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Best Cordless Vacuum

Mopping floors daily is not really recommended since it could wear off not only the flooring but also your energy. This is why it’s crucial to use a vacuum at least once a week.

Done regularly, it will save you from cleaning excessive dirt and debris that might build up and take away the beauty of your home’s surfaces. With all the models available in the market, it’s safe to say that not all units are created equal.

Top 5 Cordless Vacuums (Summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image LightestMOOSOO
  • Removable handheld option
  • Strong suction power
  • Easy to maneuver
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sample-table__image Most VersatileDyson Cyclone V10
  • Can be used as a handheld or full-sized unit
  • 40 minutes of run time on a full charge
  • Cleans both carpets and hardwood floors
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sample-table__image Most AffordableJASHEN
  • Three-stage filtration system
  • 2-in-1 design works as a full and handheld vacuum
  • LED & Power Indictor
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sample-table__image LG Cordzero A9
  • Includes two batteries
  • Removable and washable features
  • Convenient, single-touch controls
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sample-table__image NEQUARE
  • Long-lasting larger Battery
  • Easy to empty
  • Powerful suction
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

Some have stronger suction power, while others have more attachments for different purposes. Likewise, some come corded, while others are cordless. In this very guide, we’ll focus on the cordless version.

What Is a Cordless Vacuum

Cordless vacuums have gone a long way since their first release. Now, they come with new inclusions you can use for removing spills and cleaning the house in general. 

The main selling point of a cordless unit is it eliminates the hassles of constant plugging and unplugging. Moreover, it allows you to reach any area and carry the vacuum anywhere you’d like to go.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that all cordless cleaners offer great convenience, there are far more things to consider when finding the right one. 

Benefits of Cordless Vacuums

The convenience of cordless devices offer four significant advantages:

Reaches Areas Corded Vacuums Can’t

The great thing about cordless units is that they are battery-operated, meaning they can be used for cleaning of virtually any space – even the hardest-to-reach nooks and corners such as suctioning the interior of your car.

You don’t need to search for the nearest power outlet or grab an extension cord and drag it around. Just grab the unit and get cleaning.

Quick Cleanups of Any Space

When you’re expecting guests and have to do a quick cleanup, pulling out twisted or knotted cords is not an option. Especially if you’re working on a high-traffic area, such as laminate floors that need to be vacuumed regularly, dragging cords here and it is rather inconvenient.

With a cordless vacuum, you can eliminate dust and other impurities lurking in your home without causing any disruption on the daily routine of your family.

Silent Operation for Noiseless Cleaning

Speaking of high-traffic, other vacuums tend to produce a lot of noise, which could annoy people around. This is undesirable, especially if you own a shop and there are customers inside.

The good news is, most cordless devices are now geared with quiet operation technology so you can do the cleaning, without anybody noticing. Some of the world’s best stick vacuum hardly produce any noise at all. 

Safer Cleaning Alternative

As you may already know, corded cleaners use cables and run through electricity, which means they pose more risks than corded models. Being cordless means no people tripping over cords or no one being grounded by electricity during operation. It also means safer and smoother cleaning since potential hazards are eliminated.

How Does a Cordless Vacuum Work

How Does a Cordless Vacuum Work

Modern battery technology has allowed the development of portable power sources that have sufficient power to operate a cleaner’s strong motor. A cordless cleaner can do the job of a regular vacuum you see around the house except for the wires trailing out of its back.

Without the cables, the humble vacuum became so much more versatile, reaching places where a regular device could never dream of achieving. 

The motor might vary, such as the best Dyson vacuum that employs a different kind of suction action for their cleaners, but the one thing that differentiates the cordless unit is the absence of wires.

Pros and Cons of Cordless Vacuums

In the effort to keep you as informed as possible when choosing a handheld, lightweight vacuum, we have looked at the most essential advantages and any cons that they may have:


Less Bulky

Being made to be portable, engineers often go out of their way to ensure that cordless devices are light yet sturdy enough for cleaning. Most wireless cleaners are designed to be held in one hand and contain a small yet powerful motor to do their job efficiently.


