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Best Backpack Vacuum

Similar to any other type of vacuum cleaner, a backpack vacuum is a machine that produces suction pressure to absorb debris from a wide range of surfaces such as floor, furniture, draperies and the likes. Usually, they are electrically-powered. The dirt removed is stored in a dust bag (cyclone) to be disposed of after the cleaning.

Top 5 Best Backpack Vacuums (Summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image Most PowerfulHoover Commercial
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Features several accessories
  • Chiropractor designed harness reduces user strain
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sample-table__image Environment FriendlyGreenworks
  • Powerful and easy to control
  • Easy to maintain
  • Battery is rechargeable and operates at low decibel sound
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sample-table__image Most VersatilePowr-Flite
  • Easy to set up
  • Five-stage filtration systems
  • Large tank capacity can easily be removed and reinserted
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sample-table__image Atrix
  • Light in weight
  • Can be operated hands-free
  • Perfect size to move around comfortably while vacuuming
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sample-table__image Makita
  • Perfect for vacuuming large areas
  • Well designed
  • Durable battery
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For more detailed and complete product reviews on benefits and features, keep reading.

There are different types of vacuum cleaners which can be used at homes and office environments. Some of the backpack vacuums used in homes are the centralized unit, the giant stationary office cleaners and the self-operated vacuum trucks used for the collection of huge spills or exhuming of polluted soils.

If you have been in search of a specialized vacuum for laminate flooring that you can carry as a backpack, here is a detailed guide for you.

11 Best Backpack Vacuum Cleaners With Reviews

1. Hoover Commercial

Designed for pet owners who want to keep their home free from hair, Hoover Commercial has a simple design and powerful suction for effective removal of dirt. It also has a large canister to eliminate frequent emptying of waste, thus allowing you to save time and energy.

What makes this item unique is that not only will you be able to clean the interior of your home, but also perform cleaning of the outdoor areas such as garden and other similar areas. This is possible thanks to the ergonomic design that allows it to be mounted on the back and transported easily.

It is light in weight and easy to maneuver, making it comfortable to carry around for thorough cleaning. It comes with several accessories to aid and facilitate detailed cleaning without having to bend down or get strained.

When done cleaning, you’ll find it easy to empty the trash bin and clean it for the next use. The power cord is long enough and you won’t have to switch outlets often, so you’ll be able to maneuver and move from room to room and vacuum different surfaces with ease.

Hoover Commercial


  • Very powerful and versatile
  • Features several accessories to give you an easy and thorough cleaning experience
  • Lasts for a long time

  • Not suitable for wet vacuuming

2. ProTeam

If you’re looking for the combination of effective and fast cleaning of any surface without getting tired, ProTeam Backpack Vacuum will help you achieve that. It does this thanks to the several accessories that allow you to do a detailed cleaning of different surfaces, including furniture, upholstery, floors, ceiling fan, stairs, low pile carpets, etc.

What makes this backpack vacuum cleaner unique is its ability to deliver effective cleaning of high square-footage areas like meeting halls, universities, convention centers and office buildings without experiencing a hiccup. Also, this is aided by the pro, four-level filtration system.

These tools are highly efficient in trapping pollen, pet hair, dust mites, dead skin cells, bacteria and all other allergy-causing particles with the aim of improving indoor air quality.

You’ll find it comfortable to mount on the back as it is designed with an adjustable harness that allows even distribution of weight without you experiencing fatigue and body strain. The dirt collector has a 10-quart capacity to capture all the dirt from the surface being cleaned without having to change the vacuum bags.



  • Comfortable to mount on the back without getting tired or having body strain
  • Delivers detailed and quick cleaning of high-square footage areas
  • Light in weight with a great suction power

  • Not easy to maneuver in tight space

3. Atrix

Made by a renowned brand, Atrix Backpack Vacuum is designed to perform detailed cleaning in both commercial and residential areas. This is aided by its lightweight and low profile to allow you to operate it for longer, thus enabling to effectively remove the dirt and debris from the surface being cleaned.

What makes this machine stand out among its peers is its hand-free mode, with which you’ll be able to move objects from the surface you wish to vacuum and achieve a thorough cleaning. This is possible thanks to the strong suction power and several versatile accessories.

