Best Carpet Stain Remover

When it comes to carpet, no matter how careful you try to be, spots and stain are bound to happen. However, with the best carpet stain remover and the right methods, your carpet can look sparkling clean again.

You don’t have to use carpet stain remover more often, but when it comes to getting rid of mild, dried and old stains, they stand as the best option.

Using one of these products will save you a whole lot more in cleaning stains on the carpet, flooring mats and interlocking tiles.

Nevertheless, before deciding to shop for one, you need to know the type of stain. Then you can opt for one of the best carpet stain removers that can rid of it effectively.

Hearing this, you probably want to know more about a carpet stain remover, so brace yourself and read on as we provide you with great insight about this amazing product, as well as how to get rid of old stains from your carpet.

What Is Carpet Stain Remover

Stain remover for carpet works great when used to get rid of any new and old spots and stains. In most cases, it doesn’t require much stress as all you need to do is apply, wait and blot the area to get the stain out.

After that, you can vacuum clean to keep it dry. This cleaning product can also work great to remove stains on your rugs and upholstery quickly.

However, avoid the use of carpet stain remover on plastic and laminate floorings. The reason is that the water applied during this process can get into cracks of laminated flooring and expand it.

Also, the chemical used to produce it can react with the plastics causing severe marks in the long run.

Benefits of Using a Carpet Stain Remover

Benefits of Using a Carpet Stain Remover

It’s best to get rid of the stains quickly when they happen. Also, clean and maintain the carpet once or twice a year depending on the extent of foot movement on it.

In this section, you’ll get to know the importance of carrying this out and benefits that come with the use of carpet stain remover.

Improves Indoor Appearance

As you ought to know, too many stains on a carpet can make your room look ugly. Many of your guests might overlook the spot on the carpet, but when stains spread too much, they change the appearance of the room negatively.

Using stain remover for rugs to clean and get rid of the stains will make the carpet look new again. That way you’ll improve the appearance of your indoor environment.

Extends the Life of the Carpet

The most significant benefit of cleaning a carpet with a stain remover is to prolong its life. Accumulated stains on a carpet can weaken the fabric and damage it in a short time.

Getting rid of this stain quickly will help increase the rug’s longevity. It’ll kill any bacteria on the stain that could cause breathing problems.

Provides a Healthier Environment

Some of the stains on fabrics can harbor bacteria that could find their way into the indoor air. Inhaling this air could result in an allergic reaction, breathing problems and other health conditions.

The chemicals in a carpet stain remover can easily eradicate these germs and allergens, preventing any health problem.

Complete Removal of Tough and Old Stains

Whether your carpet gets stained from the muddy shoe, coffee spills, ink, pet stains or red wine, with the right methods and a carpet stain remover you can eradicate it.

After a thorough cleaning, you won’t have to worry about old stain or ugly spots that could make the guest feel uncomfortable.

Erases Stains and Kills Bacteria

With the help of one of the best vacuum cleaners under $100, you can remove surface dirt, but this won’t have a great effect on old stains or kill the bacteria.

Using a carpet stain remover, you can eradicate stain effectively, leaving your carpet spotless again. They work great because the chemical used in stain remover can help kill bacteria.

Types of Carpet Stain Removers

Most products used to fight stain on carpets fall under one of four common methods. These methods include an oxidizing agent, enzyme, surfactant and powder-based cleaners.

Every single one of them can remove stains, but some work better in cleaning tougher stains than the others.

Oxidized and Surfactant Carpet Stain Removers

This type works great to remove food and water based stains. Also, they do well on fat and oil-based spots.

Oxygen/oxidized based cleaner also known as the all-fabric bleach can remove stains effectively on white and colored fabrics. Its chemical constituents are less corrosive, environmentally friendly and safe to use on colored fabrics.

Enzyme Carpet Stain Removers

Enzyme Carpet Stain Removers

These stain removers are made either naturally or through a chemical process. They contain enzymes that can react and break down specific stains into smaller molecules.

That way, it becomes easier to clean the stain off. The enzymes in these products include protease, amylase, lipase, carbohydrate, manganese and pectinase.

Powder Based Carpet Stain Removers

These cleaners aren’t very common, though they can also tackle both new and old stains effectively. They come in powdery granules that can soak up stains, moisture and eradicate odors when applied.

Before applying the powder based cleaner, you need to remove liquid from the stain to prevent a disgusting mess.

Types of Stains

Stains differ in colors and chemical constituents. Also, the method and solution used to clean off these stains can differ.

When it comes to carpet stains, there are three main categories and each of them differs in molecular composition.

Organic Based Stains

These stains are horrible and irritating. Stains which fall into this category are urine, blood, vomit and fluid from either human or animals.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of them is to apply bacteria cleaners commonly known as enzymatic based carpet stain removers.

These cleaners react with the tiny proteins that cover the stain and erase it in the process.

Water-Based Stains

This stain type is easy to clean when compared to others. These are mainly stains from food or beverage.