Cordless cleaners are designed to be compact and are optimized for secure storage and handling. Most of these can be easily stowed in the trunk of your car without occupying a huge space.

Can Be Used Practically Anywhere

Having no wires means you can use it wherever you can reach. These cordless machines will have no difficulty reaching under your car seats, which is a feat that conventional vacuums may have trouble replicating.

Quick Cleanup

Most cordless vacuums will have their dock while it is not being used. Unlike its corded counterpart, the wireless version practically is ‘unplug’ and play – get the wires unplugged and use without any set up to be done.

Reach Difficult Places

Because of its lightweight and compact design, you can use the vacuum with just one hand. With a variety of extensions, there is virtually no place that will be out of reach with this versatile machine. Furthermore, an upright vacuum unit without wires can reach further under furniture than its wired alternative ever can.

Perfect for Vehicles

Because of its compact and lightweight size, the cordless vacuum is ideal for cars. With this, it is super easy to reach those nooks and crannies without being hampered by cords and wires.

When cleaning cars, a vacuum cleaner you can carry as a backpack is certainly on the plus side. This is especially helpful if you are a pet owner as there is no other tool better suited to pick up pet hair with a vacuum cleaner.


Limited Power Capacity

Their versatility notwithstanding, these gadgets are prone to running out of power and, therefore, not suited for heavy-duty jobs. Make sure that you budget your time and ensure that the job can be finished with attention to how long the battery will last on your upright vacuum unit. 

Limited Storage Capacity

You won’t be cleaning the pool with a vacuum, but the storage capacity of a cordless machine will never be as large as a standard or regular cleaner. The portable nature of the device prevents anything more significant to be put on a wireless vacuum. If you are cleaning long hair from floors, the storage might not be enough.


A wireless or cordless vacuum requires a battery pack for it to operate normally. This entails further production costs and makes the wireless product generally more costly than its wired counterpart. 

Types of Cordless Vacuums

Cordless vacuums are great at sucking in dirt and preventing allergies by suctioning regularly. Still, they do have different kinds that can address different needs.

Some cater to more specialized tasks or may be made for a more heavy-duty type of job. Below are the types that you may encounter in your search:

Types of Cordless Vacuums

Stick Vacuum

This kind of vacuum is suitable for getting the dirt off of any floor that allows the user to do so while in a relaxed standing position. A stick vacuum is the more portable and light-duty version of the more heavy-duty oriented upright vacuum.

Handheld Vacuum

Vacuums of this type are suitable to take care of smaller spills and quick cleanups. Some are quite small that they can only be used on personal computers, while others, with powerful enough motors, can be used both at home and vehicles. 

Upright Vacuum

This is the big brother of the stick vacuum. Whereas the dust collection mechanism of the stick vacuum is mostly located in the stick connected to the handles, the upright vacuum has a more dedicated place for collected dust.

Upright machines are usually the full deal where you get the most powerful motors, most significant bag capacities, biggest batteries.

Bagged Vacuum

This method of dust collection is the most common and includes washing the bag and manually removing the dust collected into a dustbin when done with cleaning the house.

The container may also be utterly disposable after use or one may opt to have a washable alternative. Regardless of the method of disposal, there is always a detachable bag or chamber involved.

Bagless Vacuums

As the name suggests, these cleaners will not have a disposable, washable or any other kind of bag inside but utilize different methods of capturing dust and debris that’s being sucked up.

Some opt to use a removable container with a reusable filter. Cyclonic method separation is also a common alternative to a bag where the air is spun so fast that the debris is taken to the sides to be collected. Others use water separation or an ultra-fine filter.