These versatile accessories are easy to change and help in facilitating the total removal of water from all the nooks and crannies of the areas that you might find difficult to reach. It is light in weight and comfortable to carry, making it easy to transport and maneuver from one room to another.

The construction of this item is made of durable plastic material to withstand heavy-duty cleaning jobs. So, if you’re looking for a vacuum to pick the dust and improve the indoor air quality, this unit should be your choice.



  • Light in weight and can be operated hands-free
  • Powerful suction and lasts for a long time
  • Features several accessories to facilitate detailed cleaning

  • Power cord is a bit short

4. Greenworks

Greenworks is a backpack vacuum with a comfortable design thanks to its simple control coupled with powerful suction for total cleanup of any surface.

One of the unique features of this device is its environmentally friendly nature. This is possible thanks to its rechargeable battery that allows you to clean your environment without releasing fumes and also operates at low decibel sound.

With this, you don’t need to wear ear protection while using this device. The two-amp hour batteries take 30 minutes to charge. The charging speed makes it an extremely practical tool/

Also, the 80 volts feature allows you to run the tool cooler, thus enabling you to save energy consumption as well as ensure longevity. The backpack feature also provides you with comfort as it protects you from hand cramping and fatigue.



  • Powerful and easy to control
  • Battery is rechargeable and operates at low decibel sound
  • Easy to maintain and environmentally friendly

  • Trigger control is limited to a single speed

5. Sanitaire

Sanitaire Backpack Vacuum is designed to pick up crumbs, pet hair, household dust and random debris. This is possible thanks to its long power cord that allows you to cover large areas while cleaning without needing to change the power outlet consistently.

What makes it unique is the proprietary sound dampening technology. This allows you to have a quiet operation not louder than office conversation or background music, making it ideal for daytime cleaning.

It has a dispersion technology responsible for the proper distribution of weight between your shoulders. This helps you to feel comfortable and balanced, thus resulting in less fatigue and greater overall cleaning efficiency.

It comes with several accessories that are easily accessible for quick cleaning of different surfaces, including carpets or bare floors. The device comes with an easy to understand instruction manual that allows you to set it up quickly.



  • Easy to set up, clean and maintain
  • Powerful suction and durable
  • Light in weight and easy to transport from room to room

  • Not ideal for cleaning small space apartments

6. GV

GV Backpack Vacuum is one of the lightest and easy to control units available in the market. Not only is it light in weight but also comes with a three-stage filtration system, responsible for capturing dust, thus making it perfect and safe to use by those suffering from allergies.

What makes it unique is its quickness and easy to use features on any surface. The 10-quart washable bag helps to eliminate the need to consistently empty the trash as it allows you to have a thorough cleaning of large surfaces. Also, it comes with a 2-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

Considering the structure, it is made of light in weight and durable aluminum material, making it easy to transport without experiencing fatigue. In addition, it comes with several versatile accessories that facilitate the total removal of dirt and debris irrespective of the surface being cleaned.

The vacuum has a powerful suction of 110 CFM and 120 inches of water lift to ensure the deep cleaning of your living environment. If you’re looking to keep your home tidy and dust-free, this item is the perfect vacuum cleaner to lay your hands on.



  • Made of durable and light in weight aluminum material
  • Powerful suction to perform a deep cleaning
  • Keeps the air safe, thanks to its filtration system that capture dust and particles

  • Gets overheat quickly

7. Koblenz

Koblenz Vacuum is designed with a powerful suction that operates quietly so as to ensure deep cleaning without disturbing the entire neighborhood. This is also aided by its long power cord responsible for easy movement from room to room without needing to change the power outlet.

Considering the construction, it is ergonomically designed with a harness and backplate support to allow you to carry it comfortably without experiencing back discomfort. This vacuum cleaner keeps the air completely dust-free.

This makes it ideal for those who work a lot with wood materials, such as carpenters or kitchen and furniture manufacturers. The reason is that it will effectively remove all dirt and dust by adapting to the shapes of the floor and cleaning between the cracks.