You can easily clean them with carpet stain remover or by using a professional steam cleaner. Water soluble and oxidized cleaners also work great to remove this type of stain.

One of the effective ways to clean up these stains is to remove the solid piece first. After that, use a clean white towel with a little water to blot the outside edges down to the center of the stain.

In cases where the stain has set for a very long time, mix mild hand dish soap with water and blot again. Once the stain disappears, gently rinse off the soap on the carpet with clean water.

Water-Based Stains on a Carpet

Oil-Based Stains

These are very difficult to clean because they stick firmly to the carpet when compared to others. In general, oil stains can be removed with water-soluble blends or homemade blends (consisting of grease remover dish soap).

The stains which fall in this category are cooking oils, grease and petroleum jelly, etc. Carpet made of synthetic fiber causes a chemical reaction with oils and this can make the stain pretty tricky to remove.

With this carpet type, use a dry cleaning solution to blot the stain. Keep in mind that once the stain disappears, you should apply water and blot the area again to rinse off cleaning solution from the carpet.

What Makes the Best Carpet Stain Remover

Ingredients or Chemicals

  • Surface active agent/ surfactant: These chemicals aggressively fight stain molecules by turning them into liquid and getting rid of them in the process. Once they come in contact with specific stains, they take them out in no time.
  • Enzymes: These cleaners take more time to get rid of the stain. They use bacteria to break the stain into smaller molecules then get rid of them, while also eliminating odors in the process.
  • Oxidizing cleaners: Known as an all-fabric bleaching agent, they create a chemical reaction that decolorizes the stain and gets rid of it in the process. They work great on the water-based stain, but could also fight fat or oil-based stains as well.


When dealing with fresh stain its best to first blot as much of the stain before applying carpet stain removers. Also, you can employ other methods to remove tough stains.

For instance, candle wax stain can be easily removed by ironing the affected area. To carry this out, you need to allow the wax to dry then place a clean fabric over the stain.

After that, gently iron the top of the cloth to let the wax come up and stick to the material. That way, it becomes easier to remove the stain.

For urine stains, it’s always best to avoid the use of steam cleaners. Heat from these machines will spread the stain and cause odors.


When it comes to shopping for a product, the price is one of the most important things to consider. Carpet stain remover’s price varies due to different bottle sizes and quantities.

However, some products cost more due to their quality and the extra cleaning task they can perform. Most cleaners are designed to fight a particular type of stain effectively.

Nevertheless, some have multi-purpose cleaning capabilities which make them pricier than the others, while others have great cleaning features that can tackle odors and bacteria on stains.

Keep in mind that no matter the budget, you need to check your specific needs, the size of the cleaner and the types of stains you want to remove.

How to Use and Apply Carpet Stain Remover

It’s easier to clean stain while it’s still fresh than when it gets dry or old. If spills occur, use a dry vacuum to absorb a greater amount of liquid immediately then use a carpet stain remover.

In case there aren’t any dry vacuums available you can use a white absorbent towel to blot the stain. Make sure you don’t rub the stain as this could expand it and damage the carpet.

Step 1

Before taking out any dirt, debris or liquid stain from the carpet, ensure you remove any solid material. This makes the stain pretty easy to clean.

Use your vacuum cleaner to remove dry, crumbly material. You can also use a butter knife or popsicle stick to scrape sticky stuff. With a paper towel, soak up excess liquid.

Step 2

Before you use the best stain remover for carpet, blot the stained area. You can do this with a dry or clean wet rag/paper towel.

Make sure that rag or towel doesn’t have any colors because the ink might stain your carpet. Start from the outer part before working your way in and avoid scrubbing the stain as this will expand it further.

Step 3

Spray the cleaning liquid products on the stain. Add the solution in small amounts to prevent any damage to your carpet.

Ensure the solution soaks the affected area for about 10 minutes or any amount of time advised on the bottle.

Step 4

Again blot the affected area with the rag or paper towel and if you still see the stain, spray the solution and continue blotting till it vanishes.

Then take a washcloth dabbed in distilled water and clean the spot to remove traces of the cleaning solution. Use a vacuum or clean paper to dry the spot.

Step 5

Straighten the cleaned area with vacuuming. Even vacuum cleaners under $100 can handle this task effectively. This will regain the carpet’s shape and prevent any hidden stains from coming up.


Removing Stains with Homemade Carpet Stain Removers

Step 1

Take a dry or slightly wet rag to blot out the stain. Blot from the outer part of the stain.

Ensure you clean as much of it as possible. Try to use a paper towel/ rag without any printed designs. This is because the ink on these items may add more stains to your carpet.

Step 2

Prepare a homemade stain removal solution. You can do this with regular products such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar.

Step 3

Add the same amounts of baking soda and white vinegar. Pour 240 ml of water then mix and shake in a spray bottle properly.

Step 4

If you have a tough stain, use hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. Apart from removing stains, this chemical can brighten your carpet.

Just mix a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in clear dish soap and warm water.

Step 5

You can spray the cleaning solution on the stain and let it sit for like 15 minutes. Also, you can dip the rag into the solution and dab the spot.