How to Choose the Best Cordless Vacuum

The choices are challenging both from your local appliance store and even more so online. We compiled the list below so you can pierce through the clutter and get straight to what will work best for you:


If being able to twist and turn your way on top or under any furniture is a requirement, look for cordless devices that have a hose extension or at least the option to attach one.

If a hose is not among the choices, the next thing would be to make sure it has that balance between size and power as it makes no sense to be maneuverable but no energy that’s strong enough to do the job.

Air Filtration

This boils down to the choice between having a bag for collecting dirt or the more exotic bagless configuration. Having a bag is the more common option but can be inconvenient, as it mostly requires swapping out or even washing the bag before the next use.

The alternatives would be to go for a bagless type but maybe a bit more expensive.

Cordless Vacuum Air Filtration

Brush Heads and Rollers

There are now cleaners that connect to your Wi-fi and we know how much use that will get under the seat of your car.

Look for the attachments that matter like an extra-long or extra narrow nozzle for specialty cleaning. It is essential to consider where you will be mostly using the vacuum because a crevice tool may not be as useful inside the home as it would be in a vehicle.


There are some styles that will make sense, such as the addition of rubber guards on vulnerable corners or a glossy paint finish that will make cleaning the cordless vacuum so much easier.

Ergonomics/Ease of Use

The only way to gauge this is to make sure you try the size and heft of the unit before purchase. This way, you can be assured that the vacuum you will buy can be used without breaking your arm or wrist with its weight.

Another feature that is gaining popularity among newer models is the addition of LED pilot lamps that point to the area you are cleaning and the addition of flexible hose attachments as well.

You would be surprised that a battery indicator is not standard among cordless vacuums, so look for this feature as well. Being able to leave your device standing is a great feature to have as well so make sure that this box is ticked.

Cleaning Effectiveness

Take note of the capacity of the collection system and how fast it fills up relative to its battery life. Remember that a cordless item will have a much smaller dust collection capacity and will require you to change its bags or canisters more frequently, so consider that when cleaning and especially when choosing the vacuum.

Battery Life

Power consumption is affected by how much power you feed the motors and depending on how dirty the area you want to clean is, a single charge may not cut it. Batteries are designed with careful consideration of how heavy they are, so there would always be a compromise in that area as bigger capacity batteries tend to be too heavy to be called portable.

Look for a cleaner that has a battery that holds a decent amount of charge that will translate to more cleaning time between charges.


The attachments that come included with the cordless cleaner should be able to address whatever cleaning job you have in mind. If you plan on using it mostly for carpet cleaning, the must-have accessory should be an attachment that would have rolling bushes to separate pet hair and other clingy materials from your carpet.

If you plan on using it as part of your car cleaning equipment, a crevice tool can be handy for those nooks and crannies.


Weight is mainly dependent on the battery that is included with your vacuum. The larger capacity batteries will be heavier and bulkier than the smaller capacity ones.

A great way to choose would be to make sure that your cleaner has interchangeable batteries, so you can use smaller capacity ones for those touch-ups and quick cleanups and use the bigger ones for more serious cleaning power.

Cordless Vacuum Weight

Power Mode

This feature is not as common as you might think despite its usefulness. This refers to the switchable way that puts the device in maximum or low power mode depending on what you want to achieve.

For the optimal suction power, flick on the mode for the maximum battery output and if you want to preserve energy, there should also be a switch for that available. This is a handy feature to have.

Run Time

How long a wireless cleaner’s power will last depends on the energy you feed its motor. Putting the cleaner at its maximum operating power may last you only anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the battery capacity.

Modern and lighter batteries have been developed, but this limitation is what separates this tool from replacing practically everything. Make sure that you have a clear idea as to where you will be mostly using the machine so you can carefully consider its run time.

Interchangeable Tools

The number of interchangeable tools that come with your cordless cleaner varies. Still, they will most certainly come with several attachments that will address multiple cleaning needs from the roller brush for carpets and crevice tool for those hard to reach places.