With this powerful device, you will be able to count on a clean and dust-free environment from the outset. If you’re looking for a modern and powerful vacuum cleaner to keep your home in an optimum condition, this product is the perfect unit for it.



  • Powerful suction for deep cleaning
  • Light in weight and easy to move around
  • Keeps the indoor air dust-free

  • Doesn’t come with rotating wheels

8. Powr-Flite

Powr-Flite Vacuum is designed with powerful suction to allow you to have a lot of control when cleaning. With this, you’ll be able to clean some specific areas like car seats, sofas, under the furniture, etc. This allows you to carry out a much deeper cleaning.

It uses a five-stage filtration system responsible for capturing dust and particles to improve your home, office and other apartment’s indoor air quality. In addition, it doesn’t lose power over time, making it reliable as it offers you a lot of peace of mind.

It has an innovative design of commercial-grade, which makes it easy to use on different surfaces, plus it is easy to maintain. It is comfortable to transport from one place to another, without tiring yourself even if you live in a house with stairs. You’ll also find it easy to store as it hardly takes up space.

This unit has a long power cord, so you can move it around the house comfortably without having to plug and unplug it from a power outlet constantly. In addition, this vacuum has a tank capacity of 10 quarts, which allows you to clean your entire house on more than one occasion without any problem.



  • Five-stage filtration systems responsible for improving indoor air quality
  • Large tank capacity can easily be removed and reinserted
  • Easy to set up and operates quietly

  • Doesn’t come with a light to operate in dark areas


Black+Decker is designed to deliver superb results when cleaning your floors. It does this thanks to its powerful suction of 400 CFM and 250 MPH blowing velocity for easy pick up of dirt and stains.

What makes this item unique is its versatility as it can operate both as a leaf blower and a vacuum cleaner to ensure total removal of waste from your living environment. It has a bag with a very large capacity that helps to facilitate the quick cleanup of waste without having to frequently empty the trash.

You’ll find it easy to mount on the back without getting stressed out and it’s comfortable to handle since it only weighs 11.1 pounds, thus making it perfect for accelerating composting since it reduces the volume of waste by crushing it.

Once you’re done cleaning, you can easily clean it and save it anywhere. This is because it occupies a small space since it has a lightweight, plus you can even hang it on a wall.



  • Powerful suction
  • Comfortable to handle and operate
  • Highly versatile and lasts for a long time

  • A bit loud

10. Shop-Vac

If you’re looking for a more compact and ergonomic vacuum, Shop-Vac is the perfect device. This wet-dry vacuum cleaner is very effective since it works with a power of 6.5HP and an easy to empty trash collector, which will allow you to clean large areas with ease.

What makes it stand out is its ability to clean both wet and dry waste on all types of surfaces. Its powerful blowing function allows you to access, clean corners and difficult to reach areas and facilitate the total elimination of both wet and dry waste, thus leaving the area spotless.

Its ergonomic design allows the weight to be evenly distributed, which allows you to hold the machine with ease. In addition, it comes with a handle for easy transporting throughout the house, which makes it completely flexible and versatile.

Once you’re done the vacuuming, you can comfortably store it as it does not take up much space. This is because it brings an easy storage system, which allows you to hang it securely on the wall.



  • Powerful suction and versatile
  • Light in weight and comfortable to transport
  • Easy to store as it doesn’t take much space

  • Doesn’t feature multiple filtration system

11. Makita

Makita Backpack Vacuum has a powerful suction of 53 CFM and 28.5 inches of water lift to effectively combat both solid and liquid dirt without changing the filter. It’s equipped with a HEPA filtration system for capturing dust and small particles, thus improving your indoor air quality.

It is unique thanks to its efficient BL brushless motor, which allows you to use it while consuming the minimum possible energy. While working, it cools the motor to ensure it lasts for a long time.

This device has a suction hose flexible enough to allow you to access even the hardest to reach places. With this, you’ll be able to keep your living environment in an optimum cleaning condition without making too much effort.

As for its mobility, it can comfortably be mounted on the back for easy maneuvering from one place to another. In addition, it integrates several versatile accessories to facilitate the effective and rapid elimination of waste accumulated in the different spaces of the house.