As soon as the stain is removed, vacuum the area to clean and straighten the carpet.

Do’s and Don’ts With Carpet Stain Removers


  • Clean with white cloth or paper towels without any printed designs. Your flooring mat may get stained by the ink on printed materials.
  • When making a cleaning solution of baking soda and vinegar, use warm water. Warm water comes as a good choice because it helps both substances dissolve quickly.
  • Ensure you test any carpet stain remover on a hidden area of the fabric before use. This’ll give you an idea of how the solution might affect the fibers.


  • Don’t use ammonia on carpets made from wool. This is the reason that the chemical damages the fibers. Instead, use mild detergent and water.
  • Don’t allow children or pets to come in contact with carpets or flooring mats cleaned with commercial stain removers.
  • Avoid the use of carpet stain removers on plastic or laminate floorings as the liquids can damage these materials. However, you can use such cleaning solutions on interlocking tiles.
  • Don’t use homemade products with strong hydrogen peroxide. Although this chemical removes stains, it can damage the carpet.
  • Another typical product is ammonia which has a strong smell thus it should be used in areas with adequate ventilation. Instead of using these substances, try to purchase high-quality carpet stain removal solutions from your local store.

Possible Side Effects of Carpet Stain Remover

Chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or ammonia that can be found in some stain removers should be avoided. Ammonia has a strong smell which harms humans and pets while hydrogen peroxide discolors fabrics.

Regular carpet cleaning damages the original look of carpets so you should only clean it if necessary. After cleaning, don’t leave your wet carpet out to dry for long because it can shrink.

To avoid this, dry it thoroughly after washing with one of the best steam cleaners like the shark steam mops. Also, you can hire a professional steam cleaner that dries the rug while he cleans.

Alternatives to Carpet Stain Removers

Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners vs Carpet Stain Removers

Many homes make use of light colored carpeting because it makes spaces look brighter and wider. However, light-colored carpets stain and wear easier than darker ones.

Besides, the smallest stain or blot can spoil the look of light fabrics. With this in mind, you might need to engage the services of professional steam cleaners frequently.

Steam Mops

Another issue with carpets is dust mites. These organisms hide in the fabric and cause allergies. A steam mop can handle such issues.

The use of one of the premium mops available in the market can help remove light surface stains, dirty spots and nasty smells.

The steam from mops produces heat that can kill dust mites and remove bacteria from your carpets, floors and furniture.


How to remove old stains from the carpet?

Removing old stains from carpets requires extra work which can be carried out by high-quality products. These chemicals include a cheap bottle of hydrogen peroxide.

Pour some hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle. Apply some of the liquid to the spot to loosen the particle and let it soak for 10 -15 minutes.

Take a stiff brush and scrub the stain. Then use a steam vacuum cleaner or towels to remove the peroxide mixture. By the time you are through, the stain will be gone.

Although it works better on fresh stains, you can use it to remove old dirt even blood stains. Spray the solvent on the area after a few minutes and then use a brush or vacuum cleaner to remove the stain.

You can also add salt to the stain after using either club soda or hydrogen peroxide. The salt will draw both solvents removing the stain in the process.

However, results depend on the nature of the fabrics on the stained carpet.

How to remove old urine smells out of a carpet?

Blot fresh stains with ammonia solution. If this doesn’t work, try a detergent solution, add some warm water and dry thoroughly to prevent mildew. For tougher stains, apply a solution of 1/3 cup vinegar and 2/3 cup water, than a detergent solution and finally warm water.

Will carpet stain removers make my carpet smell funny?

No. These solutions don’t smell and they’ll make your carpet smell better. They even absorb unpleasant odors from the fibers.

Can I use baking soda to clean my carpets?

Baking soda can clean stains such as vomit and urine while removing the strong smells. Just wipe the area, pour some soda over it and dry with a paper towel.

Vacuum after the mixture dries. Also, you can use a mixture of baking soda and salt to remove grease stains.

Add the mixture to the stain and scrub with a stiff brush. Allow the mixture to set for 4 to 5 hours then dry with a vacuum cleaner.

Can I use vinegar to clean my carpets?

Yes. Vinegar cleans most stains and spills. There are different ways that you can use this solution to remove dirt from your carpet.

For light carpet stains, rub a mixture of 2 tablespoons of salt mixed with 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Allow the solution to dry, then vacuum.

Rub a mixture of 2 tablespoons of borax, 2 tablespoons of salt and 1/2 cup of white vinegar to darker or larger stains.

For tougher stains, make a paste of 1 tablespoon vinegar with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Using a dry cloth, rub this mixture on the stain. Soak for two days then vacuum the area.


It’s advisable you remove spots and stains from your carpet as soon as possible. But to do this, you need to use the best carpet stain remover at your disposal.

Thus when dealing with common stains such as grease spots, blood stains or juice spills, you need to have the right product that’ll remove this stain.

When cleaning the carpet, remember to use a white cloth or paper towels as colored materials can damage the look of the carpet’s fibers.

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