However, the ace in the hole would be if the cordless vacuum offers interchangeable or swappable batteries which would take care of the problem of battery capacity as you can purchase several batteries and have them all fully charged just before you do the cleaning. 


Manufacturers always offer buyers protection from factory defects. Most manufacturers will have years of warranties covering defects from the electric motors, which are rated to almost always last for years without suffering any malfunction.
9 Best Cordless Vacuums – Reviews, Pros and Cons


As the model name suggests, MOOSOO vacuum is cordless. This makes it easy to move around the house because you don’t have to worry about your proximity to an outlet constantly, but it still offers strong suction.

Since this is a cordless model, the battery life of the vacuum off charge is important as well. When charged fully, you can use this option for a standard range of 25 to 30 minutes.

It also has a thin design rather than a bulky one. This makes it more convenient to maneuver under and around furniture.

The model also has a removable handheld option. So, when you get to tricky areas like stairs, you can switch to the detachable portion for a lighter, more easily transportable experience.



  • Removable handheld option
  • Strong suction power
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

  • Battery only lasts a maximum of 35 minutes

2. Tineco

Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a light weight and a modern design that offers you just as much functionality as it is attractive. Without a lot of extra weight, it’s easy to move around and navigate into tricky spots.

The seller describes their A11 Hero+ as having a 20% longer runtime. In all, this equals out to 50 minutes of runtime when it has a full charge.

The model also has a fully-sealed filtration system divided into four stages. This ensures that not only are you cleaning the dirt off your floors, but you aren’t just pushing that dust back into the air either.

It also comes with a two-year warranty. This way, if anything happens to the vacuum prematurely, you can redeem the warranty to get the most value out of your purchase.

Tineco A11 Hero+


  • Up to 50 minutes of runtime
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Two-year warranty

  • Docking system doesn’t offer storage for attachments

3. Dyson V8

Dyson V8 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has to be charged for four hours before you use it for the first time. However, once charged, the vacuum will run for up to 40 minutes without a motorized tool and up to 25 minutes with one.

The stick vacuum’s design is also handy for cleaning the whole house. Even better, it’s made to trap allergens and even pick up pesky messes like pet hair and fine dust.

It also uses a hygienic design when emptying the bin. You don’t need to touch any of the mess you’ve cleaned to keep your vacuum working.

Filter replacement isn’t a problem with this item, either. It features a washable filter, which not only makes life easier but reduces the waste you produce as well.

Dyson V8 animal


  • Picks up fine dust and pet hair
  • Hygienic bin emptying process
  • Lifetime washable filter

  • Battery doesn’t last long on max power

4. Hoover Linx Signature

Hoover Linx Signature Vacuum Cleaner only weighs 10 lbs. This ensures that navigating around your house with the vacuum doesn’t make cleaning even more of a chore.

It’s also a multi-floor cleaner. If you have a mix of hardwood and carpets in your home, you can clean it all with this device.

The model also uses Hoover’s Windtunnel Technology. That technology ensures that the item successfully suctions out embedded dirt.

The item also straightens out to lie flat. Flexibility like this makes it easier to clean around and under furniture.

Hoover Linx Signature


  • Works on both hardwood floors and carpets
  • Windtunnel Technology suctions embedded dirt
  • Flexible design allows you to clean without moving furniture around

  • Battery drains quickly


JASHEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a 2-in-1 design. You can use it both as a full stick vacuum or a handheld unit, depending on what you need at the moment.

It’s also versatile in what materials it will clean. You’ll find that you can clean everything from your hardwood floors to carpets and even surfaces like furniture and ceilings.

The vacuum uses a three-stage filtration system. This ensures that you aren’t cleaning dust and debris off your floor just to push it out into the air you breathe.

A handy feature of this model is a set of LED headlights. This ensures that you can see what you’re doing even if you’re cleaning a dark corner or under furniture.