  • Fast and perfect for vacuuming large areas
  • Powerful suction with a durable battery
  • Well designed and lasts for a long time

  • Battery and charger aren’t included

What is a Backpack Vacuum

A backpack vacuum is a device that can be easily moved around by mounting it on the back while using it to suck up dirt from various surfaces. It usually has straps that can be safely fastened to the shoulders and backside of the operator.

These units make an excellent way to collect dirt from your home without much stress. Practically, they aren’t as heavy as canisters and they make less noise too.

When this device is mounted on the back, the only challenge anyone can have is the length of the cord (for those with ropes). Most times, the cord is usually very long such that you can clean any part of your home from where you have plugged the vacuum to the socket.

Of course, they seem to be better in handling dirt than the canister or erect items and are versatile enough to work on various forms of hard surfaces such as hardwood, tile as well as linoleum. 

They are equally good at cleaning stairs, vents and electric fittings. Backpack vacuum has an incorporated belt which fastens the accessory to your back while you clean with it. If you wish to clean pet hair with a hardwood vacuum, the backpack vacuum is one you can easily manipulate, much easier than the upright unit. You can remove dirt from tables, chairs and furniture without turning or moving them around.

Benefits of Backpack Vacuums

Benefits of Backpack Vacuums

For most manufacturers of backpack cleaners, the comfort of users is the priority considered in its fabrication. It has been so ergonomically-simplified that its use is as simple as walking around the house or office and carrying a backpack.


A backpack vacuum will go along with you anywhere you go. It is easy to run through a flight of stairs with the vacuum strapped to your back or clean from one end of the living room to another part of the bedroom without having to pull the device along.

Besides, this product is worn on the back and you can clear away obstacles along your way even as you vacuum because your hands are free. Furthermore, they are much easier to move around the house since the whole device is on your back.

This improves cleaning efficiency, making it easier for you to reach difficult locations and reach crevices between furniture. You need not worry whether the canister is rolling behind you as you move the nozzle across the floor surfaces.

Again, the portability implies that cleaning dirt in high points is simplified. With the device on your back, you can easily climb scaffolds and remove cobwebs without minding the suction tube’s length.


One of the benefits of using Dyson vacuums is their versatility. It is very possible that your house or office comes with different types of floor finishing which even vary from one room to another. The backpack vacuum is versatile to handle such variations.

Backpack cleaners are specially-designed and adapted to carp debris removal as they have very strong suction, however, they can clean hard floors such as champ too.

The advantage here is that, when they clean hard floors, they don’t damage the device, unlike the brush roll-equipped products. Besides, the hoses are usually very long and flexible, such that they can extend to crevices and other hidden locations where other types can’t reach.

You Stand Upright

If you can lay your hands on the best upright vacuum and compare it to the backpack vacuums, you will understand that backpack vacs are still the best choice especially when it comes to standing upright while operating the device.

They help you in distributing the weight equally to all parts of the body such that the stress and strain transmitted to the body are drastically reduced. Also, the unpleasant backache usually associated with pulling the canister or upright cleaner is eliminated completely.


Backpack devices are more ergonomically-designed than the traditional canisters or uprights. They evenly distributes the weight on your back, so that you do not have to extend your arm and leg very often.

This helps the user to keep a more neutral and natural posture. Similarly, they are made to be lighter and easier to use than the conventional items.

As opposed to using a broom-stick where you will have to bend your back to reach some hidden locations, backpack vacuums allow you to remain upright. They have different types of straps just to ensure even distribution of your weight on the object, such that you don’t get to stress yourself so much. Moving it around then becomes very easy.

Benefits of Backpack Vacuums - Ergonomics

Powerful Filters

The filter system is an essential feature. This is because, if you are cleaning the whole house, you might collect so much dust and some debris that you will have to empty the vacuum from time-to-time.

However, with a very powerful filter on the backpack device, the dirt collected is minimized as the filtering efficiency is improved. Peradventure you seek a cleaner that perfectly fits as a budget-friendly and effective vacuum cleaner, a backpack vacuum is the best option for you. Be it that you wish to clean your office or home, you will want to complete your vacuuming as fast as you can.

