5 Top Rated Balance Beams for Home and Gym Use (Reviews)

Whether you are using balance beams to teach and practice a child how to develop the necessary skills to be able to balance high on the board or providing a quality apparatus for the advanced gymnast to improve their skills, there are plenty of cheap balance beams online to choose from.

Top 4 Best Balance Beams (Summary)

Image Product Details
sample-table__image Highest QualityTumbl Trak
  • Smart design
  • Lightweight
  • Velcro fasteners for easy setup
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sample-table__image Several adjustable heightsNimble Sports
  • Comes with a set of low braces
  • 1 year warranty
  • Laminated wood construction
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sample-table__image Most durableThe Beam Store
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Adjustable height from 15 to 30 inches
  • Detachable legs
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sample-table__image The Beam Store
  • Low-profile balance beam
  • Heavy-grade synthetic suede covering
  • 1/4″ Cross Link PE Foam Padding
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The most important thing you can do aside from understanding all the good and bad about a particular beam is to choose a model that is appropriate for the age and skill level of the child.

Going with an advanced model for a beginner could frighten them or at the worst cause them to get seriously injured.

A traditional balance beam is 4.1 feet off the floor, so in this guide, we will start at the floor level and work our way up to the advanced beams.

The following five portable balance beams reviews will give you a good understanding about which is the perfect choice for your own particular needs.

Best 5 Balance Beams on the Market

1. The Sectional Floor Balance Beam by Tumbl Trak

What better way to get the kids excited about gymnastics and gymnastic equipment than by making it as easy as possible for them to succeed.

The best thing about the Tumbl Trak floor balance beam is that it literally sits at floor height and the sections are easily put together using the Velcro fasteners.

Now you are giving that little cheerleader, martial artist, and gymnast the skill set they will need to be able to successfully advance to more challenging skills later in life.

The top of the beam is regulation 4″to allow the child to get a complete feel for what it is going to feel like up four feet in the air some day doing tumbles and flips on this narrow piece of wood.

This lightweight beam is perfect if your major concerns are affordability and space. Your child will begin excelling at jumps, leaps, handstands, and donkey kicks.

The only real drawback on this particular balance beam is it really is designed only for the beginners and without a height adjustment the child will only be learning at this height.

1. The Sectional Floor Balance Beam by Tumbl Trak

2. Beam Store 8 Foot Gymnastics Balance Beam

We now move from the beginner to the next level of gymnastics training. The Beam Store balance beam is eight feet long and it is approximately seven inches off the floor.

This low-profile balance beam is perfect for practice and even comes with twelve-inch supports.

The top of the beam is regulation four inches so the child can continue to allow their feet to get the feel for what to expect at the advanced levels.

Whether you are using this beam at home for practice or to train students in a studio, the surface of the balance beam is heavy-duty suede that provides the feel and look of a competition beam.

The same padding that is used in professional competition beams is also used in this balance beam.

The sides of the beam have rounded shaped edges and can handle up to 250 pounds. This beam is still perfect for the smaller child who is just getting comfortable at this time being off the ground.

The only downside is the advanced gymnasts will not be able to increase the height of the apparatus.

2. Beam Store 8 Foot Gymnastics Balance Beam

3. Padded Balance Beam with One Foot Riser Legs

Now we are going to look at the balance beams for children and young adults who are ready to take their skills to the next level.

With this model balance beam, you are leaving behind the safety of the floor and increasing the height to one foot off the ground.

One foot might not sound like much, but when you are trying to do handstands, leaps, and splits, it can feel like 10 stories to a frightened child.

By now the child should already have some experience on either a floor model balance beam or have worked their way from beginner to intermediate levels to start working on this beam.

Padded suede gives the look and feels of a competition apparatus, providing the support needed to perform complicated routines on the beam. Wood stabilizers make certain that the person on the beam will not have any issues with stability.

This beam is eight feet in length, four inches wide, and has the one-foot risers. This balance beam is certainly for the active gymnast, it may, however, be a little too much for smaller children just being introduced to gymnastics.

3. Padded Balance Beam with One Foot Riser Legs

4. Nimble Sports Adjustable Balance Beam

Once you have determined gymnastics is something your children have a dedicated interest in, you might want to consider getting them a more advanced beam to practice their skills.

This high-grade beam is perfect for using in a dance studio for advanced young adults or even for home use if you have the appropriate space.

This padded balance beam is eight feet long and has several adjustable heights that will allow the child to easily increase the height as they become more comfortable with the new heights.

Laminated wood constructed and padded edges, the entire beam is professionally wrapped in 3/8″ foam rubber padding. Definitely not for the beginner gymnasts.

4. Nimble Sports Adjustable Balance Beam

5. Beam Store 30 Inch Adjustable Balance Beams

This balance beam by the Beam Store is going to be the as close to regulation height as you can buy in a commercial balance beam.

With this beam, you can adjust the height all the way up to 30 inches, and although it is not the regulation 4.1 feet, it is going to feel similar that high off the ground.

This beam is made from solid wood construction that provides added durability and support.

The sturdy metal legs can easily support up to 250 pounds on the beam, and the foam padded top is similar to that you see in regulation beams.

This beam is more suited for the gym but many homeowners with plenty of room will certainly help their little ones to advance their love of gymnastics with this beam.

Now you have a good cross-section of different balance beams from the beginner to advanced and a few in between.

After you determine if the child is in this for the long haul you will be able to better make your buying decision.

5. Beam Store 30 Inch Adjustable Balance Beams

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