  • 2-in-1 design works as a full and handheld vacuum
  • Cleans both carpets and hardwood floors
  • Three-stage filtration system for thorough cleaning

  • No brush roll accessory

6. Dyson Cyclone V10

The capacity of the Dyson Cyclone V10 Cordless Vacuum is 0.54 liters, so you don’t have to worry about emptying it frequently. The 40-minute run time also offers longer cleaning sessions.

To achieve this run time, you’ll need to charge the vacuum fully. This takes 3.5 hours to charge, but you can charge it while it’s out of use and in storage.

It’s also another model with a dual design. If you need to clean hardwood floors and carpeting, you can do both without pause.

You can change the form of this item as well. When you want a handheld model, you can opt for that instead of the full vacuum.

Dyson Cyclone V10


  • 40 minutes of run time on a full charge
  • Can be used as a handheld or full-sized unit
  • Cleans both carpets and hardwood floors

  • “On” button doesn’t lock and has to be held down during use

7. LG Cordzero A9

Two rechargeable batteries are included with the LG Cordzero A9 Vacuum. This lets you charge one battery while you use the other one as you clean.

The batteries are easily charged in the docking station. That docking station also allows for simple and clean storage when you aren’t using the unit.

An interesting feature this model has is titled The Power Punch. It causes the vacuum to release vibrations that are made to shake free embedded dirt and dust for easy collection.

You can also rely on the removable and washable features that come with it. This means you don’t have to worry about making additional purchases or create more waste than necessary.

LG Cordzero A9


  • Convenient, single-touch controls
  • Includes two batteries for extended convenience
  • Removable and washable features

  • Not made for pet hair


The ONSON Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner offers 150-watt suction. This ensures that you don’t have to revisit the same areas over and over again to get them clean.

The vacuum is also impressively light. At under 5 lbs., you don’t have to worry about straining to move it around your house.

The 2-in-1 design of this model adds to its impressive functionality. If you need a handheld vacuum, it only takes seconds to convert to that need.

It comes with plenty of accessories as well. The list includes an additional sweeping brush, a dusting brush, a crevice tool, and a charging adapter.



  • 2-in-1 design works both as a full vacuum and handheld
  • Weighs less than 5 lbs.
  • Includes several cleaning accessories

  • Battery drains quickl


NEQUARE Cordless Cleaner is another option with convenient convertibility. Whether you need a traditional-sized vacuum or a handheld one, you can quickly switch back and forth as needed.

The manufacturer also sends the model out with what they describe as “floor-to-ceiling accessories.” This ensures that you can clean every corner of your home, no matter the material type, with a single appliance.

It also features a few different modes to adapt to your needs. For instance, if you need to clean tough messes like pet hair, just flip the switch to “MAX” mode.

MAX mode does drain the battery rather quickly. In this mode, the battery will only last around 18 minutes, whereas the normal setting delivers about 35 minutes.



  • 2-in-1 design converts into a handheld vacuum
  • Comes with a variety of accessories
  • MAX mode takes care of pet hair quickly

  • Battery only lasts about 18 minutes in MAX mode

How to Use a Cordless Vacuum

Safety always comes first and before using a cordless product, make sure that the area you would be working on is free from anything that may cause an accident. 

Step 1 – Ensure that the battery is at full charge

Larger capacity batteries take as much as a full day to charge so when planning to do a cleanup, make sure you allocate enough time to charge its battery to avoid interruptions while you work.

Step 2 – Prepare accessories to be used

Depending on the task that you will be tackling, ensure that the attachments that you will need are at hand in order to do your cleanup as efficiently as possible.

Step 3 – Attach your preferred nozzle

Make sure that you allow the motor to breathe after each session. A good rule of thumb would be continuous use for about a couple of minutes and then rest. This way you can maximize your battery’s charge.

Step 4 – Remove the attachments

After that, clean the bag or dust container and filters before putting the unit in storage.


How to Clean a Cordless Vacuum

Tools that you use for cleaning other stuff also need cleaning and maintenance of their own and a little loving care will go a long way in making sure that your cleaner lasts for years to come.