Most manufacturers usually equip their device with a powerful filter. Most backpack cleaners make use of HEPA filtration technique to maintain a clean air devoid of dirt’s, allergens and other irritants that can be inimical to your health.


Although the back-mounted cleaners are excellent options for domestic use, the majority of the backpack vacuum makers are more concerned about the commercial usage of the device. Nevertheless, this is to your own advantage as these units are made from very sturdy and durable materials as opposed to the common products found in most houses.

Durability is one big thing that the backpack vacuum offers. The fact that they have fewer moving parts makes them easy to maintain.

While they might cost you some good money initially, especially, if you’ve also bought suction car interiors, you will certainly get the value for your money eventually. The cost of maintenance is lower because of durable construction materials.

High Capacity

The vast storage space to contain dirt offered by the backpack vacuum is quite commendable. Basically designed to be utilized for removing dirt from commercial locations, these units have large storage dust compartments.

They can store dirt for several cleaning periods without getting filled-up. Sometimes, there are products with a storage capacity of 10 quarts.

High capacity is an advantage especially if you keep a large house or you stay with kids or domestic pets. These products imply lesser rounds of emptying. 

This conserves time you would’ve spent on emptying the containers or buying new storage packs. Besides, the high-capacity also ensures faster and easier cleaning sessions, allowing you to clean your home faster than it would have been with other cleaners.

Beneficial to Health

Cleaning is not only about making a place look neat, but the vacuuming process should also have less negative impacts on your health. Perhaps you have just gotten vacuums for carpets and rugs, but you should understand that health concerns are equally paramount.

Of course, there are quite a number of microscopic living pathogens such as viruses, pollens, parasites and a host of others that can cause asthma crises, allergic reactions and contagious diseases. Backpack items come with high-end filters that can trap those microorganisms in the storage container leaving you with clean air.

Most of them are designed to tackle allergens effectively as they feature a double or high-efficiency particulate air HEPA filtration system that removes virtually all of the particles floating in the air using a sophisticated fiber-glass filtration technique giving you a healthy and microbes-free air.

Additionally, noise is also a health issue which, if not well managed, can cause hearing disorders or deafness. Backpack vacuums are usually made with in-built silencers that reduce the noise made by the device.

Most of them don’t have noise that goes beyond 72 dB which is still okay for your ears. As such, it is safe to use backpack vacuums for long cleaning sessions without posing any harm to your ears.

Pros and Cons of Backpack Vacuums

Pros and Cons of Backpack Vacuums


  • Liberty to move your cleaner around which allows you to operate your backpack vacuum without any obstacle or consuming the time you can spend doing other things.
  • It can be easily stored because of its compactness, even where the space is limited.
  • Backpack vacuum allows you to work in an upright position, as such, it helps you keep a good posture and a nice way to prevent back pain assuming you are a professional cleaner.
  • The high-end filter system reduces the frequency of removing dirt bags or emptying filled storage space and equally promotes a very clean and healthy living environment as it ensures filtered air.
  • The majority of the backpacks available in the market today are not heavy and are ideal for usage at home.
  • These products are a perfect choice for cleaning stairs because you don’t have to pull a heavy canister or object along with you.
  • So many versions of backpack devices have some extra add-ons which helps in adapting it to clean crevices and hotspots which can’t be reached by other types.
  • They come with adequate cord length which is necessary for a quality shop vac. Most backpacks have cords that are as long as 50 feet, so you don’t have to keep changing cord outlets while cleaning various parts of the home. The power cord is detachable so that you can change it to even longer one in case you are cleaning backyard where there’s no power outlet.
  • Backpack vacuums are especially good if you want to clean high spots. They can be easily manipulated so that you can climb ladders and chairs while mounting the cleaner on your back to reach the tight spaces and high spots.


  • Some versions are quite expensive. Premium vacuum for allergies can be especially costly. Besides, most of them usually come with just a few functions so you might not find the flexibility you want.
  • Peradventure what you seek is a cleaner that can be used in restrictive areas, backpack vacuums might not be the best option. Besides, the suction of most of them is somehow strong, so strong that the whole device becomes inappropriate to be used on pile carpets.
  • Yet another demerit of backpack vacuum is the heat generated while mounted on the back. While it’s working, this cleaner generates a good amount of heat and if the vacuuming is done during the summer periods, the heat can be very uncomfortable.
  • Lastly, because backpacks vacuums are now made to be very efficient and ergonomic, they are quite easy to carry around for a long period and this can result in back strain.

