features that allow for a stress-free cleaning and these are continually being improved on to make floor cleaning more pleasant.

There is no doubt that these innovations usually come at a price, as you can’t buy any of the new models at the same amount that you will get the traditional one.

Therefore, it is evident that the higher the quality of the mop bucket, the higher the price, and of course, the better the cleaning experience and results.

How to Use Mop Bucket and Wringer

Step 1 – Move Your Furniture

As a general rule, you should begin the floor mopping process with moving furniture and other household objects out of the way and then you proceed to either sweep or vacuum the floor surface to get rid of dust, debris and hair. If you have pets, it is advisable to use the best vacuum for pet hair to ensure the complete removal of strands from the floor before you start mopping.

Step 2 – Add Water to the Bucket

Fill the bucket with water. It could be either cold or warm though warm water works better at removing tough stains and grime faster.

Step 3 – Add a Cleaning Solution

Add the cleaning solution or detergent to the water. Take care not to add more than necessary and follow the instructions on the label.

Step 4 – Prepare the Mop

Submerge the mop fully into the soapy water, swirl it around a few times, remove and place it on the wringer to squeeze out excess water.

Step 5 – Start Mopping

Place the mop on the floor, begin cleaning from a corner that furthest from the door, working from one end to the other. Taking the floor in portions, keep moving back systematically to avoid stepping on the mopped area. If you encounter any tough stains, rub the back and forth vigorously to loosen stains.

Step 6 – Change Water If Needed

Keep dipping and wringing the mop intermittently throughout the cleaning process. If there is a need to change the water, do so and continue cleaning.

Step 7 – Empty Dirty Water

After cleaning, empty the dirty water and replace with fresh water for rinsing.

Step 8 – Repeat Cleaning Process

Repeat the whole process once again, this time without detergent or any cleaning solution. Allow the floor to dry, while you rinse out your mop and bucket. Allow them to dry then store in a storage or closet floor.

How to Clean and Maintain a Mop Bucket

The more the bucket is used for cleaning, the dirtier and contaminated it is likely to be. Hence, it is crucial to establish a routine to regularly clean and disinfect it, to maintain the highest levels of hygiene.

Step 1 – Empty the Bucket

Wear your cleaning gloves and empty it thoroughly. This could be done in the bathroom.

Step 2 – Use Water and Vinegar

Fill the bucket with water and add 3/4 cup of bleach or vinegar. Allow the mixture to sit for 5-7 minutes.

Step 3 – Wash the Bucket

Using the scouring sponge, wash the inside of the bucket, scrub all the chambers and attachments with the mixture. Rinse it thoroughly with fresh water then tip upside down to ensure that every drop of water empties. When completely dry, store it on the floor of storage or closet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much square footage can each mop bucket cover?

The amount of square footage your bucket will cover remains varied. This is because the determining factors of how much area it can cover are relative. 

They could be how dirty the floor is, how large the area to be cleaned is, the capacity of the bucket and so on.

For example, a dirty floor will require multiple water changes. A large bucket will be most appropriate in this case because it can contain more water, which is suitable for diluting dirt and grime, allowing for covering extended distance before a change of water is required. 

How to effectively empty a mop bucket?

Once you are through with mopping, squeeze out excess water from the mop and keep it aside. Detach the wringer and also set it aside. Then, lift the  bucket into the bathroom or any other designated place for collecting wastewater. Tip the bucket slightly until it is empty, rinse it with clean water and tip it upside down to let out any remaining water. Allow it to dry then replace the wringer.

Which cleaning accessories should I use with a mop?

To get the best out of your mop, you have to use some other cleaning accessories like bucket for straining wet mops, a broom and dustpan or a vacuum cleaner.

Either of these will be used to clean dust and debris out of the floor surface before you begin mopping. Floor cleaners and disinfectants are other accessories you will need to give your floor a clean and sanitized feel.


The need to ensure that our environments are clean, safe and healthy can’t be over-emphasized. Despite being tedious, the task of cleaning floors is vital and can’t be ignored.

However, thanks to the constant advancements in floor cleaning technology, innovations are made almost every day to help in simplifying the task of floor cleaning. 

This continuous influx of cleaning innovations has left us with a large pool of floor cleaning equipment to choose from and it can be confusing picking out the right mop bucket for your use.

Nevertheless, putting several factors like your cleaning needs, your budget and the features into consideration will help you down your choices to the option that is best and convenient for you.

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