Step 1 – Make sure that you read the manual

This should be done for the particular model or brand as they differ by manufacturer. Once you have done this, proceed in disassembling the user-serviceable parts and lightly brush off any debris you can see. 

Step 2 – Empty the canister that collects dust or debris

Wash it if it is possible or replace it if it is disposable.

Step 3 – Use a damp cloth and a small brush

Use these tools to dislodge any visible signs of dirt in and around the parts within the cleaner itself. Do not attempt to open the motor as it would have no user-serviceable parts inside. An all-purpose cleaner spray should be enough to do the trick of cleaning up the parts.

Step 4 – Wash or replace the filter

They are generally washable and are located just before the dust and debris collector.

Step 5 – Clean the accessories

Use the same method of spray, brush and wipe. Allow everything to dry in the sun for at least a whole day to make sure no liquid can remain for a short-circuit to happen.


Does More Spending Mean More Quality

The saying that you get what you pay for rings especially true for these cleaners and price can have a directly proportional relationship as to how effective they can get.

With these products, you will almost certainly get what you pay for.  Just by looking at the build quality, one can immediately tell that the cheapest may not be the best running vacuum that you can get.

Do’s and Don’ts With a Cordless Vacuum

Cordless vacuum cleaners, just like any other tool, work best when used according to what they are designed for. Below is a list of what you should do and most importantly what you can’t do with these products:


  • Read the manual thoroughly.
  • Do your vacuuming regularly.
  • Move furniture when vacuuming.
  • Allow the vacuum to ‘breathe’ instead of using it in one continuous run.
  • Clean it after a couple of uses.
  • Store the cordless vacuum properly.
  • Charge the battery after use if possible.


  • Do not vacuum any objects bigger than a coin or any other hard objects like marbles as these may damage the motors.
  • Do not vacuum water unless your item has the ability to do so.
  • Do not let the vacuum run while the dust bag is already full.
  • Do not vacuum over live electrical connections.
  • Overcharge its batteries.

FAQ About Cordless Vacuums

FAQ About Cordless Vacuums

What is the best Dyson cordless vacuum to buy?

Dyson is arguably one of the best manufacturers of handheld cleaners and they have the history to prove it. Each of Dyson’s cordless products is a great buy and you can only answer which one is best if you consider how you will be using it and where.

Does a cordless machine have the power to clean my whole house?

A cordless machine has the needed power to clean your entire house especially light-duty dusting and cleaning in and around the furniture. Cordless vacuums now have interchangeable batteries that can be swapped out with fresh power cells for continuous use. However, for heavy-duty cleaning, a corded item with a more powerful motor is recommended.

Can cordless vacs be used for heavy debris?

Most cordless vacuums are only intended for light-duty work and quick cleanups.

How long can a cordless battery last on a charge?

A single charge can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the power draw and the capacity of the battery. Some wireless vacuums have switchable power modes made especially to turn on a turbo mode and a power-saving mode which allows for more time of operation.

How long does it take to charge a cordless battery?

On average a cordless vacuum’s battery can be charged anywhere from four hours up to 16 hours depending on the battery capacity.

Does the battery lose power if it’s not in use?

A lithium-ion battery (which is typically what the cordless vacuums batteries are made of) loses about 20 percent of its power if not used for about a year so the answer is yes it will continually lose power while not in use.

Can cordless vacuums work with attachments?

Yes, definitely. They almost always come with their own set of attachments to make sure that they can be as versatile as possible.


While cordless vacuums have their limitations in terms of battery and motor power, they are greatly overshadowed by the versatility that they offer. Furthermore, they are constantly in development.

Higher-capacity batteries that are lightweight and even more powerful motors are being developed that may soon rival and even surpass their corded counterparts in terms of suction power. It is also very important to note that these tools can be maximized depending on how you are expected to use them. 

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