How to Choose the Best Backpack Vacuum

There are some important factors to be considered when choosing the best backpack vacuum. Combining qualities like the suction power, weight and structural form are important issues to be factored before choosing any easy-to-use cleaner that removes pet hairs.

Of course, accessories can’t be left out as most manufacturers try to introduce increased versatility. This versatility can negatively impair the function of a vacuum cleaner. 

Weight and Mobility

Most certainly, lightweight and less-bulky body structure ranks as the topmost consideration when choosing a backpack vacuum. A low-profile cleaner allows the user to reach all locations without having to dodge obstacles such as furniture and structures in the house.

The size and mobility are essential and backpack vacuums clearly have an edge here. The majority of the backpack devices weighs under 19 lbs and the profile is maintained low using a high canister. This makes them a better option because the suction isn’t too high for the comfort of the user.

Range of Motions

An average lightweight backpack cleaner is highly efficient in dirt-removal. It can reduce the cleaning time by up to half in some cases as the power source is usually varied. It could be corded or battery-operated with a broad range of offerings available.

A good number of the corded options usually have a 24-inch or shorter power cable which can be plugged to an extension cord of any length, up to a 50-inch extension. This affords a wide range of motion, unlike other products where you can get cut short in the middle of your suction process.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Select your ideal backpack cleaner that features a very convenient harness. A good way of checking this is by trying it before buying to determine if it will be comfortable. If you find it comfortable on your back, it will most-likely be easy-to-use.

Suction Power

How to Choose the Best Backpack Vacuum - Suction Power

An expert backpack cleaner will certainly have a very good suction power. Such equipment can correctly clean any surface. Vacuum cleaners with good suction power allow you to eliminate odors from your floors with a steam cleaner. Never go for an option with demands for consistent charging power because they can really frustrate you.


Aside from its lightweight and superb suction power, a great vacuum cleaner must come with powerful filters. The filters gather dust as well as other airborne particles. Ensure the filters are working fine before settling down on any device.

Noise Level

While mounting a suction machine on your back, you should mind the level of noise generated. Although it is possible you block-out excessive noise using earmuffs and other devices, it is important that you consider the noise levels.

Although you can clean bare floors with a sweeper, you can still use a good backpack device provided the noise rating is not beyond the range of 60 to 70 decibels. 


A standard vacuum cleaner comes with good tools and accessories. When choosing a backpack vacuum, it is important that you go for a product with several tools from which you can remove dust from crevices that are difficult to reach.

Power Cord Length

When in the market for a backpack unit, it is important that you get one with a cable that will ease your home-cleaning sessions and give you the luxury of moving around without worrying about changing power outlets. A power cord of some 50-inch isn’t a bad idea.


While you might be bothered with getting rid of dirt from carpets with a cleaner, it is equally important that you consider the price. Generally, good quality tools come with a high price tag. However, getting a list of accessories you want in your cleaner can help you in buying the best option for the money.

How to Use a Backpack Vacuum

Step 1 – Ensure that device is safe to use

Prepare the backpack vacuum by ensuring that it is safe to use and modified to be comfortable. Ensure that the filters are neat and that the dust container has no dust before starting.

Step 2 – Keep vacuum in an upright position

Maintain an upright position as the best posture to keep while operating the backpack vacuum is by standing straight to prevent backache.

Step 3 – Switch on the device

Switch the backpack vacuum on with the rocket switch at the side.

Step 4 – Start cleaning

Gently move the cleaner across the surfaces that need to be vacuumed. Ensure that while moving it, it does not extend too far from your reach, so you do not have to bend your back.

Step 5 – Move from one area to the other

Turn off the vacuum before you move it from one area to another to prevent electric shock if the cord length has been exceeded.

Step  6 – Replace dust bags

It is important that you dispose of and replace disposable dust bags from time-to-time or when nearly filled to guarantee the best suction power. Similarly, keep emptying and cleaning the filter bag.

Step 7 – Disconnect device from the power outlet

Switch off the item after using it and disconnect the backpack specialized vacuum for laminate flooring from the power outlet after use.


How to Clean and Maintain a Backpack Vacuum

Cleaning and maintaining your backpack vacuum takes a deliberate effort. 

Step 1 – Remove the device from the wall socket

Switch off and unplug the backpack vacuum from the wall socket.

Step 2 – Remove and clean the filters

Remove the filter from the vacuum’s mouth and clean it.

Step 3 – Remove the hose

Detach the hose from the backpack container.

Step 4 – Clean the hose

Dust off the hose or clean it using a wet cloth or foam.

Step 5 – Empty the dust bag

Empty the dust sac and clean it afterward.

Step 6 – Adjust the suction pressure

Check for the suction pressure and ensure that it is at normal levels, otherwise, check for dust blockage.

Step 7 – Check power cable for safety

Check the power cable and ensure that no part of it is exposed or open because it can cause electric shock.

Quick Tips on Using a Backpack Vacuum

  • Don’t twist or bend to have an unreasonable posture.
  • Stand erect and allow your body weight to be concentrated at your feet.
  • Adhere strictly to the instruction manual.
  • Never ignore your workplace’s health and safety policies.
  • You can wear earmuff and hard hats for additional on-site protection.

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

While it is true that an average budget-friendly and effective vacuum cleaner will cost some money, spending more does not necessarily guarantee a higher quality of product. It takes careful consideration of the particular features to get a quality backpack vacuum cleaner that will be worth the price.

Do’s and Don’ts to do with a Lightweight Vacuum


  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instruction.
  • Wear appropriate covered footwear while operating it.
  • Check the device before and after using it.
  • Always wear earmuffs to block out excess noise.
  • Work far away from the power point that you’re connected to.


  • Don’t wear loose clothing.
  • Don’t use around water.
  • Avoid bent or twisted posture.
  • Don’t exert pressure on the machine while it is removing dust.
  • Don’t manage a faulty vacuum and fix it immediately.


FAQ About Backpack Vacuums

Can you use backpack vacuums at home?

Certainly. Although these products are more commonly used in commercial settings such as offices and industries, people are using it to clean homes these days. Backpack vacuums have proven their relevance in cleaning several surfaces at home ranging from hardwood to rugs, kitchen tiles, stairways and other parts of the home.

How much is a backpack vacuum?

Well, there is no straight answer to this. However, if what you seek is a budget-friendly and effective product, be ready to part with some good cash, although you should note that spending more doesn’t necessarily guarantee high quality. For an average lightweight cleaner, it depends on your budget but something between the range of $100 to $150 should do.

Are backpack vacuums good on carpets?

As versatile as the backpack vacuums are, they aren’t the best option for cleaning a carpet floor. This is because they usually have a high suction power and can tear the carpet while attempting to clean it.

What is a better option, a backpack or an upright vacuum?

By all standards, a backpack vacuum is a better choice when compared to an upright vacuum. An upright vacuum demands that you keep moving the canister around the house while cleaning and therefore it is not easy to reach crevices and clean where there are obstacles. In the case of backpack vacuums, it can easily reach heights and those hidden corners.

Which filter mechanisms does backpack vacuum utilize?

It uses the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering mechanism to purify the air so that allergens, dust particles and pathogenic microorganisms are filtered.

How to store a backpack vacuum?

You can store it by detaching the hose, removing the filter and winding-up the cable and then storing the appliance in a cool and dry place devoid of moisture.

Do backpack vacuums pollute the air?

No, they never pollutes the air since they use the High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtering mechanism to purify it. This rids any suspended particles of all range and sizes off the air and leaves a very clean and pure air devoid of pollutants.


While it is true that you can simply clean bare floors with a sweeper, making use of a backpack vacuum cleaner simplifies your work, both at home and in your office. However, not just any device will do. You need to make use of the best one to get the optimum result.

Buying the best backpack cleaner takes serious efforts and careful analysis of the different makes and specifications available in the market today.